How to set the thumbnail for your Blogger Post in 1 min?

set the thumbnail for your Blogger Post
How to set the thumbnail for your Blogger Post

Dear friends, Today I am going to make you learn a very interesting feature of your blog post. If you are a blogger that means it will be very interesting for you.

Now, let’s go and discuss how to set the thumbnail of your blogger post.   Before starting this blog, I just want to introduce you about what is a thumbnail in blogger post. Friends if you are YouTuber then you are already familiar with this, but its ok if you don’t know about it.  

What is Thumbnail?

Thumbnail is something that defines or summerise your blogger post. It may be a picture or text something that defines your blog. It is often used to provide snapshots of several images in a single space. Did you understand ….No ?? Its ok let’s give an example.

Everything will be clear.I am going to give you an example of my blogger post. You can see it in my website Figure 1. Figure 2.   See figure 1. Can you see the blog “Basics of Pneumatics & Hydraulics” The image “thumbnail” used to just to show the viewer but when you open this blog you can’t find that image.

However, it is a default setting of a blog that the first image used while writing the blog will be set as a thumbnail of that blog. But in this blog, I am going to make you learn that how can you use a different image for your blog thumbnail. Its very simple just follows the steps.  

Procedures of setting thumbnail for your blogger post

  For this just open your blog post

thumbnail for your Blogger Post
Thumbnail for your Blogger Post

2) Go to HTML, as you can see in the upside. Click on it. Press Enter and copy the HTML code that you can see in the image. 

thumbnail for your Blogger Post

That is you have to write:-   <img src=””  style=”display:none”/>   3)As you can see above, in between the double inverted commas you have to enter the image URL that you want to set as a thumbnail. 

Set thumbnail for blogger post or wordpress post
thumbnail for your Blogger Post

 4) Then just click on publish. Refresh your website and you can see the image that has been set as your blog thumbnail. If you don’t know how to create image URL in blog. You can see my another blog.   Click the link to see “How to find image URL in blogger.


I think you have got your answer after reading this blog “how to set thumbnail for your Blogger Post”. Comment below and subscribe our website by entering your name and email ID in the below if you are reading in your mobile or in the side bar if you are using Desktop.

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