How can we unmerge questions on Quora ? Best Tutorial

Hi Friends welcome to my new Blog . In this blog I would like to show with full tutorial video that how can youunmerge questions on Quora. If it was merged by Quora .  We will discuss on “How can we unmerge questions on Quora ? Full Tutorial on Quora Partner Program“.

How can we unmerge questions on Quora ? Full Tutorial on Quora Partner Program

How can we know after Question Merged on Quora ?

Whenever questions on Quora will be merged then you will get a notification on your Quora account. Now I am going to tell you why questions are getting merged? Whenever we ask some questions that is available already on Quora then it will be merged .

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But sometime due to some common keyword different questions are getting merged . Now what to do in this situation ? You can just see my below video which I made on this . If you like it you can subscribe my YouTube Channel

Will we get earning on Merged Questions ?

No, Obviously you will get no earning on merged questions. So ask your questions carefully and follow the steps below if they will get merged by mistake by Quora. If most of the Questions on Quora will be merged then there is more chances of account banned.

How can we unmerge the merged questions on quora?

Friends , this is the technical feature of quora if they are getting some similar questions on quora that is asked earlier by anyone then automatically it will be merged and some other users can also merge your questions with other questions if they think that they have already answered such questions earlier.

Unmerge questions on Quora

So it is not necessary that your question is not unique. Due to some technical feature of Quora , some other questions also getting merged that must not be merged. So in this case quora helps us a lot. In this case just send an email to quora team (Quora partner program) with subject ” Unmerge question” and share your question link on the Gmail and send it to ““.

Believe me friends you will get quick response within 24 hour and your questions will be unmerged by Quora team. For this I am giving thanks to Quora partner program team who has supported me always.

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Now I am going to give a video where you can watch how can we ask unique questions on quora. Since in the quora partner program it is so much necessary to ask unique questions, if it will be merged then our account can be blocked. So we have to use it.

So just follow this video . I hope you will like it . If you have any problem then kindly let me know so that I can reply your comments. However you can find articles on it but you must watch this video also.

How can we ask unique questions on Quora partner program?

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