10+ best diet plan for gym | Supplements and side effects of bodybuilding

Hello! My Friends I hope you are serving in good health and wealth. Today I came up with some  vibrant topic”10+ diet plan for gym Supplements and side effects of bodybuilding“,gym diet plan for muscle gain, veg diet plan for gym,fitness food plan, indian diet for gym beginners,gym diet plan for beginners, gym supplements price. As we Know most of the youth are likely to go to the gym and dream of the good physique.

But in few we also saw that they are doing hard-core workout but they don’t get desirable results. So I’m here to discuss what proper diet should be taken whether you are beginner level or intermediate level. So without any delay lets start our today topic.

Diet Plan For Gym

For Indian there will be diet like Dal,Chapattis,Rice or seasonal fruits and Vegetables. But if you check in internet there are lots of food varieties are present but it is not fit for Indian diet. So here I tell you Vegetarian,non vegetarian diet with no side effects.

Veg diet plan for gym | VEGETARIAN DIET

  1. After Wake up drink fresh water.
  2. Then after fresh up and bath take first meal of your food. Tale oatmeal,Green tea or apple.
  3. After First meal come to second meal of your diet you take boiled vegetables or boiled rajmas(Kidney beans). If you are eggeterian you then take egg whites bhurji(Scrambled eggs).
  4. Then come to third meal of your diet 7 boiled egg whites with whole grain bread.
  5. Then come to fourth meal of your diet take sprouted mong dal with sequencing lemon juice on it.
  6. Then come to fifth meal of your diet with one scoop of your whey protein.
  7. Then come to last meal of your diet take low fat panner  and include salads like cucumber,onion or seasonal like beetroot but don’t include high carb like corn.

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Now move to non vegetarian diet. As compared to Vegetarian diet planners there are lot of varities to eat the food. Now let us discuss.

NON-VEGETARIAN DIET | Nonveg diet plan for gym

  1. After Wake up drink fresh water.
  2. Then after that take oatmeal with three boiled eggs & white egg whites.
  3. Now cooked with your chicken with olive oil.
  4. Now take a scoop of whey protein.
  5. Now you add fish plus oat plus chicken beasts.

In the above these are some diet which you followed in home only and fullfill your dream of having body.

Body-Building is a long journey we have to more concern that what should we eat or what should we don’t.

Food To Be Eaten

In the duration of making body the most essential food should be taken was protein. Protein was help to build up the muscles. Apart of Protein there are some foods which also taken during the muscle building. which are listed below.

  • Bananas:- Bananas play a most cruical role for gym going person’s its ome with lot of protein,vitamins etc. So Every first gym instrutor choose banana as their diet.It can also ideal for pre-workout and post-workout. You can add this fruit in your breakfast,shakes or smoothies.
  • Sweet-Potatoes:- Even athelthe also choose Sweet-potatoes as their diet because its help to repair the damage apart from that also do proper functioning of nerves and muscles and keep your mood good.Its loaded with Vitamin D,Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. You can take it by roasted or just baking.
  • Eggs:- Eggs is the most versatile food and best for body builders. It contains all types of amnio-acids which helps to rebuild the muscles. It can also kill the cravings and appettie.
  • Chick-peas:-It is donated with healthy plant-protein and contains lots of fiber which help to regulate the insulin and prevent the fat storage. It can also have zinc which is good for your immune system. You can add to Salads or simply make the hummus.
  • Oats:-Its come with lots of fiber,vitamins and minerals it contain the nitric oxide which increase the blood flow during the exercise. It can also contain blood sugar level and lower the chelosterol and also kill the cravings. You can add to this in your shakes orgranola bars.
  • Leavy-vegetables:- It come with plant protein Not even gym going choose first even athelethes also choose first in their diet. It comes with lot of nutrients and even low in fat high in fiber and rich in Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Whey Protein:-It is excellent for immunity real whey protein does not contain the sugar and fat and it is found in the milk.
  • Water:- At last drink water 6-8 glasses its flush out the all the toxins of your body through to your stools.

Apart of these you avoided some foods during the period of building your muscles.

Foods Should Be Avoided during gym

  • Spicy Food:- Avoid Spicy food as it difficult to digest and also damge to your skin.
  • Oily Food:- Skip the high quantity of oily foods and even nuts after workout. It slow the digestion process and which often its delay the nutients provided by your muscles.
  • Ditch To High Fiber:- Avoid high fiber food specially in developing the muscles. This also caused the cramping and bloating which lead to the upset of the stomach.
  • Candies:- Consuming Candies is badly say no because it contains the refined sugar which are not good for yours health who are going to the gym.It contains the empty vitamins and also decresed the recovery time.
  • Sugary Drinks:- Stay away from the sugary drinks it is highly recommended to be not taken in any form because it slows yours digestion.
  • Fried Eggs:- Its no doubt that eggs are wonderful protein for gym going. But eating a fried eggs which adversely effets to our health. So always try to eat hard-boiled eggs.
  • Ice-Cream:- Eating Iceream is not good option because it contains lots of sugars and high calorie and contains to corn syrup which make more worse situation try to eat home-made.
  • Pizza:-Pizza is not good option to eat because it contains the yeast which make the situation more worsen.
  • White-Bread:- White-Bread contain the Glycemic Index(GI) which effects the your blood sugar level it can great impact on blood glucose levels.. Its better to switch brown bread or Multi-grain bread.

Apart from you can also take some supplements let us discuss which supplements you should have taken.

Gym supplements | fitness supplement | top 2 gym supplements

  • Ceratine:- This is the most famous supplement taken by the sports persons. In research it shows that it increase muscle mass,muscle fiber size strength and even power. You can take before wokout or even after workout also taken. Taking 2-5 grams is more effective.
  • Caffenine:- In research it shown that it can improve the performance and increase the strength and also help to reduce the fatigue and fat burning.

NOTE:- Take these supplements under your guidance soecially ceratine if you are taken.

Well if you want to build a body like an hulk first trained your longest muscles like leg chest and back.

Apart from that there are many myths are roaming in the mind that if we leave the gym then it cause any side effects to our body or not lets clear that:-

Side-Effects of gym | gym workout side effects

  • Muscles shrink
  • Bones weaken
  • Blood sugar change
  • Body weight change
  • Mood changes
  • Joint pain(If you are older).

Well above these are the mild changes which you might observes.

Conclusion:- Well doing exercise is good part to your body it enhance your mood and brings positivity. But try to do exercise under-surveillance.


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