10+ best daily morning pranayama for gas and acidity

Pranayama for gas and acidity, First we know understand how we discover this disease. Through this article you very well know today I’m gonna to discuss on pranayama for gas and acidity. . So without any delay let’s start our today topic.

What is Gas and Acidity?

Now-a-days acidity become a most common disease to every age group of the people’s. Because in a busy seclude we have unplanned time to eat food that time they don’t say any harm alarming to the body but later on its detect with serious stomach problem’s like ulcer,bumping,acidity,hurt-burn ,Inflammation in your stomach etc.

As we all know that we can also add some yoga and pranayama’s to heal this disease. Let us discuss which pranayama to be practiced to minimize the disease. Now we will discuss about ” 10+ best daily morning pranayama for gas and acidity” .

Pranayama for gas and acidity

daily pranayama for gas and acidity.
  1. Kaapalbhati
  2. Sheetali prayanaman
  3. Bhramari prayanaman 
  4. Anulom Vilom

Stomach is known as the most important organ of our body part. There are some symptoms which you may be see during the acidity problem .Let us discuss what are these Symptoms. Before discuss the methods of Prayanams let us discuss what is Pranayama.

These are the some Prayanams which we practiced to minimize the disease of acidity which making trouble in your life. Let us dicuss how we do&what the benefit of doing this Prayanams. Now without any delay discuss in briefly.

What is Pranayama and what is the full form?

Well Pranayama is known as yogic method in which we control the breathe as your body ability. Pranayama comes from Sanskrit words which means Prana:-encouragement and yama means control.

How can we use Anulomvilom to avoid gas and acidity?

ANUVILOM-VILOM Yoga|pranayama for gas and acidity

Anulomvilom pranayama for gas and acidity by ramdev baba

Practicing of Anulom-vilom not only rid the stomach releated issues its also give a numerous benefit by doing this asanas on daily basis. Anulom-vilom is known as the easy asanas. This asans is done by beginners also. Let us look how we do in right process. Anulom vilom is balanced the TRI dosas:- VAAT,PITTA, KAFFA if these doasas imbalance then you prone to several diseases in which acidity, digestive system also occurred

How to perform Anulom vilom pranayama?

  • Sit on Yoga mat with folded legs as per your body allowed.
  • Close your eyes. Keep your both hands on knees.
  • Now close the right nostril with right thumb. Inhale slowly from left nostril,inhale as much as you can till the oxygen fill in your lungs.
  • Now remove the right thumb from right nostril,when you remove the thumb from right nostril then start exhaling.
  • Just be focused and concerted on your breathing.

9+ Benefits of Anulom Vilom pranayama?

Its have a numerous benefits let us discuss which was listed below:-

  • Its cures all stomach related issues like acidity,ulcer,piles etc.
  • Its also cure mental diseses like anxiety,sress,tension,depression.
  • Its active the mind cells which help to you concerate more.
  • Its also cure Immune system issues like cold,cough.
  • Its balanced TRI dosas:- VAAT,PITTA,KAFFA.
  • Its cures the breathing releated issues like ( Asathma,Bronchitis)
  • Its keep liver strong.
  • Its great way to cure negativity.
  • Its also maintain heart healthy.

Introduction of KAPALBHATI Pranayama?

Kapalbhati pranayama for gas and acidity by ramdev baba

Kaapalbhati is the most often use to minimize the effects of the the acidity and indigestion problem in your stomach. If you do in daily basis it also resolve from the root cause also. Kaapalbhati comes from the sanskrit word which means Kaapal-Forehead and Bhati means Shine.

It also believe that if you do in regular basis its bring natural glow to the face. It also said that it has a direct contact to mental and physical let us discuss how will do.

How to perform Kapalbhati pranayama?

  • Sit on Yoga mat in relax position with crossing your legs.And make your spine and head straight.
  • Now take a deep breathe in.
  • Now exhale pull your stomach. Pull your naval back towards the spine. And keep your right hand on the stomach to feel the abdominal erect.
  • Now take 20 such breathe to complete the one round of the kaapalbhati
  • Now completing the round close your eyes and relax feel the sensation coming in your body.
  • Do two or more rounds as your body allowed.

8+ benefits of Kapalbhati pranayama?

Pranayama for gas and acidity

  • It is an excellent asanas to cure the rid of the Stomach related issues. Like Ulcer,Stomach Aid,Indigestion,Acidity and so on.
  • Its also calm and uplift the nerves of brain.
  • Brings Natural glow to the Skin.
  • Also increase the metabolic and aids to Weight loss.
  • Its also improves the blood circulation of the body.
  • Its energizes the nervous system.
  • Its bring postivity in our mind.
  • Its cures the dark circles&puffiness of eye.
  • Its improves the functioning of liver&kidney.
pranayama for gas and acidity

Precautions while doing Pranayama’s?

Always practice the pranayama or other exercise (pranayama for gas and acidity) in empty stomach. After eating a meal then do exercise after 4 hours of eating. If you go undergo any surgery then before started it consult your yoga instructor.

What is Sheetali Pranayama and how can we perform it?

Pranayama for gas and acidity|10 Sitali Pranayam (शीतली प्राणायाम) by Baba Ramdev

Pranayama for gas and acidity

Sheetali Prayanam is also do to cut the root-cause of the problems creating in the stomach. It also called a cooling breathing. The word “Sheetali means cooling down by doing on daily basis its brings coolness to the body.

This prayanama is also called the Sheetkari prayanaman it is also called a breathing technique by practicing this asanas we easily control the hunger and thirst.The purpose f this asanas is to cool the body temperature which may have a big impact on nervous system and endocrine glands.

How can we perform Sheetali Pranayama?

Pranayama for gas and acidity

  • Sit on the yoga mat with folded legs and sit in which ever position in which you are most comfortably.
  • Now keep your both hands on the knee.
  • Now bring the tongue slight out in all the way and try to fold the tongue like tube.
  • Now take a deep breathe inhalation through the folded tongue.
  • After inhalation close the mouth and exhale from both the nostrils.
  • Repeat this asanas from 8-10 minutes as per your body recommendation.

9+ benefits of Sheetali Pranayama|pranayama for gas and acidity

Pranayama for gas and acidity

  • It is great effects the aid of digestive issues.
  • It also cures the High B.P. problems.
  • Its purifies the blood which bring the glow to our face.Bring natural calmness to our mind.
  • Its also Aid in fever and indigestion.
  • Its also cut the problems of insomnia disorder.
  • Its also effect in hyper-acidity.
  • Its also most beneficially for the rid of diseases like tongue,throat,and mouth.
  • It is also very useful in Pitta related diseases.
  • Its also cured the disease of spleen.
  • Its can also deal with the anxiety and anger.
  • Its develop growing happy mood.
  • Best for brings the body temperature down.

PRECAUTION’S:-  It is highly recommended to those who are suffering from low B.P. problems. Its also highly advisedly to those who are suffering from Asthma,cold,cough and other respiratory issues.

What is Bhramari Pranayama and its benefits?


This known as the best form of the pryanaman. It is also known as the “Humming bee”. Well Bhramari means black bee or Indian bee which makes sound. It also most beneficially for stomach related issues which we are suffering almost every age group of peoples. It is great for peoples who are dealing with disturbed mind and anxiety. Let us look how we do with the benefits.

7+ Tips to perform Bhramari Pranayama|pranayama for gas and acidity

  • Sit in Yoga mat and sit in relax point as your body allowed. keep the spine and head straight.
  • Now breathe the normally and relaxed the whole body.
  • now close the mouth.
  • Now plug the both ears with index fingers. And closed the eyes you also use the thumbs to close the ears.
  • Now start the inhaling with both nostrils and start exhaling and create sounds while exhaling. Now the slow breathe and fills the lungs fully with air.
  • Exhale slowly and making humming sound like an bee through throat. Sound should be revert breathe in the head.
  • This sound is similar to chanting “OM”. The sound should be deep,steady,and smooth.
  • Now feel the vibration in the head.
  • Practice this 11 to 21 times. Don’t do in continuous process take a break.

Now lets look the benefits.

7+ Tips to benefits of  Bhramari Pranayama|pranayama for gas and acidity

  • Its also aid in Paralysis problems also.
  • Its aid the Stomach related issues like indigestion,acidity,ulcers etc.
  • Its also improve memory and concentration power.
  • Its also reduces the blood pressure.
  • Its also effects for insomnia patients.
  • It can also remove the throat related issues.
  • If it is practiced by pregnant women then without any trouble she gave a birth.
  • It also give an instant relief from anxiety,anger and tension.
  • Its bring natural calmness to the body.
  • It is also help to those peoples who are suffering from hyper-tension.
  • Its also build confidence.
  • It’s also help to teat a migraine patients.
  • It also gelp for down the body temperature and also cure the headache probelms.

PREACUTION’S:- Always practice the prayanaman or other exercise in empty stomach. After eating a meal then do exercise after 4 hours of eating. If you go undergo any surgery then before started it consult your yoga instructor. Apart from that you praynaman you add other exercises also having grater benefits.

Baba Ramdev yoga for gas

You can watch the following video and know about all gas and acidity causes and pranayama for it. Watch this video for pranayama for gas and acidity.


Other Exercises to avoid gas and acidity and to be fit


Apart from these exercises you can also take the help of yoga for pranayama for gas and acidity. Well Yoga cure all type of diseases let us discuss which yoga asans is helpful for educing the acidity. Which are listed below.



Apart from these people’s who suffered from farting issues also result into gas, acidity let us discuss which foods should be taken to cure the farting problem. You can do pranayama for gas and acidity and apart from that lets know what are the food that causes of it.

YouTube video for Gas and Acidity

FOOD’S that causes farting problem

  • MEAT
  • NUTS
  • GUM

CONCLUSION:– You easily minimize the this disease just make habit of eating your food at your time. Make yoga as part of your life, Drink lots of water. I hope you like my today blog on pranayama for gas and acidity. I’m back soon with another interesting topic till you take care yourself bye.

I hope in the above article “pranayama for gas and acidity” it will help you a lot. Be regular and keep trying for that.

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