Kerala : 41+ Interesting facts about Kerala/കേരളം

Interesting facts about Kerala കേരളം is known as the India state tropical Malabar Coast.Its capital was Thiruvananthapuram.Here we will discuss about so many interesting facts of Kerala . We will discuss about “munnar, kochi, wayanad, palakkad, kozhikode, ernakulam, kollam, kannur, cochin, vagamon ,thrissur, alleppey, alappuzha, varkala, kottayam, malappuram, kumarakom, kasaragod, ponmudi, kovalam beach, tourist places in kerala.

Interesting facts about Kerala

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Some interesting facts about Kerala കേരളം

sunrise at kerala beach
  • Very few to Know that Kerala has the highest number of digital banking users and operational bank accounts.
  • Elephant is known as the state animal of Kerala.
  • Kerala is also known as the largest producer of rubber in India.It produces more than 90% of rubber total produced in the country.
  • Kerala is also known as the biggest consumer of gold in India.State consumed 1/5th of country’s gold.
  • Kerala is the state in India which have own bank and hospitals in every village.
  • Well Kerala is named after the vast coconut plantations in the state.”Kera” means coconut tree and “Alam stands for land.Kerala can be named as the land of coconut trees.
  • Kerala is known as the one of the cleanest state of India.
  • Kerala also received a fist rain in our country. Others states received in July but in Kerala monsoon comes in fist week of June.
  • Kerala also has a highest literacy rate in India. It has 93.91% according the census of 2011.
  • Kerala is also Known as the secular sate.People belonging to different religion in harmony and peace.
  • It is also home of herbs and medicinal properties like Ashwanganda,cinnamon,Turmeric,Brahmi,Amalki and Phyllanthus Amarus etc.
  • Kerala is also Known as the least corrupt state in India.About 4% of corruption in public services.
  • Jack fruit is the official Fruit of the state.
  • Kerala is known for Flaura and Fauna.About 5 National Parks and 18 Wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Kerala is known as the first state to include village and penchants.
  • Newspapers in Kerala are found in 9 different regional languages.
  • Kerala become the first state to have homeless citizens.
  • Kerala also have a high life expectant of 75 as compared to other 64 years in the country.
  • Kerala is also known as the first country to operate 4 international Airports which was located in kannaur, Cochin, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram.

Places to visit in Kerala/കേരളം

  • Munnar:- This place is perfect for honeymoon.Best time to visit from October to March.
  • Kumarakom:- It was situated near Vembanand lake.It was denoted with pleasant weather and exotic fl aura and fauna. Best time to visit was September to May.
  • Wayanand:- This place is known as the greenest tourist place in Kerala.It is one of the refreshing forest place to visit in Kerala best time to visit was October To May.
  • Kovalam:- It is one of the romantic beaches.It is famous for New Year Celebrations,Ayurvedic treatments,sunbathing.Best time to visit was September To May.
  • Vegamon:-It is known as the enhancing Hill stations.It is known as the best tourist place.Best time to visit was Early August to May.
  • Bekal:- It is specially known for Bekal Fort.It is also rated best place to visit.Famous mvie like Rang De Basanti.It is Known as the pleasant weather.Best time to Visit was September To May.
  • Kozhikode:- Is also Known as the Calicut and known one of the commericial site of Kerala.It is famous for Historical site,educational institute.Best Time to Visit was September To May.
Interesting facts about Kerala
  • Varkala:- It is Known as the best sea side in Kerala.It is also famous for activities like horse riding,boat riding.Best time to Visit was August To Mid-May.
  • Kannaur:- It is scenic place of Kerala. It has ancient temples,cashews plantations,British and Dutch style building.Best time to visit was October to March.
  • Kasargod:- It is known as the God owning country.Having Coconut Plantations,heritage temples.Best time to Visit was June To November and January to Feburary.
  • Pallakad:-It is denoted with most awesome weather with beautiful dams,lush green forests,majestic temples. Best time to visit was November To March.
  • Flowing 44 rivers in the state which make Agriculture in abundant.

Famous cities of Kerala/Munnar city of Kerala

Well Munnar is a town and hill station located in Iddukki district of the Southwestern India state of Kerala. Munnar is also known as the “Kashmir of South India” and most visited Honeymoon destinations.Well its say that Munnar is mean “Three Rivers” Mudhirapahuza,Nallathanni and Kundaly Rivers.Best time to Visit was September to March because of pleasant weather. Months to be Avoided was July-September because heavy rainfall.

Monsoon Destinations in Kerala/കേരളം

There are some monsoon destinations also lets check these.

  • Thekkady.
  • Ashtamudi Lake.
  • Aithrapally Falls.
  • Alppuzha.
  • Bekal.
  • Fort Kochi.
  • Varkala.
  • Kovalam.
  • Wayanad.
  • Munnar.

Now lets check some best and budget hotels with their amenities.

Budget hotels in Kerela/Kerala

  • Hilliyia Resort:- 998 Rs.
  • Inda Hotel:- 849 Rs. ,Providing free breakfast and WiFi.
  • Zostel:- 903 Rs Providing Free Parking and WiFi.
  • Little Elephant Beach Resort:- 616 Rs.

Signature Dish of Kerala

  • Sadhya:- It is specially made in Onam.
  • Appam:- It is like an Pancake specially made with rice batter.
  • Dosa-Sambar:- It is the famous South Indian food. Must try this dish.
  • Malabar Biryani.
  • Spicy Chicken Fry.
  • Kerala Beef Fry..
  • Prawn Theeyal.
  • Naadan Kozy Curry.
  • Cassava.
  • Mussel Stir Fry.
  • Thaatu Dosa.
  • Payasam:- It is Known as the desert of Kerala.It is sweet and milky in nature. In this added cardamon ,ghee,raisins,cashews 

Culture&Heritage in Kerala/കേരളം

kerala culture and tradition, Interesting facts about Kerala

As you Know Culture&Heritage of Kerala was very rich.Well it is combination of both Indian and Dravidan Culture. Kerala is mostly depend on Agriculture mostly people cultivated coconut, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, paddy,cassavas,cashews,pepper.

Apart from Agriculture they also merged in occupation of fishing and animal husbandary.Kerala is also known as the best for dance culture the state is known for 50 different dance styles. Kathkali and Mohiniyattom are major dance forms of Kerala.Oppana,Theyyam, Krishnannattom are other dance form.

Language in Kerala state / കേരളം

Malayalam is known as mother tongue and its is most spoken by localities.English and Hindi are the other popular lanuages which are spoken there.


Literature of Kerala is also rich. Malayalam is known as the mother tongue to Kerala people.Malayalam is known as the literature of this state also it was found between 13th and 14th centuary.Champus,Sandeshakavyas are example of Malyalam literature.

In Kerala you found “University in Diversity”. Peoples belongs to different religion,communities,races they live together .

Marital Arts

Kalaripayattu is known as the marital art of Kerala. The marital art made Kerala’s name popular all over the world.

Sports in Kerala/Interesting facts about Kerala

Cricket,Football,Volleyball,Badminton is known as the popular sports in Kerala. The state also have international stadium too. It is Trivandrum International stadium. Apart of these Kerala is also Known for Water sports Kayaking, Windsurfing,Canoing are popular water sports.

Adventure in Kerala/Interesting facts about Kerala

Those who love Adventure is good place to them. Water Sports are the most do adventure.Backwater and Beaches of Kerala make you enjoy.paragliding also you see. Apart of these Mountain Climbing,Camping,Trekking also added in adventure of Kerala.

Tourism/Interesting facts about Kerala

Well Tourism of Kerala is like a backbone. Culture and Heritage of Kerala is attracts in India and World too.

Ayurveda/Interesting facts about Kerala

Well Kerala is known as the Ayurveda Hub. In this you”ll found many unsolved treatment of many diseases.Apart of these the climate of Kerala with a high level of Water Vapors in the environment make sustainable.

Cuisine of Kerala State

For Foodies Kerala is like an Heaven.Kerala is known as the “Lord of Species”. All types of species available here so that why the dish was crispy and spicy. Well most of the dishes are prepared with coconut mil and coconut.Fish Curries of Kerala is famous all over the World.

Dressing of Kerala State

Well keralities love tradition attitre speciall in festive season. Women wear sarees and Blouses in ocassion and festivals. Men used to wear “Mundu” is like an Dhuti or Lungi. Well these are religion and traditions dress styles of Keralites. 

Modern Society/Interesting facts about Kerala

Well Kerala is a great influence in modern also. Apart of these Kerala also have a highest litreacy rate all over the India and also have a balanced sex ratio of 1084 women per 1000 men. The state also record the Highest Human Development Index and lowest positive population Growth. All of these state also adopting all new modern-technique in Agriculture Farming too.

Art and Crafts in Keral / Kerela

The Kerala Arts was Unique and  Known best for Crafts Knowledge. The products of Viswakarma community are known best crafts.Teapots,Temple idols,metal statues,metal statues are attracts a lot to the Visitors.

Apart of these Kerala is also known as the God Own country let us know more in Briefly on Interesting facts about Kerala

God Own Country Kerela/Kerala

Well according to Hindu Mythology,Lord Parsuram who was known the Avatar of Lord Vishnu once threw his axe from Kanyakumari towards the North and thus a land arose from the ocean which is known as the Kerala which make country “God’s Own Country” and that is the Interesting facts about Kerala.

Things To Buy in Kerela

  • Jeweler.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Spices.
  • Tea and Coffee.
  • Aroma Oils.
  • Banana Chips.
  • Cashews.
  • Kasavau Mundu Dresses..

CONCLUSION:- Well if you stepping out from your home fist make a mind map which you fist visited its a helps a lot. And try to adopted new things from that sate.

I hope you like my today Topic on Interesting facts about Kerala

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