21+ best Summer health tips|Do or not do during summer?

Best Summer health tips : As you Summer is on peak and everyone is trouble how to control sweetness,some issues on health,diet according to generations. Lets start the topics and know about what are the Summer health tips for children’s, females and for everyone.

Summer health tips
Summer health tips

Tips for caring our Skin during summer | Summer health tips

As you Know skin is the most delicate organ of the body. Different skin required different care. Lets see some steps.

  1. Hydration:- Hydration is the most important key during the summer because during summer body looses lots of water in the amount of sweetness. So drink plenty of water as much as required because its flush out the toxins and make your skin youthful and refreshing additional you can also add coconut water also.
  2. Sunscreen:-  Applying Sunscreen is the most essential part during the summers because its protect the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun which damage your skin which cause wrinkles,sunburn,skin cancer,premature aging,fine lines. At the end of the topic i give you link of some best sunscreen.
  3. Cold Water Showers:- In summers always prefer to take cold showers because its cool down your body heat and make you refresh.
  4. Sleep:- Sleep also play important rule in summers. In summers days are long and in afternoon try to take nap it also helps to prevent the skin aging and make your skin youthful.
  5. Eye area:- Eye area also an delicate organs of yours body and whenever you stepping out the home never forget to wear sunglasses its protects to from harmful ultraviolet rays. You can also apply eye cream also.
Summer skin care tips, summer health tips
Summer skin care tips|Summer health tips

At the end of the post i give you link of best eye cream also.

You can also add some home remedies for skin also . You can take it as Summer health tips

Home Remedies during Summer

  • Egg White Mask:- Just add teaspoon of orange juice and pinch of turmeric in egg white and apply for face and let them dry for 10 minutes. This mask is best for rashes.

Apart from these there are some fruits which are must taken during the summers lets us check which these fruits are:-

Foods Which Are Taken during summer

  • Watermelon:- This fruit is full of antioxidants and it act like an inner air conditioner must have this fruit in summer.
  • Cucumber:- This comes with full of fibers and also hydration power by consuming it you can easily maintain your body heat. Just take in Salad form or mix with curd like Raita form you can also take it in Refreshing drink form.
  • Bitter Gourd:- This food is sour in nature but its comes with Vitamins A,K,C,B2,B3 and magnesium which strengths immune system reduced blood sugar levels and aids in constipation its also clean the blood also.
  • Coconut Water:- This Water is just miracle when its comes with to cure the cancer fighting and anti ageing issues its comes with full of electrolytes and some essential minerals which replenishes all the nutrients which your body looses after sweating.
  • Sugarcane juice:- Its just a favorite juice of many in summers its loaded with full of vitamins which helps you fight against the heat.
  • Lemon:- It is good source for detoxifying and also build the immunity but its also have a cooling effect just put some slices in regular water then drink it. Its really work.
  • Radish:- This fruits is loaded with full of water content and vitamin C, antioxidant which helps to lower the body heat its also have a anti-inflammatory properties which is also useful for fighting against the heat strokes.
  • Butter milk:- In Hindi its called a chhach its a good source of probiotics, Minerals and Vitamins which may be loose due to excessive sweating.
  • Fenugreek Seeds:- It is best way to low down the body heat just have a raw.
  • Bottle gourd:- It has 96% of water content its also aids in treating diarrhea and constipation.
  • Curd:- It’s also help to cure the body heat and have probiotics agent which is good for stomach also you have take in simple form or add fruits to enhance the taste.

Now lets check some summer health tips according to the generations.

Summer Health Tips For Children’s

Summer Month is mostly favorite for children’s because during this month vacations is going on but apart of these we care some safety. Lets check

  • Hydration:- If you want that your children’s don’t fall sick then keep them hydrated money parents have an issue about that their children’s don’t drink water no problem just give them coconut water,lemon water,sugar cane juice,watermelon their taste also good and your children’s also like to drink.
  • Skin Protection:- Skin protection is the major issues during the summers.Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher whenever your child is step out from your home. And avoid outdoor activities during the peak sunshine.
  • Avoid Bug Bites:- Summer is a time when many bugs,insects are come outside which harm to skin while they bites to avoid bug bites just apply insect repellent before steeping out the children’s from the home.
  • Playground Safety:-  Playground Safety is also major safety content for your children’s in research its found that playground-related injuries account for more than 200,000. Always supervise your children’s while they are playing  and also give right play equipment’s for your child’s age and skills. 
  • Prevent From Drowning:- Many parents choose swimming to cool down the summer heat. But apart of these take care of the drowning also because its take seconds for drowning to happen give them right equipment so that these miss happening is not occur.

Summer Health Tips for Females|Summer health tips

Summer is counted in the most beautiful season. Lets check how female should take care of herself.

  • Hydration:- Hydration is the most important factor in every age groups. Like you feel thirsty your skin also feel thirsty which result that your skin become radiant and need a water so try to drink at least 8 glass of water.
  • Hygiene:- Hygiene is also consider important during the summers. Well food poisoning is common during the summers. Always insure practice of eating hygiene and freshness of food which you eat avoid to eat on streets always prefer to eat home made foods.
  •  Include Seasonal Fruits/Vegetables:- During summer include more fresh fruits and vegetables its help to strength the body and fights the heat its better to eat raw its also protects against the diseases.Summer is that season which catch the infection easily.
  • Including Cooling Foods:- Eat more cooling foods which helps to protect from the body heat.some foods which you add in your diet like yogurt,citrus,melon,cucumber,mint,coconut water,onions,fennel’s,Sesame.
  • Include Fresh Juice over Cold drinks:- Summer is that month which we feels more thirsty and we choose ready made sugary drinks and make unhealthy because its contains the unsaturated sugars which is not good for health. Always prefer to drink fresh juices like coconut water,butter milk, is a best substrate of water. 

Summer Health Tips For Senior Citizens

Well summers is favorite for many others but for seniors the heat become dangerous if it is not protected and take care in right ways.

  • Protect Your Eyes:- Well Vision loss can be issues for many senior citizens and even so much of sun exposure which irritates the eyes which cause the damage wear sunglasses to protects from harmful UV rays.
  • Bug Spray:- Well seniors are prone to West Nile Virus and encephalitis if you are living in those areas which have lots of mosquitoes than chances of West Nile Virus are more chances to have than apply mosquito repellent which helps to reduce the getting bit by mosquito which carry the the virus.
  • Try To Keep Yourself Cool:- During Summer its become a major issues to keep your body cool in research its found that even small increase of heat increase in temperature shorten the life expectancy who are prone to chronic diseases. So keep yourself cool by siting in cooling temperature eat those foods which their temperature are cool in nature.
  • Apply Sunscreen and Wear Hat:- Applying sunscreen is not only recommended to youth its also recommend to senors citizens also their skin become more sensitive during this age.
  • Risk of Hypothermia:- Well Hypothermia occurs due to rise of high temperature their are some warning signs of this also.
  • Heavy Breathing.
  • Nausea.
  • Headache.
  • Fainting.
  • Dry skin.
  • Panting.
  • Make Summer Kit Handy:- It is highly advisable to make summer kits ready in case of Emergency in this kit its include items like this.:- Hand Fan,Water Bottle,Cap,Sunglasses,Folding Umbrella,Hand Towel,Hand Stanization, ORS(Oral re hydration solution).,Glucose.

There are some fabrics also which should wear and some of them avoided lets check about Summer health tips:-

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Summer health tips

Summer Suncream and eye cream, Summer health tips
Summer health tips

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Summer health tips

Fabrics Wear |Summer health tips

  • Cotton:-Cotton is known as the natural fiber which allows air to be pass easily.A good quality of cotton also absorbs the moisture which comes in variety of styles and colors.
  • Chambray:- Many of us don’t heard about this fabric well this come in plain weave fabric its a lightweight,breathable.
  • Linen:- Linen is loose woven fabric which allows heat to doesn’t pass to your body its absorbs moisture and dry quickly. However it wrinkle quickly so take care of this fabric little bit.

Fabrics to be avoided during summer

  • Rayon:- It known as man-made fabric which blended from cotton,wooden pulp and other natural synthetic fibers.Its known as sticky which stick your body easily.
  • Denim:- Many of us shocked by reading this ye my friends denim is not a summer friendly denim is known as a durable,heavyweight fabric this means its not breathable and not stretchy.By wearing denim its increase bum sweetness,chaffing and increased overall sweating.
  • Polyester:-  Well Polyester is also not counted in summer friendly fabrics wearing polyester means to tapped in a vacuum of your own sweat all day. It is also plays

CONCLUSION:- Summer is counted in vacations month. If you want that your vacations go memorable so try to keep yourself healthy,hygiene. I hope you might have been liked this article Summer health tips.

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