Kiran Bedi:Biography Success story and unknown facts

Who do not Know about Kiran Bedi. She was Known as the First IPS officer of India. Before coming to this bureaucrats  she also faced some ups and downs lets Know about her more.


She was Born in Kiran Peshawaria on 9 June 1949.She was bought up an Hindu and Sikh traditions. She is also Known as the tennis player.She got inspirations from her father as a tennis player and started to playing at the age of 9 years.

Education of Kiran Bedi

She did his schooling from Amritsar Sacred Heart Convent School and after that she attended Government college for Women for pursuing B.A. English Honors after that she took admission in M.A. in Political Science from Punjab University. After Completing the master degree she joined as a lecture at Khalsa College of Women in Amritsar for two years She also done PH.D in Social Science from IIT,Delhi.

Personal Life of Kiran Bedi

Kiran bedi

Well Kiran Bedi Belongs to Hindu’s Khatri’s family Her father Known as a textile businessman.She Has three sisters. She got married to Brij Bedi who is Known as the Tennis player well this couple have daughter which name was Sukriti. Her Husband died of cardiac arrest in 2016.

Destinations of Kiran Bedi

  • Sub-Divisional Police officer at Chankyapuri Police Station in New Delhi:- 1975.
  • DCP’S Delhi West District:- 1979.
  • DCP (Traffic) Delhi:- 1981.
  • SP (Traffic) Goa:-1983.
  • Deputy Commanandant Railway Protection Force in New Delhi(
  • Deputy Director of the Department of the Industrial Development:- 1984.
  • DCP of Delhi North District(1986).
  • Deputy Director (Operations) in the Narcotics Control Bureau, Delhi(1988).
  • Deputy Inspector General (Range),Mizoram:- 1990.
  • Inspector General of the Delhi Prisons:- 1993.
  • Additional Commissioner at the police Academy:- 1994.
  • Joint Commissioner Of police,Delhi:- 1996.
  • Special Commissioner of Delhi Police:-1997.
  • Inspector General Of police,Chandigarh:-1999.
  • Appointed the United Nations Civilian Police Adviser:-2003.
  • Director General,Home Guards:-2005.
  • Director General of the bureau of police research and Development:-2007.
  • Some Facts about her which you may be Know or not be Know lets check:-


Unknown Facts of Kiran Bedi

  • She counted among the those officers who take very less leaves during her tenure of job.
  • She is known as Non Vegetarian.
  • Reason of her short hair was tennis according to her being a long hair didn’t feel comfortable while playing a cricket.
  • Her hobbies is Lawn Tennis,Reading,Writing,Photography,travelling.
  • She also owns a Maruti 800 Model 1985.
  • In 2008 she also host the court show “Aap ki Kacheri” which was based on real life disputes of the public.
  • She also one of the founder of the IAC(India Against Corruption) along with Arvind Kejirival and Anna Hazare.
  • She also offered “Asian Jyoti” award for managing the traffic during the Asian Games but she refused and said to give award to entire police force.
  • She was Inspired by the civil servants at the Amritsar Service Club to Join Indian civil services and even she met there future husband Raj Bedi.
  • She was also author of about more than 12 books where she tells about experience of Tihar Jail,Corruption,leadership and governance.
  • A Telugu Indian Film was based on her life which name was Karthavyam. Which also becomes an huge hit.
  • She also Knows as founder of two organizations which was named was:- Navjajoti and India Vision Foundations well these two Foundations work for drug addicts.
  • She also Known as a Tennis champion which she won Asian Lawn Tennis championship held in 1972 and also earned many zonal and other state level championships.

Below I am going to give you links of her while doing some Kindness

Now lets discuss about her success in IPS / UPSC exam and know about how did she enter in that?

Well she entered in Police stations in 1972.And she started her police training at Mussories’s National Academy of Administration after completed of her foundations coarse she went for nine months training at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. Its also said that she was only women in the bath of 80 men which was allocated at the AGMUT(Arunchal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram-Union territories) cadre.

In 1978 it was reported that there was clashes between the Akali Sikhs and Nirankaris which was reported on 15 October 1978 where a group of Nirankari’s classes with Akali Sikh near India Gate. In this she stop the protesters and prevent violence for this which she was also honored with the Police Medal For Gallantary by the Indian President in October 1980.

In 1979 where she was posted to West District of Delhi where there that time no enough officers was there to control the crime.At that time she reduced the crime in the district by recruiting civilian volunteers and also by running night patrolling by the civilians and armed policemen even she also installed the complaining boxes in all the wards allow all the citizens to reach her directly on complaint.

She also introduced a policy like replacing a challans with spot fines for improperly parked vehicles.She also arranged a fund for traffic guidance and educational worth 3,500,000 with the help of sponsors. Even she was first to introduced four wheeler for Delhi police. She also give the name of “Crane Bedi” during that time unbiased of traffic laws away the Prime Minister,Indra Gandhi car parking in wrong way.

In 1993 she was appointed an Inspector General to the Delhi Prisons where she introduced different types of reforms to the Tihar Jail by including Vipassana and Yoga session for Prisons and also introduced vocational training courses for prisoners. For this she has also been awarded by “Ramon Magsaysay Award” and “Jawaharlal Nehru  Feelwships for better improvements.

Honors and Kiran Bedi awards

Apart of these lets check some Awards and Honors which she was earned by her hard work. Well her first posting was Chankyapuri subdivison of police where she became the first lady to lead all male continent of the Delhi Police at the republic Day Parade in 1975.

  • NCC Cadet Officer Award:-1968.
  • Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service:-1994.
  • Lion Of the Year by Lion’s Club:-1995.
  • United Nation’s Medal for outstanding service:-1994.
  • Mother Teresa Memorial National Award for Social Justice:-2005.
  • Most Admired Woman in the Country by the week Magazine:-2006.
  • Lo real Paris Famine Women Award For Social Impact:-2014.

Politics Career of Kiran Bedi

Well in 2015 she joined B J P (Bhartiya Janta Party) which was projected as CM of BJP for the 015 Delhi Assembly  Elections but however she lost the elections from the Krishna Nagar Constituency to AAP candidate SK Bagga by a margin of 2277 votes.

Assets and property

  • She was a pair of earings which was weighing 5 gm which was price about 27 thousand her salary was 3.5 lakhs as a Governor of Pudocherry 
  • She has also have a agriculture land which was 4.76 acre and price of this land was 1 Crore in Village Mirawandi,Taluka Daund Dist Pune Maharastra.
  • She has also have 1414 sq.ft residential plot which was worth more than 1 crore in Dwarka ,New Delhi.
  • Having 2 acre of agriculture land which was worth more than 50 lakhs at Village Siwana ,Sub Distt. Bhondsi ,Gurgoan, Haryana..

My Point of Views about Kiran Bedi

By reading the story about Kiran Bedi you very well known that Girls can do everything if she become an First IPS officer just think about her hows difficult was her. What do you think I’m right or wrong in this content?

Kiran bedi books

  • I Dare.
  • Its Always Possible.
  • Overcoming Fear and Failure.
  • Legendary Lives.
  • As I See.
  • Indian Police.
  • Jeet Lo Har Shikhar.
  • Jag Uthi Nari Sakti.
  • Creating Leadership.
  • Punjab Di Dhaler Dhi.

Present Scenario of Kiran Bedi

She was serving as Governor of Puducheery. On 22 May 2016 she was appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Raj Nivas as people Nivas which she started open an visitors to visit from Monday To Wednesday at 5 pm to meet her.

She also personally stepped out weekended morning for round checkup on bicycle and she even take a bus also these rounds personally helps to solve the sanitation and cleanness of road. Well  her cycle round is most famous because she personally leads the rallies in the city which she meet the peoples and also give her reward for their good work.

One of the Achievement she was done as a governor of Pudocherry that “Mission  Water Rich Pudocherry” when she heard about that PWD does not have enough funds to sit the water drainage by bringing community supports in the form of CSR.

Even in Raj Nivas :- “Peoples of Nivas” celebrated every festival in puducherry with greater pomps in the lawns of the property. From Pongal to Diwali,Christmas is celebrated the most. Apart of these Raj Nivas also opened for Visitors daily from 10 pm to 1 pm to see the french heritage and even give chance to clicked photo with her.

A short film dedicated to her………Watch and learn it

 Apart of these there are biographies and documentaries also made which was based on her lets check:-

Biographies &Documentaries.


  • Siddharth Iyer:-2012.
  • Parmesh Dangwal:-1996,Punjab DI Daler Dhi.
  • Meenakshi Saxena:-2000,Kiran Bedi,Kindly the Baton.
  • Reeta Peshawaria Menon and Anu Peshawaria:-2014,Kiran Bedi The Making Of Cop.


  • Carve Your Destiny:-2014 which was directed by Anubhav Srivastav.
  • Kannadadda Kiran Bedi:-2009.
  • Kartyavyam:-1990 It is Telugu film. It also dubbed in Hindi which make tejswani.
  • Doing Time,Doing Vipassana:-1997 which documentary based on practicing of Vipassana Meditation in Tihar Jail.

Apart of these Kiran Bedi also was also featured in National Geography Series which was named was “Mega Icons” in 2018 which revolves the life of her.

As you Know she a writer she has also some motivational Quotes.

Motivational Quotes given by Kiran Bedi

  • I believe in Prayer.
  • I’m Product of this visionary mother and father.
  • Every Challenges has its unique problems.
  • Ethics,Decency and morality are real soldiers.
  • Crime is a product of disorted mind.
  • Empowered women who reach tough or unconventional position make choices not sacrifices.

CONCLUSION:- Well struggles faced by everyone its depend on you how you tackle it. Just believe in Yourself and yours Hard Work. One Day its sure pay off you.

I hope you like my today Topic about biography and unknown facts of Kiran Bedi.

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