Affiliate Marketing: 7 best tips to earn money for beginner

Looking for an idea to make money online then Affiliate marketing is the best way to do so. If you are Digital marketer then you must be aware with the term affiliate marketing.

tips to earn money through affiliate marketing

If you are a newbie and want to start affiliate marketing business then you need to know each and everything about affiliate marketing.

Here in this article you will get the overall information about affiliate marketing, how to start affiliate marketing, best niches, some tips for beginners and much more.

So, go through this article and start making money online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement through which any online retailer pays some commission to the external website on behalf of traffic or sales that is generated from its referrals.

Affiliate marketing includes revealing the product or service by sharing on social media platforms, or any website. The affiliate receives a commission every time when someone makes a purchase over the unique link related with their reference.

Reason to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

There are various reasons to start an affiliate marketing business, check them out to understand how it can help you make money online.

1: It’s Cheap

Affiliate Marketing is cheap as it does not required any start-up cost, you need not store any goods or develop a service.

To start affiliate marketing you just have to buy website hosting or domain that will cost 10-15 bucks which can be easily affordable.

2: Gain Skilled Independence

In affiliate marketing you are your own boss, no time bound, work wherever you want. You can earn without any boundaries in affiliate marketing.

3: Easy to Develop

Affiliate marketing is a great form of marketing as it is a scalable business. You need not required to setup an office or customers support.

Just create the website and hire the affiliate to market it.

4: Great for External Competition People

The act of measuring and analytics aspects has a kind of a game quality particularly in the media buying field.

You can see how the site is behaving through different ads, type of content, style, & tone.

You mostly compete against the other people, where you are trying to get the top performance for the product you’re in.

5: Sell what you like

In affiliate marketing you can sell whatever you want, work with the brand the suits you and promoting them.

This is efficient to do and easy way to generate income as per choice.

How does Affiliate Marketing works?

There are several ways through which you can track affiliates when a person clicks on the link to make a purchase. Want to know how affiliate marketing works then go through the points listed below:

1: Find the Niche

Set some thought interested in the industry around your website. If you have knowledge about something then it can be easier to acquire information that you need.

Find a niche where your visitor can effectively identify your product so that you can build loyal audience with potential commission and sales.

2: Create your Website

Many people require a website so that they can get visitors to come and click on the referred link. Though, it is not necessary if your strength and niche is strong.

You can start affiliate marketing on YouTube or Pinterest but creating a website can get you traffic and also get numerous source back to your site.

3: Give Value

Provide a value to the people that come in different forms such as creating guides, building interesting lists, and assembling stats are the common means affiliates can help the reader’s discovery the material they want.

4: Where to Find the Products?

After you have selected the niche, get to know what product you want to sell and for that you will required to find the affiliate program and then join it.

There are numerous trustworthy online businesses that offer affiliate marketing or shipping services which can be used to get the products to the customers.

Amazon Affiliate Program is the popular and largest affiliate program. It offers billions of products that can be sold from the website to earn money.

Here are the lists of other affiliate marketing programs which are free to join and are also used to various products to affiliate:

  • Clickbank
  • Impact Radius
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Maxbounty

5: Create Quality Content

After you have affiliate partner, now it’s time for some quality content to sell the product.

Content in the form of an article that has the affiliate link of the product, list of products in the review page.

Here is an opportunity where you can build your audience, and combine email marketing. This way you can also communicate with the audience directly and can send them the product link.

Before you promote an Affiliate product and generate links for Affiliate marketing to earn money, have a look at the below mentioned questions that you need to ask yourself.

1: Would this be the product that my audience will use?

2: Is this the product that I would use myself?

3: Will this item address a need or provide a function that my audience requires?

4: Will this item provide value to my audience?

5: Is it an easy buying process for my customers?

6: Will it provide a decent commission rate?

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Reading this article till here you must have got to know what Affiliate marketing is, how does it works, and what things you have to keep in mind before you start the business.

Below are some of the tips that will help beginners for their Affiliate marketing business.

Tip 1: Choose a Cost-effective Affiliate Marketing Niche

The first and important step to begin the affiliate marketing is to narrow down the niche that you want for your business.

It might be difficult for you to select a niche and get limited but it can be great to give competition to bigger business.

To choose which niche is good for your business, follow the steps given below that will guide you to do so:

1- Identify Your Interests

You might have be doing lot of search for to select a niche for your website, if in case you do not like it accordingly then the website won’t last long.

Remember that if you like something it is not necessary that you should start writing about it. There may be a chance that after sometime you lose interest in it which will affect your website.

Choose something that will attract your interest every time. This will the best for you as well as for you website.

Go with Passion or Money Making

If you are passionate about anything it does not mean that you will always get success in it.

The knowledge that you have gathered while searching about the niche will help you in making the selection in finding a useful one for your website.

For example if you are passionate about traveling then you can create a website where you can write about your own experience and choose a niche according to it.

Starting with a small niche will make sense and the competition will be low which will be beneficial for you to fit into the business.

Once you have decided the niche, jot down the topic in which you are interested and then decided if you already know about them or interest to get knowledge.

Check the Niche Popularity

There are few niches whose popularity is choosy and it changes constantly.

It is really important to check what people now a days looking for when they search a topic of your choice.

Below are some of the tools that you can use to check your niche popularity:

  • UberSuggest
  • Google Trends 
  • Answer The Public
  • Keywords Everywhere

With Google Trends you can check your niche popularity overtime. Keywords everywhere are a browser extension to search the keyword volume and monthly searches.

Ubersuggest helps in generating keywords ideas for content marketing strategy. It is a free tool with unlimited features.

Find out the Niche that sells products

By now you must have narrowed down the niche ideas and got plenty of topics that are popular online. Select the niche that will help you earn huge amount of money.

In Affiliate marketing recommend services or products to the readers by finding out the niche topics the customers wants to buy.

Make a list of the niche and jot down the problems that people face in the products along with their solutions.

After that check the products rating & reviews, note down the reviews on the niche product and see the number of reviews that products have got.

Doing this it will be much easy for you to get your niche.

Tip 2: Create a Blog or Website

Once you have decided the niche, industry and your product, it’s time to create a website. There might be numerous questions coming up in your mind like how to design your website? Is it ok to setup an online store?

How to manage the customer’s desires? Can customers access your website easily? Designing a blog can be a best way?

Setting up a first website can be really hassling. To make things for you hassle-free go through the points given below that will help you to create a website.

Choose a Domain Name

choose domain name for affiliate marketing from go daddy

When creating a new website the most important thing is to choose a Domain name for the site that can rank in Google.

Get a .com site, as it is favourable by the Google. Select a name that is flexible with little creativity that conveys the message of your desire domain name.

If you are unable to think of a domain name then you can search for the name online and get the idea. After you have selected domain name, buy it from a seller like the GoDaddy that will offer you hosting option and web building.

Once you are comfortable with your web design then you must know the WordPress benefits and its other features & plugins.

Should Try A Free Blogging Service?

In case WordPress does not comfort your website then try to look for an alternative free service like Blogger. is a free blogging service provided by Google where you can easily get connected and start your blogging process.

Google can any time remove your blogs if it found that the blog is famous or take from other website. If you are serious about affiliate marketing then WordPress blog is the best option for the site.

Is it Necessary to Have a Website for affiliate marketing?

Many people get a website for their visitors to come and insert the affiliate marketing links there.

Most people do affiliate marketing doing Youtube or Pinterest , but other people start affiliate marketing with a website to drive traffic from several sources back to their site.

Tip 3: Discover Products in the Niche to Review

Once your website is running, you required content for the visitors of your site. Audience visit a site in search of information or the usability of the product.

Spend time on identifying and assessing the areas where customers are searching for content and fulfil their needs.

Have a look at the competitor’s site and see what things they are offering to make sure your affiliate links are leading the site.

See the search results on Google of the questions searched by the customers. Make a list of the authority site and see what they are providing to the customers and accordingly provide visitors.

One more important thing is keyword; search a keyword that has monthly searches in Google and enough volume.

Offer HONEST Reviews

Give your audience the honest review about the product to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Providing honesty can help you earn some commission and give signals to the reader that they can trust you for long term.

Tip 4: Choose Affiliate Marketing Programs

When your website is all ready to run, select the products that you will sell online or from the store. Choose and identify the items for the affiliate marketing business.

Now you have to find the source to sell the product that will reach to your customers. There are many affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon, ebay which you can use for your business.

Estimate Revenue Potential

By registering to affiliate marketing programs you need to determine the profit that you earn from the website. For that your SEO should look good and your site must rank higher in Google searches.

You can use some tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to check daily traffic on your site, keywords that have high clicks and impressions. According to which you can estimate the revenue potential.

You revenue usually depends on the conversion rate and the number of users visiting your site. You can roughly calculate revenue potential of a specific product.

Product Term Keyword Research

In order to create sales from the affiliate business you should understand the buyer’s intent.

For example, if a person search “types of Android phones” it means that buyer is doing some research. But if they search for “where to buy Android phone online” then it means that the buyer is willing to purchase that product.

Having a clear view the keyword can be a great benefit for your website. Before proceeding further search the keyword in Google searches and see if you can rank in the high keyword or not.

Look whether the high authority sites have already written in that keyword or not. To search keywords you can also use tools, you just have to enter the domain name and it will automatically show you the keywords that are in demand.

This strategy will help you identify keywords with high traffic and low competition. Moreover, make maximum profit for the site.

Tip 5: Create a Content that is enhanced for Google

While becoming an affiliate marketer you will face numerous challenges and the main challenge is to create a content that is enhanced for Google.

Whenever a user searches with a keyword hundreds of results are displayed this includes high authority’s sites. If your website ranks successfully then you are able to make difference in affiliate marketing, generating income, creating sales or abjection failure.

You can use tools to search for the keywords that help you rank higher in Google searches. Coming to the content part you should write according to Google algorithms.

You should provide relevant information to your readers in your content which should be helpful. This is another way in which you can insert links of your product.

Spend time on building content and post at least two or three content per week. Stick to a structure of posting the blogs so that you can drive traffic at the beginning and make your site stable.

For a couple of months you might not see traffic on few blogs so you need not worry about that. When you create content, generate the title with the focus keyword that grabs the reader’s attention.

Add bullet points, small paragraphs sentences, useful images that are easy to understand. Make sure to add alt text in the image while posting the content, this will help in ranking your site in search engine.

Tip 6: Construct a Social Media Platform

Promoting your website on social media platform is also a way to increase awareness as well as click rates.

Sharing your content or blogs on various social media platform will not only promote your site by also you can become a part of Social media marketing.

Social media platform are the one where you can easily interact with your audience in an easy way and generate followers to support your website.

How to Begin:

Set up accounts on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Create profile, complete it with all the information such as website links, the profile pictures, and cover photos.

When to Post:

Fix the posting schedule: How many times will you post? Which social platforms will be more often?

You can directly post your blog on Facebook; you can tweet or retweet in Twitter. You can create pin in Pinterest which consumes tight anti-spamming rules.

To post on Instagram you must mentioned hashtag # like the trend. Each platform is different from other and can be useful for you.

What to Post:

You can post different variety of post to display your product and reach out to the audience with memes or quotes.

You can get engage with your audience with comments or messages. This will help to build a loyalty with the customers.

Apart from this, you can also posts rewards, giveaways or competitions. Everyone likes free stuffs and if you request your present followers they can share your post to their friends thus increasing audience.

Join the Question and Answer Sites

There are several ways to increase the reach and build audience by responding to their questions on different websites such as Reddit and Quora.

Many people post questions to get the solutions which are helpful for them. Doing so you get the opportunity to get interact with new people; drive more traffic on your site.

You can also add links of your content that provides the answer to the reader’s question. This way you promoted your content as well as solved the query.

Create YouTube Videos

Video marketing is one of the fast drawing traffic for the website. YouTube is very effective in promoting things.

It is human nature to get attracted with visuals and videos includes watchable and informative content. Such videos will drive lot of traffic for the website.

Create a YouTube channel and post quality video focusing on the content. The more views your video will get you can make money according to the views.

Either you can post an audio creating a slideshow or you can show your face to the audience in the video explain your content.

By providing content and focusing on audience need, you can set your channel away from the competition.

Tip 7: Other Ways to Construct the Affiliate Site

There are various ways through which you can monetize your affiliated site, sell the product by advertising it and make money over sales commission.

Affiliate marketing is not limited; you can set up your site and get additional income by using other ways with little effort.

Below mentioned are some of the alternative ways to earn money from your affiliated site.

Banner Ads:

Banners ads are little tacky if overdoing it. The discreet banner ads are placed in header or in the footer of the website which can give you few more cents.

These ads are free to set up and involves a bit of coding on the site. As soon as visitors click on the banners ads, you can earn money.

Optimize Commissions:

In case you are having more than one network of affiliate for the product then make sure to check the commission level for all the items.

Select the one that offers you highest payout and look for specials, bonuses, and promotions to boost the earnings.

Adsense Ads:

Adsense Ads is a free service provided from Google to advertise your product. Affiliate marketing will display ads on the website and throughout the blogs as well.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your website displayed ad, you will receive a commission. It is easy to set up, when your account is approved.

Make sure that you meet Google’s specific criteria so that the ads can be placed on your site. Adsense offers its marketers with a inclusive dashboard which shows commission totals, statistics, and further useful information.

In-Text Links:

There are abundantly of opportunities to contain in-text links to the affiliate products or services on the website. This varies from ad placement as in-text links are built-in in the text pieces.

When you write a blog, it is beneficial to add a link on one of the items that is for sale or to any external site that hints to the services for which commission is received on sales.

Such links can be subtle that the reader does not realize that you have earned money from them. The best part about in-text links is that they can be added whenever and wherever it is appropriate.

Product Reviews:

Blogs and content creation strategy is useful for the reader but along with this product reviews is also helpful.

If you are selling a product, the product review page will be really helpful for the customers to compare it and rate your item.

There are many visitors that not only visit a website to buy a product but to look for the information about that particular product.

This product review opportunity will provide broad review, involve the audience and deliver them the resource that they want to make a purchase.

You can set up a list of Product review for the customers to let you know where your product stands and see the result.

Wrapping Up

Affiliate marketing is one of best Digital marketing from where you can easily earn money by applying few tricks.

I have provided some information that can be help for you to start Affiliate marketing and rest of the will be given in next blog.

Here I am wrapping up this article, if you have any questions or suggestion then write in the below comment section or you can also visit our Facebook page to sort out your queries.

Stay tune for the upcoming information about Affiliate Marketing.

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