How to change the blog content font in 1 min/best blog font

For readability of blogs or articles its very important to write the blogs by using the best font. Lets discuss “How to change the blog content font?Best font for blogs or articles” .

For blogs you have an option in your WordPress.

Steps to follow to change blog content font

For this you have to follow the below steps one by one .Then you can be able to change the font very easily.

  1. open your admin panel of your WordPress website
  2. Then go to Appearance and then click on “Theme Option” as shown below.
  3. Then another window open where you can see “Typography” option.
Change and edit font of wordress blog
  • Click on “Typography” and then now you can see different option over there . Where you can select the font for your home page , blog page title and the content post.
  • Select one of them which you like it and then click on “SAVE” . within 1 minute you can change your font very easily.
  • It may be possible that in your theme no option in the Appearance section then go to Customize and try there.

How can you change the blog content font color of the WordPress blog?

It is also easy to change the font color . As you can see below in the “TYPOGRAPHY” option you can see also an another option of selecting “colors” . select the colors as per your wish.

How can you change the font color of the WordPress blog?

How can you use Google font to see the style of the font?

  1. Open Google font in the Google page …

once you open now you can see the different blog and their demo , where by looking the font style you can decide for the font and select it in the TYPOGRAPHY SECTION.

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