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Why Jobs have become very less for Btech Engineering Students

Why Jobs have become very less for Btech Engineering Students?

I am also a mechanical engineer and can be giving some good advice as a mechanical engineer.

In our country, many engineers come out of the college every year, they also have more mechanical statistics. And due to the education of so many engineers, the quality of education has changed greatly. I do not think any student leaving IIT, NIT and some Tier 1 colleges is not getting good jobs.

Not to expect more salary:-
1.First of all, I would like to tell you not to expect more salary than being a fresher student, because people with experience in the industry are taken first.

If you look at your "area of ​​interest" first, you are most interested in a large field like mechanical, like design, quality control, production and then get a good knowledge in the same field. You will not get any direct job before you know about the industry. You must first work on intern ship or trainee engineer post.

Apply to the company without any salary for the internship, before you learn something there, then with that experience you will get good post-job jobs.

Government jobs are getting vaccinated

2.Now all the government jobs are getting vaccinated. Do some good studies before removing some time, be sure to target yourself. Study 1-2 months and then take the exam. Better to stay unemployed, start the presentation.

There has been a notice for the junior engineer post of Railway. Read from now, everything will be done in 2 months.
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