Menstruation problems :6+ Symptoms, exercise Menstruation cup and sex during period?

Today I’m here to discuss the most crucial topic which is menstruation problems in ladies through which I discuss “menstruation problems :6+ Symptoms, exercise Menstruation cup and sex during period?”,girl monthly period problem, which food should be taken or not and what exercises should be do to minimize the pain

So without any delay let’s start our today topic. First we understand in deeply what is menstruation cycle how its occur.

Menstruation problems in women

What is Menstruation Cycle|period problems?

Well Menstruation is known by the other name which was periods. It happened to every teenage girl which was started at the age of 13 to 15 years.The blood is discharge from the inner lining of the uterus through the Vagina. 

Well bleeding we see from 2 to seven days but above the seven days its not good for health.Well in pregnancy the menstruation did not come because baby in the uterus in that time. And Menopause is that time when women stop having a period the period was 45 to 55 years in this year women come near to old age.

Well we see that in 90% of women have symptoms of the menstruation. These system are like this.

Symptoms of periods

  • Bloating
  • Tender breast
  • Mood changes
  • Acne
  • pain in joints or headache
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability

Well having menstruation in girls is most important because without it women cannot become a mother.

Apart from many newly wedding couples confused that can we do sex in Menstruation period so lets have check the connection of sex in mensuration period.

If it safe Sex during periods?

Well as per gynecologist suggest yes you can do sex in menstruation but with protection because if you do it without protection you may prone to infection. Apart of these they are some products of menstruation which help the women to hide the staining of the blood which are disposable and reusable. Let us discuss.

Disposable Products:-

Menstrual cup
  • Sanitary pads:- Well these are the most use by the women’s around the world. It also know as different words like Sanitary Towel and Sanitary napkins.It is attached to the underwear which absorbs the blood. These pads may contain the wood pulp or gel.
  • Tampons:- It is also used to absorb the menstruation flow. Well these are Disposal cylinders of cotton roll/rayon usually bleached which are inserted in the vagina to absorb the blood.
  • Menstruation cup:- These are made up of soft plastic flexible cup shaped worn inside the vagina to absorb the blood.

Reusable Products in periods:-

  • Padded Panties:- It is donated with the reusable cloth often made up of cotton.
  • Towel,Blanket:- Is donated with another name was draw sheet. It is large reusable cloth. It is mostly used in night placed between the legs to control the blood flow.
  • Menstruation cups:- A flexible and bell shaped plastic which worn inside the vagina to control the bleeding it is made up of silicon. You can easily use for 5 years or more.
  • Sea Sponges:- Well most of us heard this name first time it is like an tampons to absorb a menstruation blood.

Well in the above para you know well know now there are many myth about what foods should be adopted or not so lets us clear this myth.

Foods Should Be Taken during periods in women

Well it is advisable to eat more protein because during periods you shed more bloods and iron helps to recover your body from blood. Apart of these let us look which more foods should be added to your plates.

  • Spinach:- Spinach contain the high in iron,fiber and magnesium. It can reduce the cramping.
  • Chocolates:- Now many of get shocked how Chocolates help yes chocolates also helps because it contains the magnesium and antioxidants but its better to take dark chocolates.
  • Bananas:- Bananas is an excellent fruit if you taken during the period vitamin B6,potassium and fiber which helps to improve the digestion.
  • Yogurt:-Well yogurt is the best option to be taken by vegan women’s because it contains the high calcium which helps us to good digestion
  • Eggs:- Eggs are the excellent source of taken during the period because the yolk contain the iron,protein fatty acids..
  • Hydration:- Well Drinking water at least 6-8 glasses whether you are in your month or not.

Apart from these there are some foods which are highly advisably be avoided. Let us have look these foods which should be avoided.

Foods Should Be Avoided during

  • Caffeine:- Taking coffee is highly advisably avoided because it contains the caffeine and increase the blood pressure and heart rate which are really worst if u taken during your month.
  • Processed Foods:- Its is highly advisably to ditch the processed foods because it contains the unhealthy sugars and fat which imbalance to your hormones.
  • Ditch To Salt:- Ditch to taking high quantity of salt in your food because it increase the Water retention and increase the bloating.
  • Ditch To Alcohol:- Avoid to take Alcohol because it increase the cramping. It can also make your periods irregular.
  • Ditch to Dairy Products:- Many of us not believing that its a high advisable to don’t take dairy products because it increase the bloating.

Apart of these there are some activities which should highly Avoided during the periods. Let us check in short which are these which are listed below:-

  • Ditch To Waxing.
  • Ditch To Smoking
  • Avoid To Drinking Coffee
  • Night Owl.
  • Swimming
  • Use pad more than 4 hours.
  • Unprotected Sex.
  • Breast Exam.
  • Skip your Workouts.
  • Salty Foods

Apart from these you add some more activities which ease your menstruation cramps.have look what are these:-

Additional Activities & Yoga exercises during menstruation problems

  • Having Hot Bath:- Having Hot bath is good option because it decrease the menstruation cramps.
  • Rest:- Rest is the most crucial part because your body  discharging lots of blood.
  • Use a Heating Pad or Ice-pack:-Applied in your abondemn which decrease the cramps.

You can also take help of Yoga to minimize the cramps let us discuss which are these yoga practices.

Irregular periods treatment – Yoga-Exercises

Well Yoga performing from the Ancient times. Yoga is know as the best healing part of the body which cures the chronically to chronically diseases.

  • Child Pose(Balasana)
  • Recycling Twist(Bharadvaja)
  • Inverted Leg Pose(Viparita Karani)
  • Head to Knee Forward Bend(Janu Sirasana)
  • Butterfly Pose
  • Bound Angle Pose(Baddha Konasana)
  • Bow Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Fish Pose
  • Half Moon pose
  • Noose pose(Parasana)
  • Seated Forward Bend(Paschimottasana).

You can also included some exercises for your mood enhancement lets have look.

Irregular periods treatment -Exercises.

  • Walking:- Waling is perfect if you are lazy to do hard-core exercises.
  • Pilates:- It just decrease your back pain which you may feel during your cycle.
  • Yoga:- Well performing yoga is good I already mention in above para which yoga is best during your cycle periods.
  • Swimming:-Well having swimming is he good option during the periods.Its relax your body and you bleed lighter.
  • Stretching:-If you still avoid to go to gym then try some light weight stretching exercises.
  • Dancing:- Well dancing is fun workout it give your mood enhancement and you feel more happy.
  • Light-weigh cardio.:- Light weight cardio is also good option its not bring laziness on your face.

Government Policies for menstruation in women

Apart of these our Indian Government make some law for menstruation what are these let us discuss.

Well this scheme is know as the Menstrual Health Scheme(M H S),

It is introduced by the ministry of family and welfare for promotion of hygiene during menstruation for adolescence girls between 10-19 years for rural areas.

Objectives Of These Scheme

  • To Educate the Girls of Rural areas how to maintain Hygiene during menstruation.
  • To give lesson on safe disposal of napkins how its environment friendly.
  • To promote the adolescent girls of rural areas to use high quality of sanitary napkins.

Well this scheme is implement on 2011 in 107 districts in 17 states and give the pack of 6 pads which was name was “Freedays” to the adolescent girls of rural areas at the price of only 6 rupees.

And From 2014 it staring funds to states/UTs under the National Health Scheme for provision of rural adolescent girls.Well ASHA take the responsibility she convey meeting at Aangwadi to educate the adolescent girls of rural girls how we remain hygienic.

In 2018 India declared that Pad and Tampons are tax free.

Hygiene Tips for Menstruation problems

Well many of us rises the questions how should remain the hygiene what are the tips.

Every year May 28 is celebrated as World Menstruation Hygiene Day(W M H) around the World. Aimed at educated the girls and women worldwide how to maintain the hygienic. It also highlighted the problems faced by the girls and women’s during their menstruation with their solutions. Now look some points of hygiene.

  • Take a hot shower.
  • Change your pad or tampons( Pad change after six hours and tampons after 2 hours) to prevent the infections.
  • Choose always good pads.
  • Use cotton underwear and wash everyday.
  • Do not use soaps or any vaginal wash because its causes harsh to your vagina always prefer to wash your vagina with warm water.
  • After changing your pads/Tampons/Maturation cups wash your hands properly with alcoholic hand wash.
  • Try to wear loose clothes rather tight fighting clothes like jeans.
  • Never use Two pads.
  • Have Safe Sex.

Best movie made for the awareness of menstruation problems

Friends if you have time then “watch PADMAN Movie” given below . In this movie Akshya kumar (Bollywood actor) played an important role to aware the people about periods in women .

If you watch this movie you can understand its value. Why should we care to women during her period , even in this movie it was shown how to give respect to women during her menstruation cycle. This movie will change your thoughts on women periods.

Conclusion:- Well having menstruation is not ashamed while talking to the male friend or any male member of yours family. During this time try to remain hydrated and practice of hygiene is most important because its your body.

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