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What is affiliate marketing and how to earn millions from affiliate marketing in a month? Latest 2019 updates

What is affiliate marketing and how to earn millions in affiliate marketing a month?

Hello friends There are many ways to earn online money, but affiliate marketing is a great way to earn more money in a very short period of time, because affiliate marketing is a way in which you do not have to spend even a rupee And your business is started and your income starts immediately, so you have to register for Affiliate Marketing on any online shopping site and have to promote any product and as soon as the product selling of start or if someone purchase it with your link  then your income also starts, if you also want to know what is affiliate marketing and how to earn from affiliate marketing then read this post carefully and start your affiliate marketing business.

What is affiliate marketing?

Knowing how Affiliate Marketing is effective, understanding affiliate marketing is important. Affiliate Marketing involves joining an affiliate program on any online shopping site and its products are available on your YouTube channel or your website or blog. By promoting through the medium, its sales have to be increased, so that the promoter gets the value of the products which is known as Affiliate Marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When any online shopping site has to increase the sales of any of its products, then the company starts its own website affiliate program, and whoever earns affiliate marketing from paise, they do their registration on it and links to those products. Promote from your source, so that the sales of those products are highly increased and according to the sale of those links, the promoter is commissioned.

What are Popular Affiliate Marketing sites?

By the way, you will find many affiliate marketing shopping sites, but I will tell you some popular and best shopping site today which gives you more commission if you want to go to a company's affiliate marketing program, then you can go to any search engine By searching for the name of the company, you can search by searching for it and see if that company's affiliate program will come in search.

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites:

  How to earn from affiliate marketing ?

Friends now, how to earn from affiliate marketing. For that, you have to open the website that you want to start with Affiliate Marketing. If you have to start at, you can go to its website at https: Go to // and as soon as you open it, you get some sort of options.

You have to register yourself by clicking on Now Now for free when you click here to fill out a form where you have to fill all your details like your name, your full address, PAN card number, your website or blog or YouTube channel link after submitting all this information after submitting, after which your application is approved, after which you have to open its website and as soon as you search for a product then you can see the option of "Get Link.

If you click on Get LInk you can get the link of the Product.

Post link at your Blogger layout section where you want to show it either on the right sidebar or footer or anywhere. This is HTML code So you have select add Widger and then HTML .and then paste it. If you have any doubt, Please ask in the comment box. I will clear all things. and will write another blog on it.

And from here, you have to link that link, and as soon as someone opens your link and buys something from it, you get commissioned.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can comment. It will motivate me to write the best blog. My main aim is to clear your doubts if it being possible then its an honor for me.


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