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Use multiple adsense accounts on one pc .Can we use it?? Is it safe ??Read the full article.

Introduction, What is Google Adsense??

My dear friends, how are you people read the article and you will understand what is Google Adsense and what we do in it, Google Adsense gives money, all this information will be available on our website. Friends, Let's go and talk on our today's topic is what friends, can we run Google Adsense's Unlimited account from the same computer If you want to know friends, stay tuned with us for this post.

Yes Yes, you can run countless Google Adsense accounts from Google Adsense's account with the same IP address. The Google Adsense has posted an article on its personal block, clearly written in it. Google Adsense Understand that if you are from a village or a small town where there is only one cyber cafe, then many people will come there and the same Google address from the same IP address will be accessed.

Is it safe to use Multiple Adsense accounts in One PC??

Google AdSense recognizes this and your AdSense account will not be suspended or terminated. Friends, if you do not engage with your Google Adsense Account, your Google Adsense account will always be safe forever.

Friends and one thing I want to tell you if you have a computer or a laptop and your friend or your friend has a Google Adsense account, if he wants to use his computer or laptop, he can use his Google Adsense Account Also, your Google Adsense account of friends will never be suspended or terminated. This is also stated in the official blog of Google Adsense.

What should you take care??

You have to take care so much that whatever Google Adsense Account you have created when you want to create another Google AdSense account, you have to put a different name in it if your address remains unresolved then there is no problem with it. The name of your Google AdSense account should always be different.

So, friends, you can use your own Google Account account in the same way. Friends from the same computer. There will be no problem in this. Friends do not have to use you or have any kind of friends. If you have a computer or a laptop or you use a single cyber cafe, you can use it openly, there is no problem of any kind. Friends, just have to take care of the name of the account which you have created and if you want to create a second AdSense account, then you have to put your name in it differently. What does it mean to add different words to friends? Do not include the name because Google Adsense gets $ 10 in your Google Adsense account, then you get an address verification letter on your address and it is inserted into it You will have to enter your Adsense account by verifying your address. Friends, always remember your friends. You should try to enter the name of a member of your family, it would be better. Friends, Now I think everything is clear that you can use unlimited Adsense account from the same IP address. You can not have any problem with this.

Friends, I hope this is our article if you liked it, then please tell us a comment, and friends to stay with this type of article, you visit our block every day and every day you have something new This blog will continue to learn new information. Here you will find blogging technology and many more.
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