My Journey from A Poor, Kid to A Successful You Tuber, Blogger & Engineer

Let me introduce myself.

1. My life struggle.
motivational story
My Journey from A Poor, Kid to A Successful YouTuber, Blogger & Engineer./Motivational Story
Hi everyone, my name is Hari Shankar from a small village of Jharkhand state (India). I was belonging to a poor family, so I had no idea about YouTube like such a good platform because there was no smartphone in my family. I started my education at a private college in my village.
But my father’s family income was not so high. Including me, we were 2 brothers and 2 sisters. When my father was not able to teach us, we left our favorite school, then we transferred to another place, and took admission in a government school. However, I tried my level best because I knew that everything will be fine and I was already familiar with my family condition, so I accepted everything that was going on in my life. 
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Everything was going well till then, but suddenly something happened in my life that changed my life completely, that time I felt that everything has been lost. I lost my one of an elder sister when I was in 8th standard. However again I tried to stable again. As the days passed we tried to forget our past and tried to live a happy life. Again everything was going well, but suddenly again something happened in my life that breaks my all life’s expectation completely. I had lost my another elder sister when I was in 10th standard. Now I was only hoping for my family. So again I made understand that I have to be stable at any cost to give my family a happy life. So I gave my best, Finally, I passed my 10th standard by securing the 3rd position in my district. 

My Journey from A Poor, Kid to A Successful YouTuber, Blogger & Engineer.
As the days passed, by the grace of my family & God. I secured 8th position in my state in my Engineering entrance exam. I passed my with distinction. My parents became very happy because I was the first engineer from my family and village.
 The above quote changed my life and I learned how to struggle in my life. Nowadays I have my own website, My own blogger, My Own house, My own YouTube Channel where millions of followers are there. Through this story, I just want to make familiar each and everyone about the unknown and sudden happenings that can occur anywhere anytime. But we should face them confidently. If you have faith, You can achieve anything.
                                   Thank You
                                                                       To be continued in my next blog.

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