11+ worst causes of nightfall and night fall treatment

nightfall problem, causes and treatment

It is said that when boy enter an adolescent that body changes occur.During that time the main growth was occur Sex hormone in the body.Lets discuss about”11+ top causes of nightfall and night fall treatment“.

As a result an adolescent boy starting masturbation and having a dream of sex.Due to the dream he may suffer from involuntary ejaculation which condition is called nightfall.

We will discuss in this article one by one:-

  1. night fall
  2. against the fall of night
  3. before night fall
  4. nightfall ki dawa patanjali
  5. nightfall rokne ki dawa/upaay
  6. night fall treatment in hindi and engish
  7. night fall problem solution in hindi
  8. nightfall rokne ki medicine
  9. Yoga Exorcises to prevent night fall
  10. causes of nightfall
  11. night fall treatment

Well it is common problem not even in young boy even in man also.Its embarrassing while discussing with family members and friends.Its better to visit doctor on time.

Well in 21st century internet is flooded with pornography they show the sex in wrong angle.Well doing sex is also part of the human body.But today youth what they are doing they use to watch sex on daily basis which they distracted and then prone to nightfall.

But in India no one like to talk about sex which they may prone to wrong information.As a elder its a duty to give correct information about sex and the problems related to them.

Lets Look the Symptoms of Nightfall. It is also called Wet Dreams

Symptoms of Nightfall/night fall

  • Fatigue.
  • Weakness.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Lack Of Concentration.
  •  Pain and cramping in Legs and Back.
  • Burning sensation during or after passing the Urine.
  • Its Early or premature ejaculation.
  • Also leakage of semen in undergarments.

Causes of Nightfall/સ્વપનદોષ કે કારણ/Swapandosh

स्वप्नदोष के नुकसान, कारण और इलाज

Nightfall treatment AND causes

Well the causes of Nightfall is may underlined its a harmless but the problem usually settles down with age but don’t take in light way.

  • Ditch To Physical Activity.
  • Obesity.
  • Taking Sex Harmon’s supplements.
  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Even Going to the bed with full urinary bladder.
  • Even watching a lot pornography movies and discuss a lot about sex which may can cause Nightfall or wet dream in boys and man.
  • Weak Genetically Nerves which may give problems to night fall.
  • Even absence of lack of sexual activity which may result to the problems of Wet Dreams.
  • Drug Induced

Well with the help of Yoga you can also reduce the problem of Nightfall in natural way. Let us discuss:-

Yoga Poses to prevent night fall

In Ancient Time Yoga cure so many diseases.

  • Uttanapadasana(Raised Leg Pose):-Well Practicing this pose strenghth your instenine.Apart of that this also fight against Digestive issues,Constipation and also control elajucation.
  • Kandhaarasana(Shoulder Pose):-Its good yoga to increase sex desire and also good for ejaculation also.It strength man sperms and women ovaries,Mensturation probelms,vegina discharge.
  • Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose):-This Yoga helps to strength the muscles of shoulders.As well as improve flexibility.Its also improve mensuration irregularities in women.Its also improve effectife person’s ability to last longer in bed and also resolve a complain against premature ejaculation.


Caution:- If you prone to Wrist injury or wrist pain then don’t practice this Yoga.Even pregnant women also not do this Yoga.

  • Garudasana(Eagle Pose):-Its help you to stretch your shoulders.Its also focus on concentration also.It’s also open largest 14 skeleton system and also relief from premature ejaculation and also cure urinary tract and reproductive disorders.
  • Brahmacharasana(Floating Stick Pose):-This is good for Those who are suffering from Nightfall and lack of sexual activity and also resolve the issues of digestives disorders.


  • First sit on Yoga Mat.
  • Then Bow on the Yoga Mat with your feet slightly apart.
  • Then slowly and comfortably lower your body into space between the legs.
  • Now touch your buttocks on the ground.
  • Place your arms which can face downwards to the knees.
  • Now breath normally.
  • Close your eyes and now concentrate.
  • Now try to stay in this position for 2 minutes then after that turn to normal pose.

CAUTION:-If you are suffering from knees injuries and issues you may stay away from this Yoga.

  • Dhanuarasana(Bow Pose):-While practicing this yoga its improve your appetite and digestion and also cure yours obesity.Its also cure menstruation disorders and also improve the function of the pancreas.This asans also beat the premature ejaculation.Its also cure stomach issues also.

CAUTION:-If you are suffering from hernia,neck pain,headache,migraine,high or low blood pressure and pregnant women.Stay away from this yoga.

  • Paschimottasana(Seated Forward Bend Pose):-This is the best yoga to fight with premature ejaculation and also helpful for strength the sperm and also enhance the human metabolism.


  • Sit on Yoga Mat.
  • Then sit with both of your legs extend on the ground.
  • Now slowly exhale and try to bend ahead and try to connect forehead to the knees.
  • Now stay in this pose for 5-6 minutes now inhale properly.

CAUTION:- If you are suffering from ache of spine or back pain then stay away from this yoga 

  • Sarvanasana(Shoulderstand Pose):- This pose also improve the thyroid glands and also increase the metabolism also and also increase the sperm and semen.

CAUTION:-If you are suffering from neck pain its better to stay away from this Yoga.

NOTE:- By practicing the Yoga its better to consult your yoga instructor to avoid the bad injuries in future.

Apart of these you can also add these activities like:-

Activities to prevent nightfall

  • Aerobics.
  • Running.
  • Weightliffting

Well there are some foods which you add in your daily diets to minimize the night fall lets us check:-

What are the foods that should be taken in the night fall problem?

  • Shilajit:- Known as the full of minerals and amnio acids which strenght reproductive organs and muscles.
  • Shatavari:-Its help the aids of digestion and improve also hormonal activity.
  • Kesar:-Its know as anti-oxidant and also known as the cardiovascular tonic.
  • Ashwanghanda:- Its known as the stress buster also cures the dosahas.
  • Jaiphal:- Its boost brain power and nervous system and also enhance the kidney and liver functions.
  • Ginger:-Its known as the antioxidant ,detoxify and rich in Vitamin-C which improves the cell function.
  • Safed Musli:- Known as the tonic of brain and also work well in reproductive organs which improve sperm count in men also.
  • Loh Bhasma:- It is also great functioning of kidney and liver and also improve cardiviscolar. Its also improve red blood cell count.
  • Suvarna Bhasma:- Its give healthy glow and tejas.
  • Kuchla:-Its great for Central Nervous System.

TIP:- Take this herbs according your body enhancement.

Additional Tip For Treatment are follow under as follows:-

  • If you are facing the probelm of Nighfall start taking bathing with essential oils like Jasmine,Rose,Lavendar,Rosemary.Because its relax your muscles and have a good sleep.

Well there are some medicines available in the market which we stop this.

Medicines & foods during night fall

  • NF cure Herbal:- 1,600 rupees.
  • Prolab Caffennie,200mg:- 470 rupees.
  • Morephema Kohinoor Gold Plus:-1,199 rupees.

Foods should be add or avoid during this disease are listed below:-

Food Add during night fall issue

  • Garlic.
  • Almonds.
  • Onion.
  • Bottle Gouard.
  • Sea Foods.

Food Avoided in the night fall

  • Coffee.
  • Tea.
  • Tobacoo.
  • Baverages.

CONCLUSION:- I think you have understood the causes of night fall and night fall treatment .Well in this role adults taught their youngest one about the sex. If there is right education than no one will be distract.

I hope my article is worth for you.

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