Have you ever heard why God choose women to give birth?/All about pregnancy in women

Hello! my beautiful peeps I hope you are serving with good health & wealth. Today I am here with my blog to discuss with most relevant topic “Have you ever heard why God choose women to give birth to new human?why?/All about pregnancy” .

Have you ever heard why God choose women to give birth?/All about pregnancy in women

What should we do and don’t during this period. After pregnancy period over how we get in shape. Well women being pregnant is the most beautiful gift to her. These nine months keeping a child in womb most beautiful moment.  I think every women want to live these precious moment.During that time period she get a more love from  her husband and in-laws.

  • Have you ever heard why God choose women to give birth to new human?why? because in this universe women is the only responsible person who ready to kept the child 9 months in their womb.
    Now without delaying lets us start our topic. During the pregnancy their are many myths also that don’t do these things which are bad to our baby.. bla!bla!bla! Now let us look which food to be eaten during pregnancy that you and yours baby remain healthy even after birth also. During pregnancy its a most important big task which food should be eaten in right way. don’t be asking here and there just read my blog till end this the platform  through which you most of the queries goes to be resolve soon.

What are the top 12 diet during pregnancy?

This  time is most crucial time for both mother and baby. Chosen right way food to be eaten.

  1. DAIRY PRODUCTS:-  In this time included dairy products to our diet is the most important factor for them. Because during pregnancy bones should remain strong so that during delivery don’t face any problem. Dairy contain most important phosphorus, Various b multi-vitamin,zinc& magnesium. Best option to enhance more calcium then eat yogurt because yogurt contain good pribiotics which are good for your’s stomach also. Even those are lactose intolerant they also easily digest the yogurt. During pregnancy its a best option if you take pribiotics supplements because its decrease the risk factor like vaginal infections and allergies.  Here i suggest to take yogurt among the all others dairy products because yogurt helps to give more calcium and protein. Because yogurt contain pribiotic which help to reduce the complications which most of the women’s suffered during that period. 

NOTE:- In the above para i used the term lactose intolerant which means body doesn’t ability to absorb the milk.

all about pregnancy

2. SALMON:-  Salmon is the excellent source for omega-3 and its the most important vitamin’s to take by the mother during their pregnancy period because its help us the baby to develop the brain and eye.If you see the ratio that most of the women who don’t take salmon facing the probelm of omega -3. Well omega-3 is the natural source of Vitamin-d because its help to develop bone health and immune system. Omega-3 have found in abundant in fatty fish. But most of the time doctor not recommend to eat because it has mercury. 

Well Salmon contain most important omega-3 fatty acids which is important for development of eyes and brain for your foetus.

3.EGGS:-  Eggs is the important vitamin which pregnant women have been taken even doctor also recommend to take eggs. A large whole eggs come loaded with calories, protein, and other important vitamins and minerals which is important for during that time. Egg also contain the chlorine which is important for development of brain and body.Low chlorine intake during the pregnancy led to decrease the brain power of yours foteus.    

4. WATER:-  In pregnancy water play a important rule because its help us to remain hydrated. During pregnancy blood volume increase 1.5 liter so to remain hydrated is important key factor. Your baby also need a water just dink a water for your baby also. Your body show some symptoms of dehydration like:- headache,stress, tiredness and even memory loss also. Generally we drink water 2 liter but during pregnancy its increase by 3 liter.. You add substitute of water also like watery fruits,coconut water,sugarcane juice. But be aware for go to soft-drinks. Generally drinking water helps us to heal the constipation and urinary infection which is mostly seen during that time. Drink water as much as you can to quench the thirst.

5. BLUEBERRIES:-   Berries come with lots of water,vitamin-c,fiber and antioxidant. Vitamin..-c helps us to absorb the iron content in the body. Vitamin-C also great source of skin. Its helps us to repair the skin damage cells. If pregnant women include blueberries in our daily-diet because its come with water.

6. GREEN-LEAFY VEGETABLES:- Consuming one bowl of green leafy vegetables get all zinc,iron,vitamins,minerals,calcium. Green vegetables like spinach,kale,broccoli. Green leafy vegetables come with lots of fiber and antioxidant which help to prevent for constipation. During this stage an pregnant women’s suffered from constipation. Consuming Broccoli get plant compound which is important for developing the immune-system and digestion.

Consuming green-leafy vegetables also decrease the risk of low-birth weight.

7.PULSES:- Consuming daily amount of lentils,Soybeans,peas,peanuts is an excellent source of vitamins,minerals which every pregnant women included in their diet. Although pulses is plant-based which contain the vitamins,calcium,iron,folecite which is the most essential compound to be taken. Well folate is one of the Vitamin-b moreover which is essential to be taken by an pregnant women. Eating one cup of black bean,or other pulses gives you 60 folecite. Research suggest that many pregnant womens are deficiency of folecite. Moreover folecite helps your baby to protect from virus in present scenario.

8. SWEET-POTATOES:- Sweet potatoes is an excellent source of plant compounds. Sweet potatoes also contains beta-carotene which later converted into Vitamin-A. Well Vitamin-A is the most important for the development of the baby and other cells also. Well doctor always recommended to increase the Vitamin-A in their diet for better development of their child.Sweet potatoes also contain large amount of the fiber which increase the fullness,reduce blood sugar and aids proper digestion and increase the mobility. Well doctor always recommended to avoid animal protein because later its convert from toxins.

9. LEAN-MEAT:-  Chicken,pork is an excellent source of protein,iron,chloine and during that time pregnant women need more iron because during that blood volume is increasing. Those who are detect with low level of iron which more prone to anemia later its become risk to give birth premature or lower birth baby.Consuming a red meat also increase the iron level in their body.

Consuming Vitamin-C foods like oranges and bell-peppers which help to absorb the iron.

10. WHOLE-GREEN:- Whole grains come with packed with plant nutrients,magnesium,vitamin-B,fiber. Eating whole grains increase the intake of calories in their body. Oats and broken wheat(Daliya) are excellent source of whole green. Research suggest that most pregant women lacking the Vitamin-b which present in whole green.

11. DRIED-FRUITS:- Just eating handfull of dried fruits gets all vitamins which is needed during that months. Dried fruits come with packed of amnio-acids. Dried fruits contains large amount of the iron and potassium. Dates:- Dates are high in fiber,potassium which is to be needed.

Well dry-fruits contain a natural sugar also. But stay away from the candid dry-fruits.

12. AVACADOES:-   Avacadoes is a great excellent fruit its also good for vegina also its shape also look like an Vegina also. Avacadoes come with lots of manusattured fatty acids. Avacodes contains Vitamin-b,Vitamin-k,Vitamin-C,potassium,copper,Vitamin-E. Healthy fats help us to develop the skin and brain tissues cells of your baby.

Avacodes helps us to relief from the leg cramps and reduce the side-effect of after pregancy which moreover mostly women suffered. Avacodes contains more potassium then bananas.

In the above you may know what food should be taken during their pregnancy. Now their are some certain food also which is advised to not be taken till the pregnancy period began. Pregnancy donated with well sensitive period for women’s.

What are foods to avoid during pregnancy?

  • COFFEE:-  Coffee contain the high amount of caffeine which is not recommended to be taken by the pregnant women. Caffeine is easily absorb and passes into planceta and fetus. Having coffee during pregnancy increase the lower birth. Lower birth increse the risk of the death of infant or prone to dangerous disease in their adulthood like:- Heart-disease, diebites etc..
  • UNWASHED FRUITS:-  Unwashed fruits prone to more risk for calling the disease because unwashed fruits and vegetables contain the harmful bacteria which is dangerous to both mother and baby.
  • RAW EGG:-  Raw eggs also recommended should be avoided during the pregnancy which is contain the Salmonella. Infections of Salmonella contains the stomach cramp,dioerha,vomiting. Pregnant women always recommended to cook eggs or pasteurized egg. Well the eggs we eat are usually pasteurized. List of Raw eggs are available.
  • HIGH-MERCURY FISH:- Eating high mercury fish is strictly recommended not to be taken. Mercury is highly toxic and mostly found in polluted water. Its disturb the kidney problem and also decrease the development of the baby. Important to note that not all fish are mercury. Fatty fish loaded with omega-3 which is advise to be taken more. High mercury fish are:-
  • TUNA
  • UNDER COOKED MEAT:-  Under cooked raw and processed meat is Highly advisedly not to be eaten. It increase the risk of infection and bacteria. Bacteria present such as salmonella, E.coli. These bacteria also have huge risk effects your baby health like illness and blindness also. Under cooked meats included like meat patties,burgers,minced meat,pork and poultry. These types of bacteria more infected during prossing and storage.

In the above para you better understand that food or which do not foods should be taken during the pregnancy.  During pregnancy you may also add some yoga’s which is healthy for both mother and baby too.

What are the best yoga exercise during pregnancy?


Apart  from that there are some yoga’s which is highly recommended to be avoided during pregnancy.


Apart from that so many women get stressed that how to back in older shape don’t be stressed let us discuss.

How to back in older shape after pregnancy?


  • EAT PROTEIN:-  Eat sufficent amount of proteins help us to back in shape. Because proteins help us to recovered the cells. Eat proper mono saturated fats olive,coconut and butter contain the vitamin a.c,k,e. So eat proper proteins
  • AVOID JUNK-FOOD  :- Avoid to be taken junk food during the recovery of body. Junk food contains bad oil which adversely effect the liver and cause fatty liver also. So try to ditch the junk food,
  • WATER:- Water is the miracle to help us to back to old shape. Always ensure that you remain hydrated after pregnancy because after you may feel tiredness and pregnancy nausea. So recommended to drink 2+ liter water.
  • SLEEP:-    Make habit to sleep. Because sleep is also more important than other points. its a nature gift. Sleeping also enhance the beauty and also help us to sleep atleast 6-8 hours. So that soon you came back to yours old body.
  • EXERCISE:-  In this exercise is also play a leading role. Try to exercise when you have time.While doing exercise its also help us to motivated you.

Apart from these there are surrogacy also. Now most of thinking what is surrogacy let us discuss.

What do you mean by surrogate or surrogacy?


Now-days  medical science become more advance those who don’t become mother with the help of surrogacy their dream become true. Well surrogacy is legal practice. Surrogacy is done only US but India also doing but in India is not common. In it women carried the sperms of other man and give birth to their child. Well Surrogacy is modern technique of bearing a child in their womb.

Some countries such as Greece,US, Cnanada,Ukraine are popular surrogacy countries.Well surrogacy is costlier and cost is differ from countries to countries. Well cost of surogacy is depend on the two-factor. First factor was its depend on the which country your are living and second its depend on the insurance of new born and medical costs and living condition.

If you remember film Vicky donor movie in which Ayushmann gives his sperms to doctor is a surrogacy. If you still confuse what is surrogacy then go and watch once Vicky-donor you got idea of that.

CONCLUSION:- ” Well pregnancy is the most sensitive issue, beautiful and wonderful moment which each and every women love to live that. Kindly follow all those steps which is mentioned above in the blog because I have brought with lots of research so that you don’t follow any myth. Stay healthy and stay safe.


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