Lakshadweep islands: 31+ best Interesting Facts and trip

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Lakshadweep islands

Interesting Facts About Lakshadweep Islands

Well Lakshadweep is a group of islands in the Laccadive sea.Well it is union territory and district of India.Its capital was Kavaratti (capital of lakshadwee).

Lakshaweep means “one thousand hundred islands”. This island is smallest Union Territory of India.Its total surface was only 32 Km.Official Language known as the English,Malayalam.

  • It say that in Medieval period it was the rule of Chola Empire.
  • Earlier name of island is known as the Laccadive islands and it declared Union Territory in 1956 with inauguration of new name  Lakshadweep.
  • Having only 39 islands.
  • Coconut is the only economic.
  • Having only 3 groups of island-Amindivi,Laccadive,Minicoy.
  • Out of 39 islands only 10 islands was inhabited and remaining others have no population.
  • In research the record also come that this island became the colonies of Portuguese in middle of 16th centuary. And this island came rule to Tipu Sultan.
  • It said that islam is ruling to this island and more than 90% of Population was Muslims.
  • Colas,Silicia are the only minerals in the territory.
  • This Territory is known for the production of Tuna Fish.

What should we do or not do during lakshadweep tourism?

  • It is known as isolated group of islands so its advice to carry their essential items such as Medicines and best amenities.
  • Even the number of tourists all owed on the islands is restricted.Its better to book before you steeping out from your home.
  1. Swimming and sunbathing at nude is not allowed.
  2. Plucking of coconuts is not required.
  3. Even also collecting a corals is not permitted on the islands.
  4. caught of fishing is not allowed on the island.
  5. Alcohol is not allowed on the Islands.
  6. Plucking of coconut is not allowed expect the privately owning if you caught plucking of coconut then its a punishable.
  7. Even carrying Drugs is offense punishable. 

Apart of these Lakshadweep also known as the Honeymoon destination for most of the couples.Aggatti,Kavaraati,Bangaram is favorite among couples.

How To Reach at Lakshadweep islands

The easiest way to reach by ships or flights there is no train operated.You get ship in Kochi and flight from Delhi to Ernakulam then after take Air India From Ernakulam to Agatti Island.

You take next step to take permit of Lakshadweepis just to take clearance slip and fill the form for entry permit to the  Lakshadweep Administrative office which is located at Wellington Island in Kochi. You can also download this form also.For this you have to paid just minimal cost of Rupees just 50 to paid at the Administrative Office to get the entry permit.

Well best time to Visit the  Lakshadweep is from October to Mid May.But in September is highly rainy.Well the resorts all months open but visit during this island on Monsoon by Ship its a risk on you.


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Is passport required to reach at Lakshadweep islands?

Indians does not require any Passport to visit in the  Lakshadweep island.But in case of Foreign Nationality its require passports and Visa details to be required to be given for staying at the resort.Apart of that Indians permit to visit Bangaram, Agatti, Kadmat, Kavaratti, Kalpeni,and Minicoy.But in case of Foreigners they have only allowed to visit Bangaram,Agatti,and Kadmat.

Now check top places visit in Lakshadweep islands.

Top places to visit in Lakshadweep islands

places to visit in Lakshadweep island
  • Bangaram Island:-This island is known as the breathtaking island.Located in the clear  water of Indian Ocean.This Island have colorful fishes.This island is known as the least explorer island.
  • Scuba Driving:-If you found of scuba Driving then  Lakshadweep island is an ideal place for you.Agatti,Bangaram,Kadmat these three offers you perfect scuba driving.
  • Kalpeni Island:-If you found of capturing a photo then this island complete your desire.Well this island is group of three island.
  • Kavaratti Island:-Famous among the tourist.Having white coral-sand beaches.This is the best place for nature lover.
  • Kadmat Island:-This island is the famous among the terrorist because its offers the sun bath.This small island have beautiful lagoons.
  • Parasailing is denoted with the most thrilling activity.
  • Amindivi Island:- This island is habit ed island of  Lakshadweep island.It is group of island which is lying Northern  Lakshadweep. This place ideal for those who likely to seeking to experience of local culture and markets.
  • Andretti Island:- This island is the largest island of Lakshadweep Island and is located closest to the Indian Mainland.
  • Marine Museum:- It was situated in Kavaraati.Well its aim to promote Marine Products and its preservation. One thing interesting about this aquarium was that it has few striking species of sea fishes and water animals.
  • Lighthouse:-It is built in late 19th centuary in 1885 in Minicoy Island.Known as the one of the oldest light house of the  Lakshadweep. Well standing at 300 feet is just an unforgettable thing.

Lets now check some art and culture of this island.

Art and culture of Lakshadweep islands

Lakshadweep island is known as the small island in terms of area.This Island is followed by Islam.Well this Island is home to many Tribal Communities.The common language spoken by the community of these Islands was Malyanman.

Costumes used at Lakshadweep

Mainly the Man of this Island wear colored and white Dhoti around their waist.Also tie a silver thread around their waist.The elders use turban as their headgear.

Women of this island usually wear a long gown or Libu.Main ornaments of women’s are a waist-ornaments Archan,Bangles which they spelled Vala or Kodakam.

Cuisine at Lakshadweep

Fish,coconut,rice is known as the stable food of peoples of Lakshadweep.Well they used other foods like Chinese,Continental,Thai.But they use lot of coconuts in their dishes.

Occupation of Lakshadweep islands

The peoples of Lakshadweep island is merging in occupation of Coconut Cultivation,fishing,coir twisting.It also see that peoples also busy in the industries of Tuna,Jagger,coir making,copra making.Well coir making is the background of the most of the economy of people.

Art & Crafts of Lakshadweep

It is a famous spot among the country.And its also famous of its handicraft which are made of coir,shells,oysters.Even also the shells of tortoise and coconut are used in Manufacture of walking sticks of various shapes and sizes.

CONCLUSION:- If you live in tourist area. Then its a prime duty on personal duty to respect the tourist who came to your city.

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