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Why did I choose engineering?

Why did I choose engineering?

I did not choose

At that time, right from the house-to-house, I dared to walk on a different path and chose the Photography.

And today I am proud of my decision.

Choosing Photography through the family of engineers, insulting to householders, and less challenging for me was not less.

There was a flood of questions like that.

                                           (Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay )

"Did the rank get better?"

"Why not take the core branch?"

"What is the problem in civil?"

"Why did you drop a year when this was to happen?"

"What will everybody say?"

Then I was silent, but today when I see the twist, these questions laugh at me.

The courage that I showed at that time, he opened a door for all the children after me.

To make something new and something different.

After all, rebellion is not so bad!

Now I am going to tell you why did my friends choose Engineering . I just want to justify that each and everyone have different thoughts but I am sure that you would be agree with me . You can also post below about your point of view. As per my friend :-

In the absence of knowledge.

When the result of tenth comes, you can say that as much as I had not thought, I had performed well. In fact, during the school days, I used to get the number lying between seventy seventy five seventy-five. I never needed to work harder at school and I was lazy, I was lazy.

When the 10th came, the people around him gave a lot of hints that if they did not bring a good number, then no one would know what kind of calamity would come. So I brought the good number

Now the good numbers came in all but I was interested in more arts or humanities. Who was thrown out of the window immediately saying discarded So now the choice of JEE or NEET in hand. Biology was not so good, so I chose JEE. No one has even introduced me from commerce, mine.

Even before the board examinations, JEE and NEET coaching used to revolve around my school and often used to sit in the auditorium to listen to their speech where they used to pull the praise of the quality of their coaching classes. So, it came to know about JEE, then a friend said that Phalke Coaching is the best in Nagpur, so I gave him his entrance exam. There they chose one of five students, I was chosen but left all my friends.

It was then decided that I would do engineering. When JEE did not feel ready at the time of preparation, then for some time I played a Victim Card that forcefully pushed me here.

Then it came to understand that if you have sat in the boat then you have to do it on the river, whether it is cry or laugh.

So overall I chose engineering because nobody told me what could be done.

So Dear readers and my dear friends , never choose anything that you didn't want . Choose only when if you want . Always try to complete your dream first .Never think about others . One day if you will achieve your goal each and everyone will be happy.

Thanks , see you in my next blog   

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