10+ best differences MBBS in abroad vs MBBS in India

Today I’m here to discuss most interesting topic “MBBS in abroad vs MBBS in India”, with you or to clear the Myth about which is best to study MBBS( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) whether in Abroad or in our country India.

As You know many of us always remain curious for study in abroad whether its MBBS degree or something else but today topic about “10+ differences MBBS in abroad vs MBBS” in India with con’s and pon’s. So without any delay lets start our today topic.

differences MBBS in abroad vs MBBS in India

MBBS in abroad vs MBBS in India

Pursuing a M B B S( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) its a dream for every medical students. But in India to get a seat in MBBS is most tough job for specially General category aspirants. For getting admission in MBBS its mandatory to every Indian aspirants first to clear the first hurdle to clear the exam which was NEET( National edibility cum entrance test).

NEET conducted by the NTA (National testing Agency) every year in the month of May. According to the Medical council of India( M C I) there are total 494 medical colleges which are recognized to the M C I,with total of 6,305 seats and don’t be surprised that M B B S from Abroad is becoming more popular.

Now lets us discuss the advantages and challenges to study M B B S in Abroad which are listed below:-

Advantages while pursuing the MBBS in the Abroad

They are multiple advantages while pursuing the MBBS in the Abroad let us discuss which are listed below:-

  • Less costs:- No doubt pursuing MBBS colleges in government colleges of India is low as compared to the private colleges which offering the medical courses which arouse the cost roundly 45 Lakhs.
  • But as compared to foreign countries like Russia,China its cost was around 30 Lakhhs. Apart of that Colleges in US is much costlier up to 70 lakhs. Not only 70 lakhs charged from us there are many hidden charges also included while studying in private colleges of India 
  • Not need to show N E E T Rank:- In 2018 its become compulsory to clear the N E E T entrance exams for apply M B B S in internationally but the competition will be still low as compared to India medical colleges.
  • International Exposure:- No doubt studying at abroad they give a wonderful exposure apart of studies you get a opportunity to adopt the new culture,food,languages and much more. Studying M B  B S at Abroad give a large exposure to medical conditions.
  • You can learn with new equipment’s and ideas,state-of-art apertures and amenities also. Apart from that you can also get opportunity to interact with students from different nationalities who has also come like you to pursuing their M B B S degree.
  • High quality of Education:- Studying M B B S in Abroad fulfills the all your quality of Education as compared to the Indian Institutes.Because they provide the best infrastructure for study the medical with clean environment.
MBBS in abroad vs MBBS in India

Apart from the advantages of studied in Abroad there are numerous challenges also to face every Indian Aspirants let us discuss which are these Challenges which are listed below:-

What are the challenges during studying MBBS

  • Understanding Of Languages:- Well studying of M B B S in Abroad is generally in their local languages for study your course first you have to studied their local languages like:- Russian in Russia and Mandarin in China and many more. Its will take time to adjust in another country without your families members. 
  • Practical Training:-Practical Training is the most important aspect of medical course. However there some international colleges which offer very less practical training so before apply to internationally colleges check first that those college provide practical training or not you can also check the review from the previous students so you do not face any problems in terms of performing any practicals.
  • Recognize the Colleges:- Well now-a-days there are lots of colleges which offer the medical course whether its in India or Foreign countries. So its become a major duty to research the each and every colleges whether its comes under recognizance or not. For confirmation just visit the Medical College of India Website to confirm whether its recognized by M C I or not apart from that also check that your colleges is recognized by WHO ( World Health Organization) or not.
  • Licence to Practice:- If you want to obtain the licence to practice in India for it you required to pass the foreign Medical Graduate Examination (F M G E) to continue the practice legally in India.Well this test is conducted by twice a year by the National Board of Examinations for Indian national’s and overseas citizens of India( O C I) . For qualifying the exams you just need 50% marks that’s its.

Apart from that there are some countries which offered the M B B S for Indian citizens let’s discuss which are these countries which are listed below:-


  • Australia
  • France
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • US(United States)
  • Malaysia.

Apart from these countries they are also some countries which offer MBBS without any Entrance let us discuss these countries which are listed below:-

  • China
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Philippines
  • Kyrgyzstan

Apart from there are some popular M C I abroad colleges which offer the M B B S degree. Lets check-out these.


  • Sumy State University ( Sumy).
  • Odessa National Medical College.
  • Kharkif National Medical College.


  • University Heidelburg.
  • Humboldt University.
  • Philipps University.


  • Wuhan University
  • Jiangsu University.
  • Ningbo University.


  • AMA school of Medicine
  • Bicol Christan college of Medicine
  • Angeles University Foundation.


  • Russian national research of medical college
  • Moscow State University of Medicine.
  • Ryazan State Medical University.

Well there are some Criteria to apply M B B S in Abroad lets checkout what should we need the eligibility to took admission.

Eligibility Required for MBBS

  • From 2018 its should make mandatory to clear the N E E T exams.
  • Should have completed 12th with subjects of Physics,Chemistry,Biology and English.
  • Minimum Aggregate of marks must needed in the Subjects of Physics,Biology,Chemistry.
  • Your Age Should be 17 years as of 31st December before you seeking for admission.

Apart from these lets us discuss how much you need to invest.

  • Germany-24 lakhs.
  • Russia:- 23 lakhs.
  • China:-20 lakhs.
  • Ukraine:- 25 lakhs.
  • Bangladesh:- 25 lakhs.
  • US:- 60-65 lakhs.
  • Philippines:- 25 Lakhs.
  • Kyrgyzstan:- 17 lakhs.

Well if we talked about Indian government colleges its charged only less than 4 lakhs but Private institute charged more than 40 lakhs depends on the colleges.

CONCLUSION:- Becoming doctor is the most prestigious job. Well doctor known as the second God which heals you from dangerous diseases. If you are confuse related to your path just go to counselor they suggest you as per your interest of your field.

I hope today my blog erase all the myth regarding this.


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