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True Love Test Calculator 2019 Free Aia File | Thunkable | Upload and earn 1000 $ In a month

True Love Test Calculator 2019 Free Aia File | Thunkable | Upload and earn 1000 $ In a month


Hello friends, Again I welcome you in this Blog where I will make you learn to make Love calculator Android App using Thunkable. You can earn up to 1000$ in a month once it becomes viral. So be ready and follow the steps.

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Some pics of Love Calculator.

1. For testing your love percentage.
You have to enter your and your partner's name in the place of Male & Female Respectively.

2. After that, you have to press "GO" 

3. Then another Screen will appear before you. as you can see in the other pics.

4. Again click on " Click Here".

5. Your love percentage will appear with a beautiful message with the sound " I LOVE YOU".


Here you can test your love. It's just a game, But very interesting. Just try once. You have to enter a male and female name and then just click on the GO button, You will get an amazing love score with surprising audio of your girlfriend or partner. You will get a Congratulation message.

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Special Feature about this Love Calculator App-

When you Click on " Click Here" to know your love score you will get a surprising message and LOve you sound. Just try it once.

Click on Download and give us 5 rating since in this blog we are going to give you a Free aia File, Where after some modifications you can upload it in the Google Play and Earn more than 1000$ in a month.

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How to upload Aia file on Thunkable & make changes.

Hi friends in this blog I will just give you some steps to follow if you are unable to find the exact way comment below and subscribe our YouTube channel where Tomorrow I will Upload a complete video on it.

Free aia File True Love Test Calculator

How to upload it on Thunkable:-

2. Click on the sign here. It will automatically be signed in with your google or facebook account.

3.  Click Here to know how to upload aia file on Thunkable.

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