11+ tips how to increase blood platelets | blood platlets

As you Know having low hemoglobin brings lots of diseases which most prone to Anemia. Here today I discuss how to increase blood platelets in natural way.So without any delay lets start our topic. Hemoglobin is the main factor to increase the blood .Lets discuss on “11+ tips how to increase blood platelets | blood platlets”.

Well Hemoglobin is a protein Module red blood cells which carry the blood from lungs to the body tissue and return the carbon dioxide Hemoglobin also play a important role in maintain the blood cells in proper way. Those who are low Hemoglobin prone to Anemia. Let us discuss what is symptoms of Anemia.

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Anemia is caused by the decrease of red blood cells or loss of blood. In research its found that some patients have show no symptoms. No symptoms of Anemia patients may show like that.

  • Feeling short breath
  • Pale skin.
  • Feeling tiredness.
  • Feeling of Heart Racing.
  • Heart problems become worst.

Reason of having Anemia which are listed below.

  • Colon Cancer
  • Trautmtic injury
  • Surgery bleeding
  • Vitamin b12
  • Iron
  • Folatae
  • Kidney Failure.
  • Replacement of Bone Marrow in cancer.
  • Chemotheraphy Drugs.
  • Sickle Cell Anemia.

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Well Anemia is easily diagnosed by CBC(Complete Blood Cell) is a daily routine checkup which is done by an labortian .In CBC it can take six tests:-

  • Red Blood Cell Count(RBC)count.
  • Hematocrit
  • Hemoglobin
  • White Blood Cell(W B C) count
  • Differential Blood Count.
  • Platelet Count.

Apart of these you take some certain foods which help to increase the blood platelets.

What are the foods that helps to increase blood platelets

  • Vitamin-D:-Vitamin-D  plays a important role in functioning of bones,muscles,immune system.Vitamin-d also play in sigficant role in bone narrow cells that produce plateleets and others cells. We get Vitamin -D abundant from Sun exposures. Others foods which through we get vitamin-D are:- Fish Liver Oils,Egg Yolk,Milk and Yogurt,Fatty fish(Salmon,Tuna).
  • Iron-rich Foods:- Having Iron-Rich Foods is essential for having blood in the blood.Women need 27 mg per day during the pregnancy.Foods which are Iron rich are:-
  1. Beef Liver
  2. Dark Chocolates.
  3. Kidney beans.
  4. White Beans.
  5. Tofu.
  6. Oysters.
  7. Beans Lentils.

NOTE:-Avoid eating calcium rich foods and calcium supplements if you are taking iron supplements in the same time.

Vitamin-K:- Vitamin-K helps us help us to clotting of blood and bone health.Foods which include Vitamin rich are.:-

  1. Broccoli.
  2. Pumpkin.
  3. Soybeans.
  4. Soybeans Oil.
  5. Nuts.
  6. Spinach.
  7. kale.
  • Fol ate:- If you are vegetarian then add fol ate in your diet to increase the iron in your body. The food which are Fol ate are:-
  1. Rice.
  2. Yeast.  
  3. beef.
  4. Spinach
  5. Sprouts
  • Sea-food:- Sea-food is an excellent source of our recovery from iron.Some Sea foods like:-
  1. Fresh Salmon.
  2. Fresh Perch.
  3. Fresh Haddock.
  4. Fresh Halibut
  5. Canned and Fresh Tuna.
  • Vitamin-C:- In research its found that Vitamin-C has absorbs the iron.In Study its shows that taking 100mg of Vitamin-C with a meal increased iron absorption about 67%..Foods which contain Vitamin-C are:-Bell peppers,Strawberries,Citrus fruits(lemon,oranges),Melons,Green leafy Vegetables.
  • Vitamin-A and Beta Carotene:- Vitamin-A very important and critical role in maintain bone growth,immune system and healthy vision. On the other hand Beta-Carotene is a red-orange pigmentation which is abundant found in plants and fruits.Its played a vital role in changing vitamin-A in your body.

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Food sources of Beta-Carotene and Vitamin-A are:-Sweet potatoes,spinach,kale,carrots,kale,red peppers,sweet potatoes,apricots,oranges, peaches.

  • Lentils:-Lentils is an excellent source of iron-filled in your body.Well lentils contain the good amount of proteins ,fibers,fol ate, magnesium.
  • Mushrooms:- Mushrooms always counted in increasing the blood in your body.One cup of mushrooms contain 2.7 m g or 15%.
  • Oats:-Oats are good source of adding more iron in yours diet.A one cup of oats contained 3.4 m g of iron .Its also denoted with good amount of plant proteins also zinc,fiber,fol ate,protein,magnesium.Apart of these its also contain the beta-glucam which promote the beta good which reduce the cholesterol and sugar level.
  • Whole-grains:-In study its suggests that whole-grains have a numerous health benefits.its also increase the reduce of obesity and type2 diabites and also decrease the risk of heart-diseases.Grains also contains the Vitamins,Minerals,Antioxidants,Iron,fiber.Whole grains contain more Iron than processed grains.
  • Dark-Chocolates:-Dark-Chocolates contains the more nutrients as compared to simple milk chocolates Its offer 3.3 m g of Iron. Apart of these its also contain the copper,magnesium,fiber.It also a powerful source of antioxidant and good amount of plant source which protects you from the various diseases.

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  • Mulberries:- Mulberries are an excellent fruit which meet 2.6 m g of iron .Its also give 85% of Vitamin-C also.Mulberries also contain the good amount of antioxidants which also protects from diabetes,heart diseases and also great source of antioxidants which also protects from cancer also.
  • Olive:-Well Olive is known as the technical fruit its a good source of Iron also almost they contain the 3.3 m g of Iron.Its come in plant proteins which protects you from lower risk of heart diseases.
  • Potatoes:- Well potatoes also have a good source of Iron but without peel.One unpeeled potatoes provides 3.2 m g of Iron which is 18% but on another hand sweet potatoes contain lightly less which around 2.1 m g which  is 12%.Its a great source of fiber and also gives 46% of vitamin-C,B6 and potassium.
  • Coconut Milk:- You can also add coconut milk to enhance iron in your diet.It contains very good amount of vitamins,minerals,magnesium,copper.A half cup of milk its gives around 3.8 mg.
  • Cashews,Nuts,other Nuts;- Well nuts are great source of fiber,protein,vitamins and minerals,fats ass well as antioxidant which counted in plant compound.
  • Leafy Green vegetables:-Leafy green vegetables are good source of protein like kale,spinach,beet greens.100 gram spinach contain 1.1 more time iron than red meat.
  • Pumpkin,Sesame,Flax seeds,hemp:- These seeds are more nutritional level as compared to the others contain richest source of iron around 1.2 to 4.2 mg per teaspoon.Seeds contain rich amount of calcium ,magnesium,fiber,fiber.They also great source of omega-3 and omega-6.
  • Tofu,Soybeans:-Soybeans and other foods which are made up of soybeans are contained the rich amount of iron.One cup of soybeans contains 8.8 mg of iron.Apart of these its also a great source of calcium,magnesium and phosphorus.
  • Quinoa:-Quini is known as the gluten free which comes with packed of lots of protein,fiber,vitamins,minerals and complex carbs.Its gives 2.8 mg as half cup.Its also rich in antioxidants which lowers the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Amarnath:-Amarnath is known as the ancient grain which is gluten free and doesn’t grow on grass like other grains too.A per cup its gives around 5.5 mg.It consider the plant protein which gives magnesium,fiber,complex carbs too.
  • Palm hearts:-Palm heart counted in tropical fruit which contains rich amount of potassium,magnesium,fiber,fol ate and vitamin-c.It also contain the iron a cup of palm hearts contains 4.6 mg.
  • Tomatoes:- A raw tomatoes also contain a iron but a very little.But when you dried and concerted its iron levels increased.Half cup of tomatoes paste contains 3.9 mg of iron.Its best way to consumed when its cooked.Tomatoes also great source of Vitamin-C which helps to absorption of iron.
  • Fish:-Fish is counted in nutrition foods and specially tuna fish is more iron.Fish also contain the other nutritious like omega 2,Vitamin B12,selenium.Its also promote the brain health and also develop the immune system and also supports good health growth and development.
  • Red-Meat:- Red Meat is known as densly nutritions food.A good beef contains 2.7mg of Iron.Meat also rich in zinc,protein,selenium and several vitamin-B.
  • Shellfish:-Sheelfish is known as the tasty and nutritious food.Its also contain the high amount of iron.
  • Broccoli:- Broccoli also known as increment nutritious. Broccoli contains the 1 mg which is 6%.Its has a Vitamin-C which helps to absorb the better iron amount in our body.It is counted in plant protein which helps to protects from the risk of cancer diseases.

What are the foods that should be avoided to maintain blood platelets

There are some foods which should be avoided lets have check which foods should be avoided:-

  1. Calcium:- Well Calcium is known as the universal.Its suggest every age group to be taken because its helps to build up the bones.But if it come in increasing of iron in the body its avoided.
  2. Gluten-Problem:-Its is avoided by anemic patients because its destroy the walls of intestine which prevents all vitamins and minerals to be absorbed properly.
  3. Oxalic-Acid rich vegetables:-It is commonly natural ingredients which is not only block the iron absorption as well as calcium absorption also.
  4. Tea/Coffee:- Green tea contains the antioxidants which is good but tea contains the toxins which inhibit iron absorption and coffee tea.Milk-tea is more worst for anemic patients because milk contains calcium which make tea more tanning.Its also give negative impact on digestion also.

Apart of these you add some additional natural ingredients also which are easily available in your kitchens only. Let us check:-

  • Sesame Seeds:- Sesame seeds is great way to increase iron level in yours body specially black sesame seeds.Just soak sesame seeds for three hours then make fine paste and have it with honey.
  • Cooper Water:- Cooper Water is also known as the healthy according to the Ayurveda.Having drink cooper water overnight every morning. This help to replenishing your body with natural minerals .It also great for treating of hair loss.
  • Yogurt with Turmeric:- Those who are suffering from Kapha -type anemia should must have a yogurt in twice in morning and second at afternoon with a teaspoon of turmeric.
  • Add more green vegetables:-Vegetables like spinach,Kale,Broccoli is a good source of iron.
  • Raisins and Dates:- This combination of dried fruits gives iron and vitamin-c.Its enables the body to absorb iron quickly way .Just eat handful of raisins and one and two dates as mid-day meal gives you a instant energy.
  • More Vitamin-C:-Anemia makes your immune system and easily prone to infected diseases .Taking vitamin-c absorbs the iron eat oranges and also drink lemon juice also.
  • Beetroot and Pomegranate Juices:- Drink Beetroot and Pomegranate juices its build a blood cells and also act as blood purifiers also.Beetroots are rich in folic acid mix up with apples,carrots and pomegranates its boost your energy level and also supporting healthy blood flow and make more active.

Apart of these you add some yoga poses also to fight with anemia lets us discuss:-

Yoga poses and Pranayama which fight with anemia 


  • Sarvangasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Viparitia-Karani
  • Paschomittasana

NOTE:- Before starting Yoga poses consult your yoga instructor before starting your Yoga poses.

In the above para you see some yoga poses with the help of these you easily fight with anemia.Now there are some prayanman with the help of these you might easily rid of these anemia. Let us discuss.


  • Anuvilom Vilom.
  • Kapalbhatti.
  • Suryabhedana
  • Ujjayi
  • Yogendra Prayanman 4th.

NOTE:- Prayanman helps to improve the capacity of lungs and also thereby oxygen content of R B C( Red blood cells) increase.Apart of that entire circulatory system is benefited.

Additional Diet and Tips

  • Drink water at empty stomach by adding lemon juice and two teaspoon of honey.
  • Try to drink daily beet juice,spinach juice,carrot juice.
  • Eat fruits which are rich in iron:- Apples,Oranges,Dates,Black grapes,Papaya,Strawberries,melon,musk melon,guava,mausambi.
  • Try to avoid or limit fried foods,spicy and refined sugars.
  • Avoid tea,coffee and cola also.
  • Eat ripe banana and honey which also boost energy .
  • Avoid stress and remained happy.
  • Drink warm milk with jaggery every night before goes to bed.

CONCLUSION:- Try to eat healthy hygiene food and practice daily yoga poses. Because your body is like an temple its only in your hands how to take care of it.

I hope you like my today topic. Stay healthy!and keep smiling even in harsh situation and always remain motivated.


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