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My Blog |Holi Celebration 2019| How I celebrate Holi |Why Holi celebrated

My blog: How I celebrate Holi
My Blog |Holi Celebration 2019| How I celebrate Holi |Why Holi celebrated

First of all, the numerous congratulations and wishes of Holi on behalf of me, to all the readers of my countrymen and to every Indian settled in any corner of the world. For all of you, this festival of Holi is very auspicious and only happiness brings joy in your life.

A heart of exciting races in our hearts as soon as we hear the Holy Word. From social media to house housewives, children, old people all fall in the color of happiness. In order to celebrate holi with any happiness, so many different colorful events are organized.

Why Holi Celebrated every year

My Blog |Holi Celebration 2019| How I celebrate Holi |Why Holi celebrated

If seen carefully, then thought, it is a very festive festival which removes hostility and relates to the brotherhood in people. With some moment of a busy life, we get rid of giving happiness and fills life with a unique enchantment. However, all the festivals celebrate human life, but the specialty and significance of the festival of Holi increases further, because on this day God himself told this world that to destroy the wicked and to protect his devotee They can also descend on the earth and can bear any form. It is well known that when Holika entered the fire about Prahlad, Holika's combustion was done but God saved Prahalad. Because Prahlad was a child and Lord Vishnu was the exclusive devotee. Holika had a boon that she would not burn in the fire anymore, so she sat about Prahlad in the fire about the bad intention of ending Prahalad. But God protected the Prahlad. Because he was an innocent devotee and his boon was also unsuccessful because Holika's evil was bad. This is what God has taught, that the result of bad karma is always bad and in this way, burning Holika and putting the example of evil in front of this world, on the day of Holi. All this happened due to ancient times and reasons for celebrating Holi.

 How we celebrated Holi | nature of festivals 

But today modernity and science have changed the nature of festivals. Holi is not played with the colors made of tesu flowers. Now in one color, so many chemicals are inserted that they are running away from all the colors. Many people play Holi with strange and strange things, which put a lot of sorrow to the people, which is totally unfair.

If you have to play Holi today, you can still play Holi very peaceful, you can celebrate Holi, playing eco-friendly holi. This will not lead to misuse of water nor will you fear the skin disease due to the colors of chemicals. By adding unsolicited things in Holika Combustion, timber will not be required and we will not need to cut trees so we will not be the reason for global warming.

The biggest reason
Happy Holi

The biggest reason is to celebrate this Holi, instead of mutual refraining, to save your relationships with love, always adopt it... The love between the neighbor and the neighbor, the brother or the sister of the brother, the father or the friend of a friend. Make every relationship of life stronger by this festival and get peace of mind.> Because there is love, affection, there is a solution to many problems in itself. This life is short for love and affection. So why do we lose precious precious moments of life, in vain with viciousness?

How I celebrate Holi?

1)Holi in My Office | Holi celebration with my Best Friend "Amar Kumar Sharma"..

Holi celebration with my best friend

To my point of view, we are living in a modern age where we all are very busy in our life, we have no time to celebrate anything. We are busy in our job life, some are busy in their studies. Some are away from their family. But I think apart from all that we should find some time for our family, friends, and everyone. Then we can enjoy our life. So friends if you are away from your family, come to your home, meet your parents, family, and friends and celebrate it happily. Just forget one day of your busy life and find it because it will never come.

Happy Holi to all of you. Let's meet in my next Blog.

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