How can we use m pariwahan app/download app in 1 min

M pariwahan is the best way to keep your driving license and Vehicle registration certificate in soft copy. It is the best method by which we can show our vehicle document like DL , RC in this mobile app. Lets go and complete discuss on “How can we use M pariwahan/m pariwahan app download”.



How can we download m pariwahan app?

Friends its very easy to download this app. We will discuss about its application, how can we sign in the m pariwahan app , how can we use im pariwahan, install m pariwahan app,etc. To download this app click below.

How can we sign up m pariwahan app?

Lets discuss one by one . Just follow the steps:-

  1. Download the m pariwahan app
  2. Click to sign up
  3. Enter your name and mobile number
  4. Click to SIGN UP
  5. Accept the terms and conditions
  6. Now you can see a dashboard where you have to enter DL and RC number as you can see above and verify it.
m pariwahan

7. You can save it in your mobile and Mpariwahan dashboard and anytime you can use it to show.

m pariwahan

In this way you can download and save your DL and RC in your Mpariwahan app. Anywhere anytime you can find it in any other’s mobile app by just login into the mpariwahan app.

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