How can we earn money from YouTube??

How can we earn money from YouTube??


Hello friends, today I am going to discuss how to earn money from Youtube. I am going to share myself experience with YouTube. It is a platform where you can show your skills, talent and earn money easily. It provides us a platform, Where youtube gives us reward for our skills. I am proud to be a YouTuber. Because I learned many things while making my videos and post it on YouTube.

YouTube is only a platform where you can introduce yourself around the world. It will be possible only based upon your talent. Its a really a proud moment for everyone when they became successful to introduce around the Globe.

What you can upload in YouTube??


1)In short, if I say you can share your best knowledge in YouTube by uploading Videos on it. People will watch it, If they will like your content they will subscribe and in this way one day you will have crores of fans that means crore of followers.


Its only possible on YouTube. so create your channel on YouTube and Start uploading.

How Can we earn Money from It???

If you uploaded the videos as per YouTube Policy. When you will get 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Watch hour during one year of your YouTube Journey. It will be reviewed by YouTube teams. Within one month you will get a confirmation message about your Channel Monetization. You can apply for monetization by “Google Adsense”.


Then Your channel will be monetized and earn money.

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