7 secret tips to grow height

Secret tips to grow your height naturally

Hi friends in this blog we will discuss how to grow our height naturally . I have given 7 secret important tips to grow height.
7 tips to grow your height
Tips to become Tall
In 21st century where lots of disease merging and becoming directly and indirectly part of life and having short highlighted is also mostly found in today generations. In this blog I ma going to give very important top 7 tips that will work for you guys about 7 secret tips to grow height , 7 tips to become tall , tips to become height. We will know about height growth food, diet for height growth and about height growth exercise.
Doctors and scientists suggested that our growth hormone depend on the genes and some the proper diet.

Proper diet should be follow and increase your height



let us discuss which proper diet should be follow. But remember one thing having increasing height is not a miracle its take time.

1) Vitamin -D :- 


Vitamin-d play a crucial role in developing the bones. Having Chuna( calcium-carbonate adding in your diet help to boost up the height. just adding pinch of cc in your curd or curry vegetables. Vitamin-d also present in milk. You can also take supplements of vitamin d to fulfill the requirements of your Vitamin-d.

2) Get proper sleep:-


Having proper sleep also help to increase the height. Average sleep should be 6-8 hours. Because having proper sleep help to repair the tissue.

getting extra sleep increase H G H(human growth hormone)

3) Maintain good posture:-

Doctor suggested that improper height also make your height shorter . Slumping or slouching can effect the height..
If you have problem to maintain the good posture no problem nowadays markets are flooded with magnetic belt just wear it if you slightly slouch just they gave shock & you starting sitting automatically sit straight. Or you just talk to your nearest doctor how to prevent the slouching. you included some exercises also to improve the posture like.
a) cobra pose
b) Warrior pose
c) child pose.

4) Long illness:-

Long illness also determine for being your height shorter. Because long term illness might slow the working of your H G H(Human growth hormone).

5) Remain motivated:-

 Increasing height is not a miracle its take a time so in this we remain motivated.

6) kick to start yoga;-

Doing yoga is not just to boost your height but also keep you more active& mind sharp. Let us discuss which yoga help to improve the height.
a) Surya Namaskar:-
Surya Namaskar also help to increase your height. In general doing this yoga is offering to respect the lord Surya.
b) Tadasana:- This yoga is most popular for increasing the height.
c) Hanging:- Doing this exercise is help to increase the height.
besides doing yoga you may play tennis,basketball,swimming or making habit of doing early morning walk.

7) Remain hydrated:-


Remain hydrated is play a big role in increasing the height just adding 6-8 glasses of water bring out the toxic & bring glow to the face.
let us look what our medical science say about that.
Well doctors said that individuals height depend on their parents. well boys gain height at the age of 21 and doctor probably suggested to not to take pills rather do exercise is the good option.
You can take the help of Ayurveda for increasing the height. While Ayurveda not exist only this technology era its being their from ancient times. Let us look what Ayurveda said for this.


In Ayurveda taking Ashwanganda make help to grow the height its not only increase the height but help to more relax and stress free. If you don’t like the powder you just have the capsule also.
Dosage:- just adding one teaspoon in warm milk before going to bed. its help us to bring good sleep also and decrease your stress level.
But taking this medicine you have to keep in mind that you have to take this in winter because this medicine nature was warm. Or before taking this medicine you just consult the doctor.
Having small height is not bad  i know you think what i’m saying its annoying for you. let us look how its good for us.

 ADVANTAGE of small Height

1) Doctors suggested that being short height likely to live longer.
2) Short height people having less risk of cancer.
3)lime- light of the photograph.
4) Having stronger muscles.

Conclusion of this Blog

Being smaller or taller is not important its just sins of our past which you pay in present time. Having successful life is more consider in your life.

just Eat balanced diet and remain motivated.
Thank YOU!

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