Kerala beach: 21+ most beautiful beaches/varkala beach

Kerala beach Varkala beach -Well Kerala is a state on India’s tropical Malabar Cost.It is famous for Palm-lined beaches,backwater,as well as National Parks also. But today in this section we discuss about Beaches.

Kerala beach varkala beach and other beaches in Kerala

kerala beach,varkala beach
  • Alappuzha Beach,Alleppey:- This beach is famous for local gateway.It is also host many festivals like Sand Art Festival.Well Vijaya Beach Park has amsument amenties which attract more tourists. Apart of these The Nehru Trophy Boat Race also held this beach also.
  • Kovalam,Kerala:- This beach is most famous for Ayurveda massage centers.It is also a shopping centers in which got species,wooden statue and handicraft which is popular best time to visit was September-March.
  • Bekal Beach:- This beach is Known as the well maintained beach which is situated in the district of Kasaragod. Well the  garden of this place is best to spend time with friends and family.Apart of these Horse ridding,camel ridding,local snacks also attract the tourists. It is open for 24 hours. Entry fees for Adult was INR 100 and Children’s below 5 years was free. Best time to Visit was September and February.
  • Mararai Beach, Alleppey:- Well this beach is now for most senere beach and also know as the cleanest beach.Best time to visit was June-March.It is also famous for its houseboat.
  • Kappad Beach,Kozihokde:- This beach is famous in the Kerala where first Portugese Vasco Da Gama come on 20th May 1948.Even his Voyage is established the sea route from Europe To India.Well apart of these the beach is perfect for boating,swimming. Even if you are adventure lover then not be upset it gives the experience of Paragliding,Surfing. Timing of this beach was 6 a.m. to 10 pm.
  • Lighthouse beach,Kovalam:- This Lighthouse is 35 mm long which is located at Kurukul Hillock.Well this is perfect for water sport activities like Parasailing,paragliding. Timing of open this was 10 am to 6 pm and Monday was closed.
  • Kozhikode Beach:- Well this beach is famous for its sunset .This beach is always hosting for public meetings and the market near it always attract the visitors.Timing to visit was 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Samudra Beach,Kovalam:- This beach is excellent for visiting during your honeymoon.This beach is known as clean and isolated in Kovalam. You can also see a mosque in this beach.Best time to visit was November To February.
  • Hawah Beach,Kovalam:-This beach is known as the isolated and famous for sunset views and it is also known as the second largest beach.Well this beach is known as the first topless beach in India.But however topless bathing is banned now.
  • Kollam Beach:- This beach is voted as first best wedding destination beach in Kerala. This beach is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach. This beach is also offers panorama view.Every year National and International Visitors Visited this place.
  • Baby Beach,Kannaur:- This beach is tiny and known as the attractive beach.Don’t go with their name and size because its is the most happening picnic spot and offers panoramic view.Many locals and international visit their.
  • Thumpolly beach,Allepey:- It is located at 6 km from Allepey.Well this beach is famous for its cleanliness and Scenic beauty. Well this beach is more calm and relaxing and its a best beach to spent some quality time with your loved ones.This beach is blessed with Golden sands and numerous canals. And also hub of fisherwolks and beach houses this place is heaven for nature lovers.Well this named is derived from “Thuma Polly” which translate the “Church of St. Thomas”. Even during the Portuguese era this place is called Thompolis which means the ” The town of St.Thomas.
  • Punnpra Beach,Alleppey:- Well this beach is blessed with golden sands and water.It is known as isolated beach where less visitors visited. This place is best for those couples who spend their honeymoon from faraway from rushed places. Its also famous for Ayurveda Massage.
  • Ezhara Beach,Kannaur:- This beach offers charm and panorama view of ascetic water of the Arabian Sea. Having sunset is also good in this place. This beach is gateway for those who just melt their stress of long week and explore the nature.
  • Edava Beach, Varakala:- This beach is also famous among the tourist. And its known as the virgin beach.

Kerala beach: most beautiful beaches

  • Varakala Beach:- Well the water of Varakala beach regarded as medicinal properties.Its believe that dip in holy water is cleansed the body impurities and removed all yours sins. Sunset in this beach is also regarded as good apart of these you can also enjoy paragliding. Those who love sea food is also good for those.Best time to visit was Late December To March.
  • Muzhappilangad Beach:-Well this beach is known as the largest drive-in beaches in India.It is the major tourist attractions. Sunset is the memorable for you. Since in the late 19th century Its a tourist place for Europeans visitors in Winter.Even the festival also organised in the month of April Of May. In which the activities include like science and culture exhibitions,Education fair. The Beach Fest is known as the most successful events held there.
  • Beypore Beach, Kozhikode:- This beach is famous all over the world.Denoted with beautiful skies,golden sand and tall coconut trees attracts the tourists Sunset is also a fabulous  thing.Here peoples go for jogging in the morning. It is also famous for ship building yard which is old over 1500 years. There is also provisional Ayurveda treatment which tourist loved the most. And even local visit frequently for picnic or relaxing.  
  • Thottada Beach, Kannaur:- This beach is ideal for sunbathing this beach is known as the virgin and remain cleaner because of less explorer. This place is also ideal for those who don’t love noise and its themselves reconnect the nature. In this you found number of guest house and boat house which you explore natural beauty of coast easily.

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  • Kappil Beach, Bekal:- This beach is covered an area of 25 acres. It is located at 6 km away from the Bekal. Even the shopaholics can satisfy their needs selling local products at very reasonable rates.Even it is also ideal place for foodies tasting the local food you must try.
  • Hosdurg Beach:-  This beach is rich in Flaura and Fauna and its a ideal for visiting with family and friends. In this beach you can found several little cottage which you spend nigh easily there.
  • Meenkunnu Beach,Kannur:- This beach is denoted with pure beauty. It located a few kilometer from Kannur have a long stretch of sandy coastline and clean water.
  • Shanghumukham Beach, Trivanduram:- This beach is known as the most popular beach this beach is known for sunset and pristine waters.
  • Island Of Pathiramanal,Kottayam:- This beach is abode to various species of birds. This beach is derived from the name which means “sands of night”. This place is just like an heaven of natural beauty because of natural plants which have medicinal properties.

CONCLUSION:- Well beaches is a kind of connecting with nature. So its a prime duty of yours also to keep beaches clean. Don’t ruined the greenish.

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