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How does a girl Accept Challenges | A True Story of a Girl


Once upon a time,there was a boy and a girl. Who were deeply in love with each other. New love, New relationship……
She was feeling like an angel girl. We heard a story in childhood that a prince would come and take her. Earlier, that boy used to give a lot of value to that girl. But gradually work and tentions of the future replaced that girl. It was not that the boy was in the affair of some other girl, but he was so busy in work. Therefore, he wanted to but did not give time.

We know that girls often take to heart in such types of situations. Because of which more and more relationships are broken. But sometimes there are some things that should be left on the mind, rather than thinking from the heart. And the girl did the same.

    “ Do u think it was easy for her to take this decision?” Not at all easy, but she listened to his mind by keeping his heart on one side. And anyway, what would she get by listening to his heart, like everyone else, his heart would also be broken and the relationship would end. 

    The girl was very sad because what she thought about his love life was not happening. Some days there was a lot of fighting between the two. But then slowly the girl understood that nothing is going to be achieved by fighting. Then she thought that if he changed then why should i not change myself. “It is often heard that the heart is made to break only”. So that girl decided that she has to prove this statement wrong, and she changed herself according to the boy. So see now their life is going well and both are happy.Just like that some challenges makes your life “GOOD or BAD
Now I think that I am the happiest girl of this world . I am proud of my decision. 

I am waiting for your reply . Please comment below. Was my decision right or wrong?

See you in my next blog.............
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