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How to insert images, add caption and link on your blogger post?

How to insert images, add caption and link on your blogger post?

Why should we add images, add a caption or link on your blogger post?

Hi friends, Today I am going to tell you How to insert images, add caption and link on your blogger post? If you are a blogger then it's very essential to add images on your blogger post while writing the Articles or Blogs. It makes so attractive and the viewer can understand it easily. It helps to attract the audience worldwide. If we follow the above steps then we can get the Adsense approval very easily for our Blogs. So just keep reading the below articles. 

Just follow the Steps ...........(How to insert Images)

1)Login to your blogger dashboard
2)Click on New Post, A new blank page will appear

3) Click on insert image, as you can see in the screenshot.

4)Another screen will appear, choose an image from your computer that you want to insert in your blog.

5) You can select the images from your computer, from this blog (that means if you have uploaded any images, all images will appear, and you can select that previous images. It is the best feature.

6) And finally, press "Add selected" option.

7)Now you can see images are on your blog post.
How to insert images, add caption and link on your blogger post?

8) Just click on the image, you can make it small, large and extra large as per your wish.

So I think you all might have understood how to insert images ...Now coming to the next.

How to add caption on your blogger post?

1) Just left click on the image you can see different options like small, medium, large, X large and "Add Caption".

2)Click on Add Caption.

3) Paste or write anything that describes the image. It will increase your blog post visibility, and it will make so attractive of your post. 

How to insert a link on your blogger post?

It is the best way to promote your another blog with a link. Suppose that you want to mention or take a reference to your previous blog, you can use this easily. Follow the below steps.

1) Just Write any text like:--- "For more information click here"

2) Select the text and click on "Link" beside the insert image option.

3)A new page will appear to enter the link. 

4) Paste your blog link, that you want to give the reference. Click on OK.

Now your link is ready, If someone clicks on that link, they will be able to see that page easily.

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