31+ Interesting Facts about Germany /History of germany

Today I’m here to discuss the some interesting facts about Germany. So without any delay let’s start today topic.Germany Became the Independent on 1871. The currency of Germany was Euro. Lets discuss about “31+ Interesting Facts about Germany /germany history /places to visit in germany”.

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Interesting Facts about Germany

  • Well German is the official language of five countries which are Germany,Switzerland,Luxembourg,Austria and Liechtenstein.
  • Germany is also known as the third toughest language.
  • The Capital of Germany known as the Berlin is a nine times larger than a Paris.
  • Well before Berlin there are five others German Capitals Including Bonn,Frankfurt-am-main,Aachen,Nuremberg,Regensburg.
  • Well one-third of Germany is powered by Renewable Energy like windmills,Solar Panels.
  • Well Germany has more than 26 letters.It also said in Germany pronunciation of these extra letters a,o,u and b doesn’t exist in the English language.
  • Now see Germany Geography.
  • Germany Geography.
  • It was said that one third Germany is still forested.
  • The World largest Berlin Zoology garden is situated there with approx 84 acres and 1,500 species of animals and also have 700 zoological gardens by with wildlife parks,Aquarium, and animal reserves.
  • Germany is denoted with over 20,000 castles.There are at least 100 years old.Most of the castles were turned into hotels,museums and even cultural art centers for people to enjoy.
  • German Superstitious
  • In German the citizens of German feel bad luck to celebrate their Birthdays earlier.
  • Germans also believe that open windows cause the illness like flu.Even the windows panes always remain shut in the most pleasant and beautiful weather.
  • Germans also believed that knocking on Oak brings good luck because they believe that ghost never touch the holy wood.

German Law

  • Germany is the only country where there is no punishment for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail because they believe that we have rights to live the life in free.
  • Well in German their is law that moving your lawn or fixing in Sunday afternoon.Because they believe that Sunday is meant for relaxing day.Even grocers shops also remain shut on Sunday.
  • In Germany your vehicles tank remained full because it is illegal to run out of fuel on Highways.

German Inventions

  • The first magazines was invented in German in 1663. Which was named was Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen.
  • Even the first Christmas Tree was developed in Germany during the Renaissance period.It was wrapped in illumination lights,well Christmas tree decorated with apples,nuts and other foods..
  • In research its says that during world War 2nd its difficult to import the coca cola so German invented orange sweetness which was called Fanta.

German Foods

  • Butterkase (Is denoted with German Semi-soft cheese made with cows milk.)
  • Toast Hawai(Traditionally German Toast Hawaii is a modern German Classic).
  • Engelsaugen(This food are special served in their Christmas festival.It is generally filled red currant jam).
  • Springerle(Known as little knight or little jumper generally a biscuits made up of wheat flour,eggs and powered sugar).
  • Grunkohl
  • Gansebraten
  • Bierchinken Wurst.
  • Gefilte Fish.
  • Pellkartoffeln.
  • Kassler
  • Eierkuchen(German Pancakes made by combining eggs,flour,milk,butter,baking powder,sugar and salt).
  • Knipp(It is German Sausage with with beef,oats,salt,peeper and various herbs).
  • Altbier(Meaning Old beer).
  • Underberg
  • Dampfnudeln
  • Buletten
  • Beinenstich.
  • Fischbotchen(Is a sandwich consumed by Northern Germany which was made up of fish and other varientes like pickles,onions,lettuce).

DO’s and DON’T followed by German

Apart of these they are some DO’s and DON’T which German had to followed let us discuss.

  • Always show that you are open minded.
  • Shake hands.
  • Always wear subded colour and try to simple and classy.
  • Be Punctual means arrive 5 minutes before the meeting.
  • Talk to Germans only in German language.
  • Always carry with you small change and cash with you.It is need to use in public restroom.
  • Remove shoes after entering a house.
  • Always conversations with them about life,future,philosophy they appreciate your views and intellect .They don’t like idle talk.


  • Don’t waste other peoples time.
  • In case if you are late don’t be blame on public transport.
  • Even don’t wear something which has German flag on it.
  • Avoid to be loud in public place.
  • Avoid to be burp even don’t eat your foods with your fingers.
  • Don’t sit in the seats of handicapped.
  • Avoid to don’t ignore rules and regulations of any kind.
  • Avoid to stand in front of the exists.
  • Avoid to buy your friends kids toy gun’s or any other form of military toys.
  • Do not make Nazis salute if you do it sentenced put behinds the bars.
  • Don’t ask about Hitler,the Nazis or ww2 until you are close to that person

In the above para these are some do and don’t which you have to follow as the citizen of the Germany.Now lets check some favorite tourist destination.

Places to visit in Germany/places in Germany/cities in germany

Well German counted in the most beautiful country in the world you may find Roman Ruins,Medieval villages and new cities.Its become tough to choose which first city to be go.


  • Nuremberg
  • Schwinger
  • Wiemar
  • Leipzig
  • Bonn
  • Trier
  • lube ck
  • Fredericksburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Dresden
  • The island of Ru gen.
  • St.Michel church
  • The Black Forest.
  • Lindau.
  • Heidi Park Resort.
  • The Berlin Wall.
  • Museum Island

Explanation about Cities in Germany

Now in brief know about these cities.

  • Brandenburg Gate:- It was in Berlin build in 1791.Its makes Amazing backdrop for pictures.
  • Museum Place:- It is most among the favorite destinations to travel.Situated in Berlin.Time to visit was from 10 A.M.to 6 P.M. And entry fees was 1,400 per person.
  • The Berlin Wall:- This place is famous among the tourist. Covered the wall with beautiful graftii situated in Berlin.
  • The Black Forest:- It is known as the most incredible place to visit in Germany.It has a densly wooded hill.It was grat place to enjoy panoramic views ,skiing,trekking.It was situated in Baden.
  • Zugspitze Massif:- Best place to enjoy Germany natural beauty.It was about 2,950 metres about sea level best capture of panorama views of German Landscape.You can also book train tickets and cable car rides also.It was situated in Zugspitze and timing was 8:15 A.M. to 4:15 P.M. and tickets was approx 4,600.
  • The Island Of Rugen:-Denoted with most beautiful Island of Germany.The beauty of island is hills,forests,sandy beaches and lagoons.It was situated in Rugen.
  • Berlin Zoology Garden:- It is the best places to visit this place with your children’s and known as the most old zoo in Germany.Covering an area around 86.5 acres.It was situated in Berlin. Timing was 9 A.M.to 6 P.M..Entry fees was 1170.
  • Gendenmenmarket:- Best place to visit in Germany specially in Christmas month.It is known as the three magnificant building:-German and French Catherdals and Schindler’s Konzerthaus. It was situated in Berlin and timing of open was 11 A.M. to 10 P.M.
  • Heide Park Resort:-Amazing place to visit.Its a huge theme park by covering an area of around 210 acres.It has more thrilling rides best place to visit with your family.It was situated in Sol tau. Timing of open is 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and entry fees was approx 2700.

Why Germany demand for Education?

Now lets check what Germany Demand for Education.


In research it found that German education is excellent education and also have a significant number of foreigners study at German Universities.Well Germany also has a very good reputation in Vocational course. It was said that over 99% of Germans aged 15 and above are estimate to able to read and write.

The German Preschool known as the kindergarten.Children’s between the age of 2 to 6 years are attend the Kindergarten.Apart of these kindergarten is well run by city or churches,registered cities.The opening time of kindergarten was run by 7 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Well learning foreign lanauge is compulsory throughout the Germany in secondary schools and English also one of the popular choices.Schools of Germany don’t have their radio stations or TV channels.Exams are usually conducted in Essay rather than multiple choices.In Research it found that after the end of World War 2nd the number of Young peoples entering the universities are triple than Germany discuss some universities which are notable.


  • LMU Munich
  • University of Bonn
  • Free University of Berlin
  • Ulm University.
  • University of Hamburg.
  • TU Dresden.
  • University of Munster.
  • University of Kiel.
  • University of Potsdam.
  • University of Bremen.
  • Ilmenau University of Technology.
  • TU Braunschweigh.
  • University of Wuppertal.
  • Jacobs University.


In research it found that German is found of different hobbies like boating,Skating icing,cycling,writting,playing instruments,singing and so on..but soccer is played by most and favorite game also. Well there are top games which are are notable let us discuss which are these:-


  2. GOLF.
  5. FORMULA 1
  10. BOXING

Apart of these there are some things which are must buy if you got chance to visit Germany.



Well there are some things which German is know for let us check which are these:-

  • Meta Jokes
  • Getting Down
  • Weekend Walks
  • Castles
  • Moving Everything
  • Baking Bread
  • Taking clothes off  in Public
  • Aquatic life

CONCLUSION:- Well touring is the best option is just calm and make memorable.

I hope you like my today content.


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