9+ best causes and home remedies for dark circles under eyes

Hello! Everyone today I come back with most sensitive topic on dark circles under eyes. During these busy heretic Schedule we forget to take care of the eyes. And eyes is the most sensitive ,delicate organ of the body.

Eye is work just like the camera captured the image which you visualize. Today through my blog i discussed the most important issues on eye which is under circles how its happens, how to cure and what prevention should be taken which do not suffer again in future. But before start the topic i show the diagram of eye hows the eye look inside.

9+ causes ,home remedies and regular exercise for dark circles under eyes
9+ causes ,home remedies and regular exercise for dark circles under eyes

Now without any delay lets start our topic. Having dark circles is not looking good with your pretty and handsome face. You have heard from many that they are owl night but later on they pay the late night problems. Having dark circles are seen in some genetically. What takes step to minimize the this problem. 

9+ causes of dark circles under eyes

remove eye dark cicles
remove eye dark cicles
  1. ALLEGERIES:-   Allergies most of the time causes the dark circles around the eye and most of the time we don’t aware about that. Symptoms of allergies are redness,puffiness,itching which make your eyes strain and dryness also. Allergies most of the time force the fingers to bring close to the eyes and rub which causes inflammation.broken of the blood vessels which often result to dark shadow beneath your eyes. 
  2. DEHYDRATION:-  Reaming dehydrated is also often caused the dark circles around the eyes because our body also need water to remain hydrated for functioning of organs well. Remain dryness inside the body not only brings the black shadow but also calling the harmful diseases for future. Having Dark circles is just alarming that you don’t kept your body properly. So its seek advice to you to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.
  3. SLEEP:-   Having proper adequate sleep is the most important to cure the dark circles. Sleep is the natural medicine and does not inherited the cost. Just sleeping cure not only dark circles but also other diseases also. I know in this busy schedule its little bit to sleep but at-least try to sleep on time. Best time to sleep is 10 P.M. to 5 A.M. and research suggested that having sleep at-least 8 hours is much sufficient for us to recover the tiredness.
  4.  GENETIC-DISORDER:-  In some cases we saw that having dark circles passes from generation to generation. In this case we are fail to do any think. Just having a single hope to soon get rid of the dark circles. But if you already facing the problem of thyroid then only dark circles seem to be born around the eyes.
  5. SUN EXPOSURE:-  Having huge sun-exposure also lead the developing the dark circles around the eyes to much sun exposure causes the pigmentation in the surrounding skin to be darken. Stop here! We don’t say the boycott the sun light just limit it. From sun-light we get natural Vitamin-d which helps to keep our bones stronger for long-time.
  6. DARK-EYE CREAM:-  Now many of getting shocked using Under dark eye cream also lead to the born the dark shadows around the eyes. Companies are just fooling us and making fooling that their product be absolutely working on fade your dark circles one week or month. Because under eye cream lost our Medellin which are present in our skin. So now before going to purchasing the costly dark-circle cream just think of that. U may go to switch natural products or home-made products which does not cause any problems.
  7. STRAIN EYES:-   Now-a-days its become a tend that sitting on the couch and watching late hours television or just using your laptops for many hours is lead to strain the eyes. Staring causes the blood-vessels to enlarge and occur the dark circles. Now most of the thinking how its possible before using the laptop wear spectacles which are specially made for computer users. or minimize the watching the television.
  8. VITAMINS PROBLEMS:-  Having deficiency problems like vitamins,minerals also causes the dark circles make home around the eyes. having deficiency of Vitamin-A,iron too causes the leading problem of the dark circles. In carrot vitamin-A found in abundant. Using carrot in the form of salad or juice. And Iron found in Spinach,kale etc.
  9. LONG-TERM ILLNESS:-  Long term illness also caused the more often to develop the dark circles make home around the eyes. But after illness you full fill it by vitamins,minerals and easily say by-by to the dark-circles. 
  10. STRESS:-   Having stress also lead to the dark circles so try to minimize the stress as much as you can.
  11. CAFFEINE:-  Drinking lots of coffee also lead the dark circles because coffee contain the caffeine which decrease your sleep hours and make skin thin which lead to dark circles.

In the above you better understand know what the causes of dark circles which lead to come under your eyes. There are some cureness also with the help of these you cure your dark circles which might be become the problem of you. Let us discuss what the cure of this.

9+ home remedies for dark circle under eyes

There are numerous of method available for get rid of dark circles. But some don’t know the right way to use it. No i’m here only to suggest which product is really affected to dark circles so without time wasted lets us start.

  1. MILK:-  Milk has a lighten propartion to fade the dark circles under your eyes. Having just few drops of milk adding along with rose water(Gulab-jal) applying before going to sleep gives a vibrant result withing a week or few months its depend upon your skin. Just don’t loose the hope.
  2. COCONUT-OIL:- Coconut oil also has a magical properties to heal the rid of dark circles.Coconut oil also known as the super food. It contain the fatty acid which reduce the inflammation and improve the circulation of the blood vessels. If the skin become the light then dark circles is more visible. For using dark circles Cold-pressed or virgin coconut oil is give only result. Before apply the coconut oil wash your face and remove the makeup and apply coconut oil and gently massage about 30 seconds before going to be bed..
  3. CUCUMBER:-  Cucumber already contains the lot of water. Cucumber has a rich antioxidant and hydration properties and also contain the anti-inflammation properties. Applying thick slice of cucumber on eye and relaxing about 10-20 seconds also help to heal the dark circles under your eyes.
  4. TEA-BAGS:-  Tea bags have an excellent healing properties to easily get rid of dark circles. Tea bags also known as the natural healer. Just soak the two tea bags in warm water then  refrigerate and after the placing on both the eyes easily give you rid of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.
  5. ALMOND-OIL&VITAMIN-E:-  Almond oil and vitamin E has an excellent properties to heal the rid of the dark-circles. Both of them denoted with natural healer also. For that just pore both same quantity and apply before the bed or in the morning and wash with simple clear water. Withing few weeks you get the result.
  6. POTATO-JUICE:-  You can also use the potato juice for the rid of the dark circles. Potato juice have an lighten properties which easily fade your dark circles and also make your skin fairer. For making potato juice just drill one-medium size potato after that collect the potato juice with the force of hand the water is come out of your hands is potato juice store in a clean container but be ensure your hands should be properly washed.
  7. VITAMINS:-  Research suggested that having deficiency of vitamins specially vitamin-k and vitamin-c also lead to the dark circles. In carrots its has an abundant. And lemon also have vitamin-c,all other citrus fruits have these properties.
  8. MOISTURE’S:-  Research suggest that having dry skin also lead to the dark circles to attack on the eyes. So its better to pick good moisture which help to rid of the dark circles but please be aware of purchasing false product always try to use natural products.
  9. TURMERIC:- Turmeric also had an healing properties which is easily rid the dark circles. Well turmeric is using since the ancient time in many things whether its beauty or health. For making turmeric paste just add take one teaspoon of milk and pinch of turmeric and mix both and apply layer under the both eyes till the paste dry after dry wash your face with water.Using this remedy give an dynamic result depending upon the skin-type. But be aware those who are allergy to turmeric.
  10. IRON-RICH-FOOD:-  Eating iron-rich food also help to rid of the dark-circles. Having iron deficiency also take some serious symptoms like:- Pale nails,cold hand,feet For fulfill the requirement of iron included these food in your diet Spinach,kale,raisins,eggs,fatty fish pork,chicken. You may also take iron supplements also if you think that your diet may not full fill your iron.
  11. ALCOHOL:-  Ditch the alcohol if you don’t just minimize the intake of alcohol because alcohol lead to dehydration and dehydration lead to dark-circles. If you carving for alcohol just go to switch lemon-water.
  12. MINIMIZE SALT:-  Try to minimize the intake of the salt in your diet  because to much salt contribute the body fluid retention which lead to dark-circles and puffiness under your eyes.
  13. QUIT SMOKING:-  Smoking also led to rid of dark-circles under your eyes. If you want to leave the smoking just try to control yourself and divert your mind to the another thing.
  14. REMOVE MAKEUP:-  Before going to before always remove the make-up. Why it’s suggest to remove make-up because its develop irritation,allergies,and puffiness.
  15. COCONUT-WATER:- Coconut water is the best option to rid the dark-circles under the eye. Coconut water is also known as good substitute of water. It has an healing properties to decrease the dark-circles. But strictly don’t recommended to drink packed coconut-water.
  16. ICE:-  Rubbing frequently ice on the face and eye easily rid of the dark circles soon.
  17. WALKING:-  Walking bare foot on grass also lead to decrease the dark circles and other eye issues its also beneficially for improving the vision of your sight.

In the above the para these are some home remedies which you easily done by sitting at your home without any cost. Lets look what medical giving a treatment.

MEDICAL-TREATMENT of dark circle under eyes

  • LASER-TREATMENT:- Laser treatment is very popular in medical field in the term of rid of dark-circles. In laser-treatment used heat energy to vaporize the damaged cells.Its target mainly dark portion of the eyes.It is little bit costly also.
  • SKIN-LIGHTING CREAM:-   Skin-lighting cream also often used for rid of dark-circles. Applying this cream lower the percentage of pigmentation which lead to the dark circles come under the circles.

Apart from that you apply some DIY (Do it Yourself) also,



Now question arise up when to seek to doctor.


  • Affected others bodies also legs,joints.
  • Redness itching,allergies increased.

There are some exerises which are often used to rid of the dark circles and also improve the night-vision. Let us discuss which are these exercises. Before applying these exercise clean your hands and splash your eyes with fresh water sit straing with head and spine.

EXERCISES for dark circles under eyes


  1.  Just sit comfortably with eyes open and relax the nervous system.
  2. Blink around about 10 times or more.
  3. Close your eyes and relax foe 20 seconds,and relax.
  4. Repeat this exercise five times.
  1. Stand or sit by an open window.
  2. Focus on tip of the nose.
  3. Repeat this about 5 times.
  • PALMING:- 
  1. Palming is the most effective exercise for riding the all types of eyes problems.
  2. Sit in relax position with eye closed and focus on your breathe.
  3. Rub the hands frequently till they become warm and placed on the eye-lids.
  4. Stay in the position till the warmness of your hand all observed in your eyes.
  5. Remain in position for sometime and relax.
  6. Again rub the hands and repeat this exercise for three times.



NOTE:-  Practice this exercise regulate terms get bring calmness to your eyes and also improve the sight.


Eye is the most delicate part of the body and most important organ of the body. So its only yours hand how to take care of yours eyes. Always try to practice clean and hygiene food and remain hydrated. What is the benefit of having pretty or handsome face if it is spot by dark line. No one is like to invest money on medicines. Health is wealth!

I hope I deliver best information for you about “9+ causes ,home remedies and regular exercise for dark circles under eyes“.

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