31+ Natural Way To Stop Smoking/no smoking/quit smoking

Today I’m here to discuss some health issue which is how to stop smoking. So without any delay lets start our today topic”31+ Natural Way To Stop Smoking|no smoking|quit smoking “.As we know Smoking become most dangerous its ruined most of the family. Apart from that we will discuss on nicotine patch,varenicline,stop smoking,smoking cessation,smok nord kit,smokers lungs,world no tobacco day,chain smoker,passive smoking,world tobacco day etc.

31+ Natural Way To Stop Smoking/no smoking/quit smoking

How can we control to stop smoking

Lets check how we control to stop smoking:-

  • Remind Yourself:- Always remind yourself why you are quitting a cigarette example always think if you do smoking your family may be ruined you prone to heath disease,lung cancer. Buying cheap cigarette in future give you lacks of money payable by you.
  • Distract Yourself:- If you have craving of smoking just distract yourself.By engaging yourself like playing outdoor games or chew elachii or any other mouth freshener.
  • Ditch To those places where Smoking is permitted:- Always choose to those places where smokers is not allowed like Public Building,Mall etc. Its minimize to having habit of smoking.
  • Keep Yourself Busy:-Try to keep yourself busy like listen to music,read books,dance and do aerobics which helps to minimize the craving of smoking.
  • Brush Your Teeth:- In Research it found if you brush the nicotine which are adhesives in your teeth its flush down and your breath become fresh.
  • Drink Plenty Of fresh:- In Research its found that if you drink water its slow down your craving and help to hydrated yourself apart of that its also a minimize the the symptoms of nicotine withdraw.
  • Try substitute Things:- Keep a things around yourself because whenever you have craving just eat those substitute things like gum,sunflower seeds,mints etc.
  • Engaging Yourself in Breathing:- Take a deep breath whenever you feel a craving just engage yourself in inhaling and exhaling its become powerful tool to overcome of craving.

Who is called Chain Smoker?

Well Chain Smoker is the practice of Smoking a cigarettes in several times.Well in Research its found that chain smoker smoke a cigarettes 25 in a day.There are some few who was chain smoking with drinking Alcohol is more dangerous because its gets a abundant nicotine which may further prone to several harmful diseases. And even death without any alarming to our body.

list of Quit Smoking Products

  • Nicotine Replacement Products:-options available like gum,patches,Spray and Inhaler.well before taking this consult your doctor.
  • Nicotine patch:- This is small adhesive patch that releases a small sread amount of nicotine into your body through your skin.Its apply on hairless of skin between your waist and neck.

Pros and Cons of Quit Smoking Products


  • Easy to Use.
  • Available in various dosages.
  • Also can be combined with another quit smoking aids.
  • Its control nicotine craving and withdraw within 24 hours.


  • Must replaced after 24 hours.
  • It can cause insomnia and vvid dreams.
  • It can also cause rash,Skin itching,irritation where its applied.

Nicotine Gum : Quit smoking products

Its contains a small amount of Nicotine which enters your body and absorb through the lining of yours mouth.

PROS of Nicotine Gum : Quit smoking products

  • Can be used with another quit smoking aids.
  • Control nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Available without prescriptions.

CONS of Nicotine Gum : Quit smoking products

  • Stick or damage Dental.
  • Cause Heartburn,Hiccups,Jaw soreness,nausea or mouth irritation.

Verenicline : Quit smoking product

Is a prescription Medicine which can help to reduce the craving of Tobacco and control nicotine withdrawal symptoms.Its also block nicotine receptors in your brain which decrease the having of smoking.Well its take a several days to reach in blood.

PROS of Verenicline

  • Can be used with another quit smoking aids.
  • It is available in pill,so its easy to use.

CONS of Verenicline

  • Taken twice a day.
  • Available only by precption.
  • It may cause nausea,insomnia,strange dreams.
  • It also change the mood and behavior also.

Nicotine Inhaler : quit smoking product

Is a device which gives a small amount of nicotine.Well nicotine is released from the cartridge inside the inhaler.Its enter in your blood when its absorbed through the lining of yours mouth and throat.

Pros of Nicotine Inhaler

  • Its keep your hands always busy.
  • It control craving of nicotine and withdrawal.
  • Can be used with another quit smoking aids.

Cons of Nicotine Inhaler

  • Cause Moth and Throat Irritation.
  • It is available only by Prescription.
  • Not a good choice if you have breathing problems like Asthma.
  • Do repeatedly throughout the day to control the craving.

Nicotine Lozenge : quit smoking product

It’s available in tablets which contain small amount of nicotine.Place in your gum line and cheeks and now sucks its slowly,which allows its to dissolve.Its enter in your bloodstream which absorbs through the lining of your mouth.

PROS of Nicotine Lozenge

  • Its available without a prescription.
  • Its Doesn’t require chewing and even don’t stuck to Dental.
  • Its control sudden craving of nicotine and also withdrawal symptoms.
  • It can be used with another quit smoking aids.

CONS of Nicotine Lozenge

  • It cause hiccups,mouth irritation,nausea,and heartburn.
  • It’s used repeatedly to control the nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms.

Bupripion : stop smoking product

Is a prescription medicine is effective way to stop smoking.Well its take several days to achieve effective level in blood.

PROS of Bupripion : stop smoking product

  • It also reduce the weight gain which may seen result after quitting the cigarettes.
  • It is available in pill which is relatively easy to use.
  • It can be used with another quit smoking aids.

CONS of Bupripion : stop smoking product

  • It can be taken twice a day.
  • Available only by prescription.
  • It may cause headache,mouth irritation and insomnia.
  • Not recommended if you have seizures.

Nicotine Nasal Spray : stop smoking product

Its deliver into your nostrils that contain a small amount of dosage of nicotine.Its enter in your body by being absorbed through the lining of your nostrils.

PROS of Nicotine Nasal Spray : stop smoking product

  • Works faster as compared to other nicotine replacement products.
  • Its control sudden craving of nicotine and withdrawal symptoms.
  • It can be used with other combination of quit smoking aids.

CONS of Nicotine Nasal Spray : stop smoking product

  • Not recommended to use if you have nasal or sinus condition.
  • Its causes Watering eyes,sneezing,coughing,throat irritation.
  • Its available only by prescription.
  • Its use repeatedly throughout the day to control the craving or withdrawal symptoms.

Alternatives Therapies of stop/quit smoking

There are alternative therapies with the help of you minimize the craving of smoking lets check.

  • Electronic Cigarette:-Its designed to give experience like smoking but without smoking.They don’t burn tobacco.Even some reports suggest that they might be useful for quitting a cigarette.
  • Laser Therapy and Acupuncture:-Its believe that laser therapy and Acupuncture stimulates your body which make chemicals endoprhins which decrease the nicotine craving. But still not proved its worked properly or not.
  • Cold Turkey:- It is a method of quiting without any help.But studies show that 97% of cold turkey quit attempts fails in six months.
  • Qutting Tobacco with Hyponisis:-Its uses suggestion to change behavior. But in research its suggest that hyponsis doesn’t help to quit.

Harmful Disease due to smoking

If you have a habit of smoking just think because in future you prone to dangerous diseases let us discuss which are these.

  • Digestive System:-Well if you smoke its increase the risk of throat,mouth,larynx cancer.Even smoking also effect on insulin which increase the risk of Diabetes 2.
  • Sexuality and Reproductive System:-If you consume nicotine its effects the blood flow to the genetial areas of both man and woman.For Men its decrease the sexual performance and for women its result sexual dissatisfaction by decreasing lubricants and ability to reach organism.Smoking also decrease sex hormones level in both men and women.Its possibility to lead to decrease sexual desire.
  • Skin,Hairs,Nails changes:- If you smoke its also change the texture of your skin.In Research its found that smoking increase the risk of squamos cell carcinoma(skin cancer).
  • Lines and Wrinles Around the Lips:-Smoking damage to elastin in the skin if you smoke its also developed a wrinkles around the mouth.Its also lead to the early aging around the mouth.
  • Damaged Gum and Teeth:-Smoking makes your teeth yellow and also prone to overall dental problems like tooth loss,bad breath.
  • Hair Loss:-Smoking also effects to your hairs and also makes your hair thinning. And make baldness.
  • Brittles Bones:- Many of shocked by knowing that smoking also lead to brittle bones.It increase the risk of osteoporsis or fractures and also hunchback may developed.
  • Early Menopause:-In Research it founds that women’s who smoke they slightly reach to early menopause as compared to non-smokers women’s.
  • Oral Cancer:-Those who smoke are prone to oral cancer.Usually oral cancer occurs a sore inside the month that won’t go away.But quitting smoke its lowers oral cancer.
  • Lung Cancer:-Well in 10th of 9th of deaths occurs due to lungs cancer.Smoking causes other lungs probelms like emphysema.
  • Hearth Disease:-Smoking Raises blood pressure which makes blood more likely to clot which the risk of heart attack dramatically increased.
  • Pysoriasis:-Smokers also prone to the Pyrosis it is uncomfortable skin issue.Well it is thick,scaly skin patches that are most commonly seen around the scalps,hands,elbows,back or feet.
  • Cataracts:-Is an opaque area on the lens of the eye that interfare with vision.Treatment is required is surgery.
  • Stained Nails and Fingers:-Tobacco also leads to stained your Nails and Fingers.But its fades away if you stop smoking.
  • Sagging Arms and Breasts:-Well smoking effects your skin .Its damage to elastin fibers which may cause sagging and dropping which include breasts and upper arms.

Well apart of these in 2004 Bhutan became the first nation in the world to sale the tobacco and smoking in their public places.

There are some countries which banned smoking lets check:-

Countries who banned Smoking

  • Toronoto
  • Costa Rica:-In 2012 Costa Richa banned.
  • Colombia:-In 2009 Colombia banned.
  • Malaysia:-Malasyia also banned in june 10.
  • Uruguay:-In March 2004 to banned.Its become first Latin America to banned.

World Tobacco Day

Well world tobacco day was celebrated on 31st May 2020.Well in 1987 WHO passed a resolution on 7th April to be a “World No Smoking”.Well objective of this day to urge tobacco users Worldwide. Apart of these WHO also gives Award to the individuals who make contribution to reduce the tobacco .

Its gives awards in 6 different region(Americans,Africa,Europe,South East Asia,East Mediterranean and Western Pacific). The Theme of World Tobacco Day this year was:-“Protecting Youth from industry manipulation and prevention them from tobacco and nicotine use.)

NOTE:-If we Check the Worldwide average is 183 cigarettes per year per person above 14 years.

CONCLUSION:- Well its hard to leave smoking.But alt east you try and talk your doctor. And always motivate that one day you ditch to smoking.

I hope today my article is useful to us.

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