How to add Custom Search Box for Blogger?

Hello friends, In this blog, I am going to tell you how can you add Custom Search Box, What is it need? Why Should we use it in our blog?

What is a Custom Search Box?

A custom search box is a search bar where you can search any blog title of your blog. Today in this Blog we will know how to add it to the sidebar, header of your blog or anywhere you can add it.

How to add Custom Search Box for Blogger?

If you are reading my Blog, you can see in the right-hand side of SideBar ” Search Blog”. In this blog, we will learn how to add it.

Why you should add it to your Blog?

When you write many posts in your blog, Then it is necessary to add it to help the viewer to search any blog. If you don’t add it to your blog, then its very difficult to search any blogs one by one. So after adding it, anyone can search your blog post by just entering the title of your blog. If you have any blog post related to entered by the user then it will appear near them otherwise they will get a message that no blog post related to that.

How can you add it to your blog? Just follow the steps below

1. Go to “LAYOUT” section of your blogger.
Layout Section of a Blogger.
2. Select the section where you want to add a “Search Box”. And click on “Add a Gadget” option.
3, Another screen will appear before you, Where you have to select the “+” icon of “Blog Search” option.
4. Now refresh your blog post. You can find it. Now start search anything to your blog. Now its very easy for the visitors to search your any blog post.
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