Sushant Singh Rajput :Best Biography and his last journey

Very sad to announced that our Young actor Sushant Singh Rajput ( सुशांत सिंह राजपूत) is no more who became popular in his young age. He is known as most talented and passionate about his work. He always used to write his all dream and always used to share into the social media once it completed.

Sushant singh Rajput dream
Sushant singh Rajput dream

He committed a suicide (Sushant singh rajput Commit suicide) on 14th June 2020 well the reasons of suicide is not clear. But according to the resources it was said that he was in depression about six months and taking the pills also.

Now lets look some background of him how he enter the Bollywood.

Biography of Sushant Singh Rajput

He was born in 21 January 1986 in Patna and finally now we heard this news on 14th June 2020 that he is not alive.

He has his one sister which name was Mitu Singh which known as the state level cricketer and his mother was death in 2002. After that which they moved from Patna to Delhi.

Education of superstar Sushant Singh Rajput

He completed his education from St. Karen High School Patna and Kulachi Hansraj Model school in Delhi.He also secured seventh in DCE Entrance Exam in 2003 and even take admissions in Mechanical Engineering in Delhi College in Engineering.

Dhoni the untold story movie by Sushant Singh Rajput
Dhoni the untold story movie by Sushant Singh Rajput

He was also Known as National Olympaid winner in Physics as well he also cleared 11 entrance engineering exams also which is including that Indian School of Mines then after that he started participated in Indian theaters and Cinemas well he completed only three years of the four years course before dropping out and pursuing an acting career.


While he was student time he enrolled in Shiamak Davar’s Dance Classes apart of these he also joined acting classes also where he found of acting classes.

And also within a few months of joining the dance class he was also selected a member of Davar’s standard dance troupe.

Even in 2005 he also choosen for one of the ground of backgrounds dancer 51st Film-fare award and in 2006 he was also a part of the troupe which was went to Australia to perform the culture program at the opening ceremony of the 2006 commonwealth Games.

Last instagram post of Sushant Singh Rajput bollywood actor
Last instagram post of Sushant Singh Rajput

By that time he was happy with his dance and drama classes and decided to dropped the college.

After that he moved to Mumbai where he joined Nadira Babbar’s Ekjute theatre group where he was part of two and half years at that he was also featured with TV advertisement for Nestle Munch.

How Career of Sushant Singh Rajput started?

In 2008 he was casting with Balaji television where they saw him personally acting skills on the stage of Ekhute’s theater then he called him for audience and give the role of preet juneja  in kis desh hai mera Dil.

Then in June 2009 he got role in Pavitra Rishta with Manav where he was mature and mechanic supporting his family for this role he also received three television awards for best actor male and most popular male .

Now lets check some films and awards of him.

Famous Films done by Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput

Films by சுஷாந்த் சிங் ராஜ்புத்

  • Kai Poi che,Shudh DEshi Romance:-2013.
  • Pk:-2014.
  • Detective Byomkesh Bakshy:-2015.
  • M.S Dhoni Untold Story:- 2016.
  • Raabta,Welcome To the New York:- 2017.
  • Kedarnath,Sonchiriyia:-2018.
  • Drive,Chhichore:-2019.
  • Dil Bechara:-2020.

Famous Opera shows

  • Kis desh hai mera dil:-2008-09.
  • Pavitra Rishta:-2009-11.
  • Zra Nach ke Dikhaya:- 2010.
  • Jhalak Dikhhla Ja:-2014.

50 dreams or wishes of Sushant Singh

He always use to write down his all dream or wishes in a paper so that it can remind him each and every time and for this he always focused on his hard work .

From this habit we should learn from him that we should always focused on our hard labour and live our dreams.

Lets go and see some of them beautiful dreams that was related with his personal life , social cause and many fields.

See the below the photos of his dream gallery that he was using to write all his dream in a paper and its an amazing practice that we should do so that we will be working hard and focus towards the goal.

  • 50 wishes of sushant singh
  • dream of sushant singh
  • dream sushant singh
  • sushant singh dreams
  • wishes of sushant singh
  • Travel Through Europe By Train.
  • Help Prepare Students for Indian Defense Services.
  • Work in Artificial intelligence&experimental tech.
  • Make a documentary on   Swami Vivekananda.
  • Learn how to Farm.
  • Teach Dance To Dance.
  • Play a chess with champions.
  • Own a Lamborghini.
  • Learn Kriya Yoga.
  • Visit Antarctica.
  • Raise 4 horse.
  • Do an active Volcano Photography.
  • Work For Free Education.
  • Learn at least 10 dance forms.
  • Drive in a blue hole.
  • Plant 1000 trees.
  • Mediate in Kailash.
  • Help send 100 kids for workshop in ISRO/NASA.
  • Spend an evening at my Delhi College of Engineering in Hostel.
  • Visit LIGO.
  • Explore ANDROMEDA wit a powerful telescope.
  • Learn Guitar Chores of my favorite 50 songs.
  • Understand Polynesia astronomy.
  • Learn How to fly a plane.
  • Play a tennis with champion.
  • Learn MORSE CODE.
  • Play a cricket-match with left handed.
  • Help Kids learn more about space.
  • Do a 4 clap for push up.
  • Attend another NASA Workshop.
  • Disneyland.
  • Play Poker with Champion.
  • Understand Vedic Astrology.
  • 6 pack abs in 6 weeks.
  • Perform Experiments of Gynmantics.
  • Visit St,Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.
  • Learn To Burf.

Some Kind Act done by Sushant Singh

Apart of these he also do some kind act remembered which are never forget that these kindness.

In resources its opens that he helped the Kerala when city was faced huge destruction on floods which come in 2018 one of his fan shubham Ranjan commented on his Instagram 21 August,2018 that he don’t have enough money. In reply he said that I’m giving you 1 crore rupees you see how you received it.

Sushant Singh Rajput is Known as the first Bollywood actor  to buy an land on moon to keep an eye on this land he buy an advance telescope which name was Meade 14 “LX600 well his land was on the blind side of Earth.

What happened on 14th June 2020?

What happened on 14th June 2020 with Sushant Singh Rajput Lets Recall.

Shusant singh suicide Rip last journey
  • In morning at 9:30 am he talked to his sister on mother.
  • Then at 10 am he drank a glass of juices then went to his room.
  • At home there was 3 servants. Two was cook and house help for cooking.
  •  After that 12:30 pm servant knocked the room but he found no responses then he called to his sister then called the key maker for opening a door where Sushant Singh Rajput seems to be hanging on a fan. He committed a suicide.

Modi ji and Akshay Kumar tweet on Sushant Singh death

You can see below the tweet of Akshay Kumar and respected PM Narendra Modi on death of this superstar

modi ji and akshay kumar tweet on sushant singh death
Picture source Tweeter

Sushant Singh :Owner of luxury cars and bikes

Sushant Singh was also a owner of luxury cars and bikes lets check.

  • BMW K 1300 R motorcycle.
  • Maserati Quattroporte.
  • Land Rover Range Rover SUV.

Apart from these it was said that this actor had net worth rupees of 59 crore INR. and he used to charged 5-7 crore for a movie.

He had done many struggles in their life once a time in their life also when no one actress wanted to do work with him due to small town boy.

In Shudh-Desi Romance many actress was casted him but he said no then at the end he started this movie casting with Parineeti Chopra .

It was also said that he also went to America for studying the theaters then after completing he came back to India.

Winning Awards by Sushant Singh Rajput

  • Indian Telly Awards,Indian Television Academy Award:- 2009.
  • Big Star Entertainment Awards,Boroplus Gold Awards:-2010.
  • Kalakaar Awards:-2011.
  • Screen awards,Zee Chine Awards,Filmfare Awards,IIFA Awards,Screen Awards:-2014.
  • Zee Cine Awards,Stardust Awards,Indian Film Festival of Malbourne:- 2017.

Instagram ID of Sushant Singh Rajput

sushantsinghrajput-instagram , Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput| Image source Instagram

All he also attached to his mother also which she left him when he was in 12th. his last post on Instagram of his mother also posted by him.

As I have mentioned in the above that his mother had left him in 2002. So by this post you can imagine that how much late Sushant Singh Rajput was missing her very badly.

Last instagram post of Sushant singh Rajput
Last instagram post of Sushant singh Rajput

My point of views on Sushant Singh Rajput

I have no words to tell you everyone how am I feeling now and that time I was shocked when I heard this news.

I became unanswerable for sometime and finally I saw on different different news channel because it was not easy for me to believe this.

So I asked to all my friends is it true yaar? They were also shocked and finally it had become a truth.

Friends I just would like to share with you that I was a big fan of his smile . Specially “Dhoni Untold Story” movie had an amazing impact in my life. How can I forget all his dialogue used in this movie.

Each and every words told by him had a big meaning. It had changed my life. I had never seen such an amazing character in my whole life. But why did he do its a question to all.

Last journey of Sushant Singh Rajput

It has proof in his life that success can be achieved if you do hard labour. How can we forget his wonderful journey from a serial to a Superstar.

Do you impress with his character in his movie Dhoni Untold Story? I think your reply will be yes . Oh yes of course it had ability to give his best and that’s why each and everyone liked him in this movie.

Do you agree that it was not possible to know about the MS Dhoni life story if it was not played well by Sushant. He played an important role and the public liked his character so much. So we can say that he was an inspiration for us.

Do you remember the below scene if yes then write your point of views on it. Has it changed your life. If I say the truth this scene and the dialogue used by Sushant Singh helped me a lot to take the hard decision of my life.

MS Dhoni movie Sushant Singh pic
MS Dhoni movie Sushant Singh pic

If you haven’t seen this scene just play the following video . I think you will remember everything and it will help you to take so many hard decesion in your life when your parents and whole society will be against of you and one day you will proof yourself . Then everyone will proud of you.

Shushant Sing Rajput || Ms Dhoni Movie|Best Motivational Scene

Most motivational scene done by Sushant Singh in Dhoni Movie

Do you remember his cricket playing in this movie. Everything was like MS Dhoni. I will give 100/100 for his amazing movie.

Lets come and pray for his soul that his soul will be rest in peace and for his family so that May God give strength to his family to bear this a big loss. Its a loss for all Bollywood family and for us also.

Now its time to say ALVIDA , GOOD BYE to our most handsome superstar, Bihar ka laal, a motivation of our life, A super energetic, Captain cool.

Its very hard to say Good bye Sushant. Still we are not able to accept this truth that you are no more . We will have always a question that why did you do this? Why? why? Can we find this answer anytime.

CONCLUSION:-  Well Suicide is not a solution its beg to everyone please don’t do these stupid kind of things. Natural death is more calm as compared to suicide death is more terrible.

It is a message to everyone out there, speak to your family , friends. Don’t let those thoughts overpower you. Take time for your feelings, dear ones. If serious, reach out to an expert. Always remember “Zindagi me sabse badi cheez hai khud zindagi”.

May his soul rest in peace. We will miss you a lot . Comment below and give best wises to him and his family .

A huge tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput from us. May God grant peace to his soul. Om Shanti.

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