How to change custom url of youtube channel

Hello friends, welcome back in my next blog in which we will discuss “How to change custom url of youtube channel” in a very easy steps . You can change it within 5 minutes. Initially we choose our channel name without any understanding and niche but after some days we realize that we should change our niche of videos uploading and that time you might have understood that what contents are being liked or watched by the viewers then you want to change your custom url of your YouTube channel but here is a question how can we change it . Firstly we will talk about what is custom url , it may be possible that recently you have started your channel so you can’t know or heard about it. How to change custom url of youtube channelWhat is custom url of YouTube channel?

If you have completed your 100 subscriber then you might have heard about it or if you have just entered in YouTube then read carefully. Custom url is a link that is given by YouTube in which your channel name included ad its easy to share it with anyone. Initially we have a big link that is difficult to share in the social media or with our friends but after 100 Subscriber your custom url option becomes enabled. that time you have just to apply it for getting your custom url .

change url youtube

Why is it require to change the custom url of YouTube channel ?

Initially without any fix niche we start to upload the video but after some months we can know the which videos are more watched by the viewers . Suppose that you have uploaded the miscellaneous videos on different topics but after some time you have realized that you can upload more videos on hindi vlogs.

custom url youtube

That time you have to change your channel name or custom url like “xyz vlogs” . so that it can come in search pages easily if anyone are searching for vlogs .

How can we change our YouTube channel Custom URL link?

  1. Go to your setting tab of your channel
  2. Select advance setting
  3. Now you can see your custom url and “learn more” tab just below your custom url.
  4. click on learn more
  5. Now you can see a new window and click on ” Remove custom URL & claim a new”
  6. Here you can see you can change your Custom url 3 times in a year.
  7. In first option you can see ” About me””, click on it
  8. Then your Google page will be open .
  9. Here you can see “Sites” where your channle name and link will be visible
  10. Now you can see a pencil mark
  11. Click on pencil mark and cross your custom URL
  12. Click on Continue
  13. Now come back your YouTube channel and click on settings again and then ” claim for new custom url “
  14. Now you can see recommendation by YouTube as per your channel name .
  15. Now select and continue.
  16. Now you can see your custom url has been changed successfully.

custom youtube channel url

In this way easily you can change your custom URL . In case of any issue kindly comment below I will try to make a video on it . It was not possible to upload the all screenshot of each steps , so just I have given the description, hope you all have understood it easily.

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