10+ best KBC preparation strategy / registration process

Hello!My friends I hope in this lockdown you may gaining some knowledge and try to updated yourself. Well we talk about knowledge KBC kaun banega karodpati (Kaun-Banega Crorepati) KBC season 12 also started.

Lets discuss about “10+ best preparation strategy for KBC/ registration process“. Well registration open from 9 May-23 May 2020. So hurry up show your knowledge and earn.This show is famous among the audience. And its hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.


History of KBC/When did KBC started?

Now check some history about this when first show was started and who is the first winner.

Well first KBC premiere was started on 3rd July 2000 and its hosted by our legendary Amitabh Bachann.And the seasion was ended in 2001.Well KBC is Indian programme which was based on British programme  Who Wants To Be Millionaire?Well the KBC first three seesion go on AIR on star plus from 2000 to 2007.And then after 2010 its gets on AIR on Sony TV by big snergey. Sourabh Uboweja Knows as the founder and exceutive officer of brand consulating firms brands of desire

Now lets Check how can we do registration in KBC. READ MORE about how to play KBC online…………………..

What is the Registration Process in KBC?

  • Open the Sonyliv App/sony liv kbc
  • Click on the KBC Link.
  • Then Answers the Registration Question which pops up.
  • Fill yours Details on the form that appears.
  • Then click on submit.

What is the game plan of KBC?

  • Audience Poll:- Where Audience siiting in studio would dial into keypad they marked write question to answer.Then after that results of the poll are shown to the Contestant.
  • 50:50:- Whee computer remove two wrong questions from the list from the game leaving the constant one right and one wrong answer.

Then process of registration is completed when a message flashes on the screen by saying’ Thank You for completing your KBC registration.”

Now many of thinking that how can we prepare yourself for KBC lets discuss:-


How can we prepare yourself for KBC?

  • Writers and Books Names.
  • Hindi Idioms.
  • Food Dishes Names.
  • Mahabharta and Ramayana and their all characters.
  • Latest Sports Record.
  • Popular Festival Of India.
  • Facts about Indian Cinema.
  • Current Affairs of National and International level.
  • Indian History(Ancient,Medieval,Modern).
  • Famous Personality.
  • General Numeracy.
  • Finance

Additional Tip:- Start playing a GK games and make habit of reading newspapers not only got KBC but in general way also.

What are the best books for the preparation of KBC?

There are some books with the help of these you may help well there are no specific books to be read lets check these books:-

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What are the some hidden facts about KBC?

  • General Knowledge:- Manohar Pandey(This book has 6 section which was divided into History,Geography,Poltics,EconomyGeneral science,General Knowledge).
  • Maorama.
  • Lucent
  • Economic Survey.
  • Arihant Expert.
  • Disha Experts.
  • General Study.
  • Install GK apps
  • Read Newspapers and listen Radio.
  • Play quiz
Kaun banega crorepati season 12 KBC 2020
  • Best Fact about that there will be free food for on the sets of KBC for every person on the set.
  • SRK is only the one who replaces the Big B once a while.
  • The Clothes of Big B is more than 10 lacks.
  • Big B before starting a play he usually spend a time with Crew Members to knowing in detail about the families and backgrounds about the contestants.
  • Its says that KBC set was earlier in Gorgon in 2012 then after they moved to YRF Studios.
  • Even its says that 30% of income tax is deducted on the spot.Like took an example if you won 1 crore then you receive 70 lakhs.
  • It also say that Amitabh Bachann also doesn’t know the correct answer before locking the answer.
  • It also said that after the end of the show its allow the peoples to take picture with Amitabh Bachachan.


  • Its also said that Amitabh Bachann charged 3 to 4 crores for each episodes.
  • Even its say that Video Call is not Done by Jio.
  • Audience Poll is not done by Audience it is work of computer to do.
  • If you think that Kbc look Grand its wrong because at outer its look like a garbage.
  • Phone-A-Friend:-In this where Constentant called a pre-selected friend and family.Once connected the party and constant had 30 seconds to give the answer.In 2017 its changes to video call.And in season 10 it was renowed and by keeping a Ask a Expert.
  • Expert Advice:-In season 4 an Expert Advice was added.In this producers would invented centerain general knowledge experts come to the studio to help the constant.
  • Flip The Question:- In this the current question was removed and bring new question infront of the constant which they choose among the Favorited criteria.
  • Jodidaar:- In this the constant bring a family member and friend to helping us answeing the question.
  • Power Paplu:- Well its introduce in season 7 in this lifeline allowed the constant to reuse a lifeline that was previously used for previous question.

CONCLUSION:- Well KBC its like an lottery game which you don’t loose anything. Just once in yours life try this game.

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