How to increase your body skin brightness with natural therapy?

Glow your body skin with natural therapy?

Natural way to increase brightness of your skin

Today we discuss on our body skin issues – How to increase your body skin brightness with natural therapy?

Hello everyone! In a busy schedule, we are so merged in our daily life that we don’t care our skin and we are facing lots of skin issues like pimples, dark spot, dark circles, unnatural skin tone, dull skin etc. Everyone has a dream that their skin look more vibrant, youthful& more shinning. Now a days every Indian want that their skin look like an korean skin and many companies make fool by seeling in the name of fake products. And making huge profit by making fool to we like peoples because we don’t know the process how to take care of the skin in this busy schedule.

Don’t worry its easy to give touch your skin more healthy. If you understand the main steps. Lets understand which steps should be taken for flawless skin.

Which steps should be taken for flawless skin.

  1. Remain hydrated:-   If you want that your skin look flawless then just make a habit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water. Its cheap available at your home itself don’t pay huge money for your beautiful skin. Even Dermatologist suggest if you want your skin look like an queen then make routine of drinking water.
  2. Keep your stomach healthy:- Want your skin look more vibrant then start kept your stomach more happy. Happy in terms means healthy. You mostly heard from your parents or grandparents all the diseases may born if your stomach is upset. Even doctor also suggest keep your stomach healthy because it is the most important organ of the body. Now many of you thinking how to keep the stomach healthy giving lecture is easy. I’m here only to tell you how to kept your stomach healthy..
  • Eat more fiber
  • Stick to particular time of eating
  • Kick start to Yoga
  • Ditch to alcohol, coffee,smoking
  • Try to complete the supplements of Probiotic.

3. Manage stress:- If you make a stress a buddy. Its ruined your skin and make your skin dull. So its a better option to stay away from the stress. Which make your skin more radiant.

4. Eat Vitamin- E rich food:- Try to add more Vitamin -E products in your diet because the sour fruits help to make your skin glow. Include citrus fruit like Oranges and lemon.

5. Ditch to high in fat:-  Food which contains the high in fat tend to destroy the skin. Just limit to intake of the fat. Why saying to ditch the amount of fat in your diet because its have a reason behind that high take fat brings your digestive system slow and start your bowel disorder.

6. Drink coconut water:-  Drinking coconut water its just a miracle product which nature gifts to us. Just we don’t know how to use nature product just running behind the man- made products.

If you don’t like to drink water just opt for coconut water. Its bring natural glow to your face faded your dark spots, blemishes and other skin disorders which you may suffer. Coconut water not only helps to fight skin disorder its help to cure cancer related issues.

7. Wash face twice:- Washing your face twice a day helps to breakout the pimples. And know one like pimples skin. And help to keep out the impurities outside the skin.

8.Rub ice:-  Rubbing ice on the face also help to keep your skin hydrated. Now many of thinking that rubbing the ice how its help. If u rub the ice on your face frequently on the skin bring glow because ice is made up of water. Water help to hydrated.

9. Protects your skin:-   Whenever you step out of the home try to protects your skin UV (Ultra- violet) rays because its damage the skin always apply SP4-24 products. But be aware of duplicate products. Always switch to natural or homemade made products. You switch to Khadi products also its more safe.

Which foods should be eaten to bring the skin blemish free.


  • Sunflower seeds
  • Avocados.
  • Walnuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Red and yellow bell peppers.
  • Dark chocklate
  • Broccoli
  •  Sweet potatoes

Important tip:-  If you want that your skin become pimple free just soak overnight few raisins and after wake-up eat raisins and drink water also.

Yoga also help us to cure the all skin diseases but for yoga you have to wake up early in the morning. let us look which yoga is best for the skin.


Well there are many exercises but here i tell you some easy exercises if you practices daily you get miracle result its a 100% sure.

  • Surya Namaskar:- By doing this yoga bring natural glow. It remove all stress and toxins from the body. This is also good for body shape also.
  • Child pose:- It is another Excellent source of skin glow. Sit in the kneeling position your buttocks towards your heels as you being stretch your body down and forward. rest your arms on the floor and your stomach on the thighs. Do this for 5 minutes.
  • The Cobra pose.
  • Camel Yoga pose.
  • Dhanurasana.
  • Head stand.
  • Shoulder stand.

IMPORTANT TIP:-  By performing this yoga not only bring glow to your skin its also strength your muscles and relax the mind.

There are some facial yoga by doing daily remove your all toxins from your body.

FACIAL Exercise

  • Trying to make a fish face.
  • Stretching the eyelids
  • Puff Your Cheeks
  • Chant ‘OM’.

Besides these all things you follow some home remedies also its more effective.

Home Remedies to glow your skin

  • Take one teaspoon of curd add pinch of turmeric in it and wash your face turmeric is a healing product and curd is pribitic combination of both bring glow to our face.
  • Take a steam adding little bit of lemon.
  • Wash your face with rice water or green tea water.
  • Apply natural honey because honey kill the bacteria.

CONCLUSION:-  If you want your glow skin then remain hydrated and ditch to junk food and oily food. practice daily yoga. Keep positive.

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