Goa:31+ Interesting Facts|Goa beach|Goa hotels & visit place

Goa is a state in western India.It is a India smallest state.The capital of Goa is Panaji. The Local language of Goa was Known as the Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, English. Goa well formed on 30 May 1987.

goa beaches, tourist places in Goa
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Interesting Facts about Goa

  • Best time to visit October,February(Choose February because during that month Goa Carnival Helds).
  • First Medical College:- Even the first Medical College of India was set up in Goa.It was set up in 18th century when Goa still under the Rule Of Portuguese.
  • Naval Aviation Museum:-Goa is Known as the home of Asia Naval Aviation Museum.Today there are more than 15 types of Aircraft at the Museum.
  • Portuguese Passport:- The Unique things about Goans are that the only Indians who can also apply or Avail a Portuguese Passport along with Indian one also.
  • First Printing Press:-India first Printing Set up in Goa back in the 1500.It was installed in St.Paul college in 1956.
  • Smallest State:- Goa is Known as the smallest state.But its have a highest per-Capita income which known as the richest state.
  • Churches:- Old Goa is known as the capital of Goa.You can see the beauty and architecture of the churches.Basilica of Bom Jesus hold an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Casino:-Playing Games like Rummy,Stud Poker,Black Jack it is held on ships.Even Music,Food and Drinks which held on Luxury Board.It is a best way to spend a night on ship.
  • Cheap Alcohol:-To encourage the tourism Goa implies a low tax on specially on Alcohol. This applies in International liquors as well as.

Best beaches in India – Digha Beach | Puri Sea beach

  • Headphone Parties:- Indians like Noise party. But there are Headphones in beaches in which without disturbing the peace of area even you can tune with different DJ’S.This party held in once in a week.
  • Bike On Rentals:-Want To explore Goa with Two Wheeler’s is just awesome. Well Rental bike in Goa is easy. Well price was starting from 200 per day for non-geared scooters and increased according to the demand of the scooters.
  • Shopping:- If you love to do shopping then Anjuna hosts one of the best shopping destinations in Goa.It was held in Every Wednesday.In this you get every thing from species to electronics. 
  • Delicious Food:-In Goa you found penty of dish which was made up of fish which was delicious also.
  • Trance Parties:-Goa is known as the beach destinations. This party is big as compared to others which goes early morning also.
  • Dudsagar Waterfalls:- This is known as the India tallest Waterfall with height of 1017 feet.It is situated around 60 Km away from the Panjim.
  • Spotting Of Dolphins:-Well you know that there is plenty of Dolphins are available..Take a banana boat and bit out into a ocean.Where you see Dolphins jumping out of water and playing with you.It is best experience and also not so expensive,Candolim beach is spot for Dolphins.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries:- Goa is known as tiny state with lots of greenish. And also lots of Wildlife cantuaries captured like Cotigao, Netravali, Bondla Wildlife sanctuaries.Even most of the Wild life sanctuaries also conducted an jungle safari and also offers night tours also.
  • The state denoted with two offical lanuage:-Konkani and Marathi.
  • Rice is known as the main agricultural product which was followed by coconut,ragi,dish,cashew.
  • Industries of Goa are Fish canning,fruit canning,Mining etc.

Places to visit in Goa|Goa tourism|Goa beach

Now check some tourist space according to the Gender which are listed below.

  • Butterfly Beach:-This place is known as the most romantic place for couples situated in north of Palolem ,in between two hills.This beach is know as the most least popular beach.Timing to enter 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Betual Beach:- If you love photography then it’s a best place for you.Just sat under the shades of coconut its gives best romantic moment. Its open for 24 hours.
  • Candolim Beach:-It is known as the most romantic place in North Goa and also best for relaxation,rejuvenation and also enjoy the natural beauty of beach.And also known as the perfect pre-wedding shoot.Its open for 24 hours.
  • Kakolem Beach:-This is the best place for those who love the birds.Sun Bathe is a great things to do.This place make just memorable for you.Just pay entry fees Rs 100.
  • Bogmalo Beach:- It is also best beach for couples to spend some time with each other.This beach is known as the buzzing shores and charming night.Timing to visit this beach is from 6 am to 10 pm.

Waterfalls in Goa|places to visit in goa

goa beaches, places to visit in goa
Image by Kai Müller from Pixabay

Apart of these there are some waterfall which may you visit with your partner.

  • Banbundo Waterfall:-This waterfall is known as the most sceneriny waterfall along with chirping of birds make this most memorable.Best time to visit was October to May and its open for 24 hours.
  • Harvalem Waterfalls:- It is located near Arvalem caves.It is denoted with most delight and wonder.You can also visit Rudreshwar temple for praying of blissful marital life.Best time to visit June to November and open from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Dudsagar Waterfalls:-It is known as the fifth largest waterfall of India.Most refreshing vibes of this waterfall make more romantic and have to do more cuddle with yours partner.Best time to visit from October to April. And opening of this waterfall was 9 am to 6 pm.

Romantic Resort in Goa|places to visit in Goa

  • Cafe Bodega:- Enjoying Coffee Date with your partner.:- Timing to open 10 am to 7pm. Signature dishes was waffles,cupcakes,poached eggs,berry smoothie,red velvet cake.Cost of two was 800 ruppes.
  • Cantare:-Enjoying some soulful music.:- Timing to open was 6:30 pm to 1 pm.Signature dishes was Baked nachos,Goan food,Sangria.Cost of two dishes was 800.Best things to do was listening live music.
  • Riverside:- For doing perfect romantic dinner.:- Timing of opening was 7 pm to 11 pm.And signature dish was Exoctic fruit platter,Garlic saute prawns,Tiramisu. Cost of two was 3000 rupees.This place is perfect for candle light dinner also.
  • Thalassa:-For an Enthralling Ambiance.:- Timing to open was 9 am to 12 am.And some signature dishes was Prawn Wrap,Stuffed Sardiness. Cost of two was 1500.
  • Tuscany Gardens:- For Awesome Hospitality.:-Timing to open was 9 am to 12 am. Some Signature dishes was Speghatti peso,Quatrro Carni.And cost of two was 1000.
  • Down The Road:-For Romantic Vista.:-Timing to open was 11:30 am to 3 am.And signature dish was Tangdi Kabab,Prawn Masala fried,grilled pawn. Cost of two was 600.

There are best forts also which you must visit with your soulmate.

  • Fort Aquada:-Denoted with Romantic Evening.
  • Chapora Fort:- “Dil Chatha hai feels”.
  • Sinquerium Fort:-For exploring Unique Architecture.
  • Fort Tiracol:-Heritage Resort.
  • Mourmuago Fort:-Portuguese Resort.

Now lets check some foods of Goa.Which make more tourists attract.

  • Cashews:- Well Portuguese introduced cashews in Goa.Well now cashew paste is an important element of goan dishes.
  • Tamarind:- It is typical south Indian species.
  • Jaggery.
  • Kokum.
  • Coconut.
  • Coconut Vinegar.

Goa Festival celebration

Goa is also famous for their festivals.

  • Christmas:- 25 Dec
  • Goa Carnival 22-25 feb.
  • New Year:-31st Dec.
  • Saptah Festival:-16 Aug.
  • Goa food and Culture:- Feb.
  • Goa Cashew/Coconut:-April/May.
  • Sao Jao:- 24 june.
  • Bonderam Festival:- August.
  • Three kings feast:- 6th Jan.
  • Shigmo festival:-21stMarch.
  • Goa sunburn Festival:- December.

What should we don’t do in Goa?

  • Don’t Drink and Drive.
  • Do not Buy Hawaii shirts.
  • Do not washed and sleep on beach.
  • Do not Droll over Bikini.
  • Do not wear heels on beach.
  • Do not do Lungi dance on Beach.

Parasailing at goa beach

Watch and enjoy the following video .Paragliding in goa, For such video of tour and travels you can subscribe my YouTube Channel. In the following video you can see the beautiful highway of Goa and roads that is cleaned very well. Goa is famous for its tourist places and beaches in India. Its a great pleasure to share with you all about Goa.

Apart Of these Goa is also know for its Paragliding. The Cost of Paragliding was 3000 per person for 1 hour.


  • Anjuna.
  • Calangute.
  • Colva and Mobor.
  • Arambol.

follow these tips to have enjoyable paragliding.

  • Tourists remain hydrated.
  • If there is any health issues then tell to instuctor.
  • Tour agencies charge full price above 12 years.
  • Should wear comfortable clothes not so loose.
  • Don’t overeat before its might be nausea.

Markets of Goa

  • Igno Saturday Market:- It is known as the best market in Goa.In which they are selling species,textiles,carpets,clothes.Even you get all the products in reasonable price.
  • Hollywood Market:- It is located in Candolim which offers you good quality of clthes in resonable prices.Even you can share your own designs.
  • Colva Beach:- It is the best place for getting variety of clothes. It is the best place to visit with your family.
  • Babu Tea and Coffee:- If you are tea lover and coffee lover then this shop is for you.Its serves finest coffee and tea in Goa. And with affordable prices.
  • Tuk Tuk:- This shop fulfills your all household equipment. In this you find coin pouches,Traditional mugs,coasters and many more. With affordable prices.
  • Panjim Market:-Its offers you variety of spices,Handicraft,clothes.
  • Calngute Market:- It is the most busiest market in Goa. You buy sea shells for memory.

Couples Friendly Hotels in Goa.

  • Sereny Waters Goa:- Rs 1,167.
  • Hotels Travells Inn:- Rs999.
  • Damodar Guest House:- Rs 1,343.
  • Hotel Salomar Exoctia:- Rs 2,168.

Well for Couples friendly hotel was OYO with affordable prices.For more Know about OYO just google it.

If you want to see the what time of hotels OYO is providing then you can watch the below video where I have shared my experience of living room in OYO. And I can say that it is couple friendly and we do not have any legal risk about it.

Cheap hotels in Goa with good amenities

Now check some Cheap hotels in Goa with good amenities they provided you without burning your pockets:-

  • Hotel Travelers Inn:- Rs 999,Provided WiFi and also rental bikes also.
  • Mayam Lake Vies:- Rs1,678.
  • Marquito Guest House:-2,000.
  • Old Quarter:-Rs 1,057,Simple Room,Provided Free Breakfast.
  • Billa Villa: Rs 1,157.
  • Ginger Goa:- Rs 1,194,provide restaurant,free WiFi,exercise room.
  • Old Goa Residency:- Rs 1,164.
  • Viva Guest House:- Rs 1,123, provide lounge and free WiFi.
  • Highland Homes:- Rs 1,811, provide relax room with free food and WiFi.

Best Time To Visit Goa

Now lets check best time to Visit Goa.

  • Summer:- March,April,May,October.
  • Monsoon:-June,July,August,September.
  • Winter:- November,December,January,February.

Famous Personality of Goa

Well Goa is not about for Tiny state with sands,romantic places. It also produce some famous personalities lets check:-

  • Popular Indian Classical Singer:-Kishori Amonkar.
  • Nightangle Of India:- Asha Boshle and her sister Lata Mangeskar.
  • Cricketer:- Dilip Sardesi.
  • Former Director Of CBI:- John Lobo.
  • Director of Anti Corruption:-Caejetan Joseph Vincent Miranda.
  • Known as chief of Mumbai,Punjab ,Ambassador To Romania:- Julio Francis Riberio..
  • Writer of the Major Book on Indian Drugs and Medicines:- Garcia de Orta.
  • Known as Nuclear Scientist and chairman of Atomic Commission:-Anil Kakodkar.
  • Freedom Frighter as well as former major of Bombay:-Dr. Simon C.Fernades.

CONCLUSION:- Well if you are touring to other countries. Then its a prime duty to you that make mind map before check all the things. Comment below so that I will keep posting such a beautiful articles. Kindly comment below, we need your suggestion so that we can do better in our life.

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