10+ best morning pranayama for blood pressure

Pranayama for blood pressure, We should apply some Pranayama and Yoga Anas which minimize the risk of blood pressure which are prone to this disease let us discuss which are listed below:-

 best morning pranayama for blood pressure

What is Pranayama?

Prayanaman is associated with Sanskrit word for activity of channelizing the air. It is kind of breathing exercises which involved the slow and relaxing power. Practising of Pranayamahelps to calm the mind and nody which lower the risk of blood pressure. Let us discuss:-

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10+ best morning pranayama for blood pressure

  • SHEETALI Pranayama
  • BHRAMARI Pranayama
  • SHEETKARI Pranayama
  • UDGEETH Pranayama

let us discuss in broadly:-

  • SHEETALI PRANAYAMA:- The word sheetali comes to sheetal which means calm. It is best Prayanman to do to minimize the blood pressure problem’s.. Its also cures the eye and skin related issues.

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  1. Sit on yoga mat with crossed legs and eyes.
  2. Keep your body straight and try to relax the body.
  3. Now put the tongue to lower lip and now roll on.
  4. Now Inhale through mouth and try to hold the breathe as you can.
  5. Now close the mouth and exhale through the nose.
  6. Now completes the one round of this prayanman.
  7. Try to do this in 5 rounds.
  • ANULOM-VILOM:-  Anuvilom Vilom is the donated with numerous benefits. Its connected with nervous system which makes the lungs stronger. Its cures hypertension,depression,migraine asthma.


  • Sit on Yoga mat with crossed legs.
  • Now keep your spine Straight and relax the shoulders.
  • Inhale deeply with close your eyes.
  • Now close the right nostril with right thumb and exhale through left nostrils.
  • Now keep the right nostril closed with your thumb now inhale through left nostrils.
  • Try to complete the one round of Anuvilom Vilom.
  • Try to do 11 rounds twice a day to relief a high blood pressure.
  • BHRAMARI Pranayama:- By doing this Prayanman you can ease the blood pressure problems. Apart from these it’s can also cure throat,vocal problems. It can lower the hypertension and lower stress.


  • Sit on yoga mat with folded legs.
  • Keep your eyes closed with spine straight.
  • Now closed your eyes with index fingers.
  • Take deep breathe in now hold this breathe for few seconds.
  • Now exhaling and making a humming sound like a bee makes.
  • Now inhale breathly and try to hold the breathe for few minutes,and repeat the humming sound while exhaling.
  • Repeat this for 2-3 minutes with your closed eyes and relax.
  • SHEETKARI Pranayama:- By practicing this Pranayama its helps to lowers your hypertension and make the gum stronger. It can also calms the body and make the mind relax.

STEPS to follow SHEETKARI Pranayama (pranayama for blood pressure)

  • Sit on the yoga mat with close the eyes.
  • Now keep the both the hands on the knees with palms facing the ceiling.
  • Now try to keep your back straight,relax your shoulders with closed your eyes.
  • Now join the upper and lower teeth together.
  • Now let the rest of your tongue touch your pilate inside the mouth.
  • Now close the mouth and holds the breathe as much as you can.
  • Exhale through nostrils till completes the one round of Sheetkari Pranayama
  • Repeat 5 times and try to increase daily.
  • UDGEETH PRANAYAMA:-  It can treat hypertension it can also treat anxiety and make concentration power more and helps to treat poor memory also.


  • Sit on yoga mat with crossed legs and eyes closed.
  • Now take slow and long breathe.
  • Exhaling slowly chant “OM” stretching as long as you can.
  • Repeat for 5 minutes with closed eyes.
  • CHANDRABHEETHAN PRANAYAMA:-This Pranayama denoted with many benefits. Its brings the body cool. Its brings the blood pressure down. Its also treat hurt burn and acidity.


  • Sit on Yoga mat with closed the legs and eyes closed.
  • Try to keep the spine stronger relax the shoulders with closed the eyes.
  • Now keep the right thumb of your on right nostril.
  • Now keep the left hand on left knee with palm facing the ceiling.
  • Close the right nostril with right hand and now inhale through left nostrils.
  • Close the left Nostrils with middle and index fingers.
  • Now exhale with right nostril.
  • Complete one round of this Pranayama
  • Repeat this 15-20 rounds.

PRECAUTIONS:- Always perform Pranayama at empty stomach ,A minimum gap between 2.5 to 3 hours is mandatory between the meals and Pranayama. Low blood pressure patients don’t perform Pranayama before consulting your Yoga instructor.

Apart from that you add some yoga asanas to easily cure the blood pressure problems let us discuss which yoga asanas you have to be performed.

YOGA-ASANAS (pranayama for blood pressure)

Practicing Yoga can cure difficult to difficult diseases. Now even other countries also adopted the yoga for curing the diseases. As you know all the world suffering from the Covid-19 and this harsh time its mandatory to practice to do yoga. Let us discuss which yoga asans cures the blood pressure which listed below:-

Pranayama for Blood pressure

Why we add yoga asnas for blood pressure let us discuss:-


As you know Practicing of yoga in ancient time also its not new for us.

  • Yoga asans involved the breathing which exercises the all parts of the body.
  • Its calms the nerves and helps to slow down the heart rate.
  • By practicing Yoga its also increase the immunity power and also cures the heart related diseases like heart attack and strokes.
  • Obesity can leads to hypertension by practicing of Yoga its cures the obesity problems.
  • Well practicing of yoga Asans its lowers the blood pressure.
  • Yoga Asans helps to regulate the blood pressure levels. And brings the positive energy and developed the happy mood.

Now let us discuss this Yoga Asans which are listed above:-

  • SHAVASNA( CORPOSE POSE):- It’s reliefs fatigue,stress,depression. Its help the body relax and make sleep better. its helps regulates the blood circulation.
  • VAJRASNA(DIAMOND-POSE):- Its is great yoga to control the obesity and also increase the blood flow from lower abdomen. This yoga practice you  also do after lunch or dinner.
  • SHISHUASNA(CHILD-POSE):-This yoga practice the normalize the blood circulation and help to relief from fatigue and stress.
  • SHUKHASNA(EASY-POSE):-Practicing this Yoga helps to reduced the high blood pressures and makes your mind more balanced and mind too. Its also brings the natural way to calmness in your body.
  • SETU BHANDASNA( BRIDGE-POSE):-This yoga helps us to regulated the blood pressures in the body.Its also energizes the kidneys and calms the nervous system.
  • VIRASNA(HERO-POSE):-Its helps to regulating the blood pressures. Its helps to flow the blood through the legs.
  • BADHAKONASNA(BUTTERFLY-POSE):- This Yoga also relief the stress.Its helps to better circulation and even proper pumping of heart.
  • JANUISRANA( ONE-LEGGED BEND FORWARD):-It’s helps to regulates the blood pressure. It also aids the weight loss. Its work effectively on tummy fats.
  • ARDA MATESDRNA( SITTING HALF SPINAL TWIST):-It’s help to normalize the high blood pressure and stimulates the heart and nervous system.
  • ARDA HALASNA(HALF-PLOW POSE):-This yoga practices the High-blood pressure.Its cures the fat in hips,abdomen and thighs.

CONCLUSION:- Practicing yoga and praynman bring positivist and calms your mind and nervous system. Make habit of practicing daily and follow the proper balanced diet. I try always to bring knowledgeable topics”pranayama for blood pressure” for you so ts benefit for long-term.

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