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Which are the best places to celebrate the New Year in India?

Which are the best places in India to celebrate the New Year?

1. Kashmir

This place is not less than a dream. Here the instruments, snowy mountains, and Shikara boating are best for spending time. In the winter, everything here will be covered with ice liters. For this reason, tourists from abroad and abroad come here. Here the nearest airport is Srinagar and the railway station is Udhampur.

2. Manali

The hills of Manali, greenery, skydiving, and nightlife are so fantastic that people come to draw during the New Year. In winter, due to the beautiful weather here, tourists arrive in large numbers.


The snowiest snowfall of these most special Manali is more popular, which makes this place even more beautiful.

3. Lakshadweep

You will find many perfect moments like sunlight, boating, dancing in the sea and candlelight between water like you would spend in Lakshadweep. In Lakshadweep, you can roam on six islands. You can enjoy the hard-hitting, Minicoy, Kavaratti, Bangaram, Kalpeni and Agati islands with your partner. Of these, the marine life of Hardland Island is very popular.

4. Ladakh
Leh, Ladakh

Blank streets, rivers of blue water near the streets and snow covered with snow covered with light sunlight. It is difficult to welcome the New Year more and more in this way. Be sure to enjoy the Zanskar Valley here. Leh is the closest airport to reach Ladakh. The nearest railway station here is Jammu Tawi, which is 634 kilometers from Ladakh.

5. Mussoorie

Better place than Mussoorie for New Year and no one else. Here you will be able to see the beauty of nature and enjoy it with family or friends. This place is 270 kilometers from Delhi, and the rooms will start from 800 to 1000 to live.
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