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How to enable push notification on your blogger website in just 1 minute? Must Watch

How to enable push notification on your blogger website?

Hello friends, In this blog, I am going to tell you with examples of how can you place a bell icon or subscriber bell icon on your blogger or website? If you place this bell icon

What is its need on your blogger website?

If you have a YouTube channel or if you are watching videos on YouTube, I think you are very well familiar with this bell icon, Similarly, I am going to tell you for a blogger website. Some users fell lazy to place their email id in "Follow by Email" Column. Each and everyone wishes that they can do in a few and easy steps. So if you place this bell icon. Whenever viewers come to read your blogs it can attract them and they will easily push this bell icon. 

How can it increase your blog posts views and attract more and more people?

if they press bell icon, Your blog post will be subscribed by them. Whenever you publish any blogs, They will get notifications on their mail id. They will come to your blog and In this way, you can increase your page views and Revenue etc ....

Follow the following Steps and place a bell icon on your Blogger Website

2) Log in using Facebook or Gmail id

3) Then a dashboard will appear (accept the terms & condition )

3) click on next option

4) click on Add App

5) Just write your website name above in the blank space. and click on Add app

6) Another Screen will appear on your page.

7) Click on " Web Push " and click on NEXT .

8) Another Screen will appear, Click on Wordpress or Website Builder, then select " Blogger"  from the drop-down menu.

9) Fill all the details related to your website. site name, Url etc...

10 ) Leave as it is ............Default Icon Url and choose a label ..

11) Click on Add a Prompt

12) Without any changing click on Save.

13) Again without any changing click on Save.

14 ) A code will appear on the page

15) Copy this code ... and go to HTML of your blogger theme and just paste it below <head>

16) click on save theme.

17) open your website and see bell icon on the right bottom.


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