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Chhath Puja/chhathi maiya:-Hello! Everyone. Today I come with my blog to discuss the why we celebrating a Chhath Puja. As you known our India is a Democratic country. In our country there many religions of people live and their festival also celebrated with lots of fun and coregous. So without any delay lets start today topic.

History of celebrating Chhath Puja

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Chhath Puja Celebration

Well Chhath is known as the Hindu vedic festival. It is grand celebrated in the state of Jharkhand,Bihar,Uttarpradesh and Nepal also. The Chath Puja is dedicated to Sun and Shastri Devi (Chhatiya Maiya). In order to thanks them the life on Earth.

The festival is dedicated to worship of Chhati Maiya and Sun God Surya.Along with his wife  Usha and Pratyusha. In Hind Mythology its believed that the main source of Sun power was his wife Usha and Pratyusha. It is believed  that in Chhath Puja it is combined of two powers along with sun.

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First in the morning it was worship of first Ray of the sun and then last ray of sun in the evening.It is observed over a period of four days,which include holy bathing,fasting along with standing in water for long time also offering a prasad and give argh of setting and rising of sun. It is also mentioned in Indian big epic Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Ramayan story behind Chhath Puja

In Ramayana when Ram and Sita returned to Ayodhya then peoples celebrated Deepawali, and then sixth day Ramraja was established. And on this Ram and Sita Kept fast and Surya Shasthri was performed by Sita and then she blessed with Luv and Kush as their sons. In Mhabharta Chhath Puja was performed by Draupadi then after she escaped from Lakshagrih.

Types of Chhath Puja

The Biggest Festival Celebration in India , Chhath Puja

There are two types of Chhath Puja.

  • Chhaitra Chhath:- Which was fall in the Chaitra month of Vikram Samvat.
  • Kartik Chhath:- Which was falls in the Kartika month of Vikram Samvat. Known as very famous and celebrated in very large scale.

Rituals and Traditions of Chhath Puaj

It is believed that the main workshippers was women But many men also observed this fast well it is not specific gender festival.This festival is for wellbeing of the family.

It is also believed that once a family member starts performing the Chhath puja then its become compulsory duty to perform in every year and also performed in following generations.This festival is not skipped however its only skip if there is death of any member.

The prasad was offered sweets,sweet lime,Kheer,Thekua in small bamboo soop winnows.The food is followed strictly vegetarian not included onions,garlic and even salt also.

Chhath puja date 2020

In 2020 Chhath puja will be celebrated as given below . As we know that it is celebrated in November month and kartik hindi month.

CHHATH PUJA CELEBRATION 2020/Chhath 2020 in Jharkhand
Friday, 20 NovemberSaturday, 21 November

What should we follow during Chhath Puja?

Lets check what should you DO’s and Don’t follow in Chhath Puja

DO’S during Chhath Puja

  • Take Bath.
  • Wash Hands then only touch the things which offer to Lord Sun.
  • When You Performing Chhath puja take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Worship The Sun God and take blessings to elders.

DON’T during Chhath Puja

  • Do not eat salt and even touch the salt.
  • It is strictly to probated to eat non-vegetarian foods.
  • Do not wear dirty clothes.
  • Even don’t drink or smoke also.

Famous Sun Temples in India

As we know that in Chhath puja we worship to God sun and chhathi maiya . So now we are going to discuss about soem famous sun temples where Chhath Puja is also celebrated and I think you must visit once in your life for your growth and best blessings.

  • Sun Temple(Konark).
  • Sun Temple(Modhera).
  • Sun Temple(Martand).
  • Sun Temple(Ranchi).
  • Sun Temple(Unao).
  • Sun Temple(Gwalior).
  • Sun Temple(Gaya).
  • Surya Narayana Temple(Arasavaali).
  • Suryanar Temple(Kumbakonam).
  • Surya Narayana Temple(Domlu).

Chhath Puja best song download

In the below link if you play you will get all songs of chhath Puja . It has duration of more than 1 hour. It has a great feelings to all of us. Chhath puja songs have their own importance.

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Conclusion:- Festival is meant for celebrating happiness just forget everything and celebrated with all members,near ones demolished negativity and generate positive.

I hope you like my blog! Another day i come with some informative blog.

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