“Janta Curfew on Sunday 22 march 2020”

Hello! Everyone today I am here to share my views on “Janta Curfew on Sunday 22 march 2020” which was going to be imposed on 22 March from 7 A.M. to till 9 P.M. Yesterday Night our Prime- Minister addressing public through media that on 22 March India remain lock down. As many European counties already going in the process of lock down. Its appeal to everyone don’t be panic.

"Janta Curfew on Sunday 22 march 2020"
“Janta Curfew on Sunday 22 march 2020”

He also assured people that all steps are being taken to prevent shortage of essential items like medicines, milk, vegetables etc.Health ministers issued the notice that elderly above 60 years and young children below 10 years remain in home till the situation get settled down. Already schools, college shut down. Exam of classes 1st to 8th standard have been postponed.

  • Even Examinations conducted by CBSE ( Central board of secondary education). of classes 10th and 12th have been postponed.
  • Restaurants in Delhi have been shut down. But home- Delivery have been going on.
  • As per report 22 cases have been reported. 19 have been recovered. Extending the travel ban. Cancelling the visas. Ban the entry of passengers from the European countries, Turkey, UK,Afghanistan, and Malaysia.
  • Most of the states and Union Territories also imposed fresh restrictions on public transport and gatherings. Even Yatra of Vaishno-Devi closed till the conditions got normal.
  • The order have been passed in the states to minimize the bus services and metro stations to prevent the crowding. And employees of Private companies to enforce the work from home. Except those working in Emergency/ Emergency essentials.
  • Even Railway canceled 84 trains, which will not operate from March 20th to March 31st. Government effort has been prepare for evolving global scenario.

Earlier,a 64-year-old man in Mumbai with travel history to Dubai, a 76- year-old man from Kalaburagi in Karnataka who had returned from Saudi- Arabia, and 68-year-old woman died in Delhi. Meanwhile, On march 21, Air India will fly a dream liner with a capacity to seat 236 passengers to Rome to evacuate Indians stranded there.

Even Lucknow Taj Hotel will shut down because Bollywood singer “Kanika Kapoor” who found positive return from London and gave party. And more than 100 peoples present there.

What should we do during the curfew

just few minutes came out from the home and starting clapping for doctors, armies, police&media persons who present 24*7 just to save you. And pray to god to settled the situations as soon as possible.Have you wonder why our prime minister choose this time only.

Reason behind the choosing of that time for Janta Curfew

Corna virus remain in place from 9 to 12 hours.And our government imposing the time of curfew from Morning 7 to till night 9 p.m. means 14 hours. and all night people remain home for 24 hours at that case no gathering and have the chances to finish the virus automatically. Great respect the thinking behind the imposing of curfew for one day.as we know WHO( world health organization) announced the covid-19 pandemic.Let us look what our government took the steps to secure the public.

PM Modi Appeal on 22 march 2020, Janta Curfew


As we know our government is more concern about these disease.

  • Cancelling of visas
  • Shut down of schools, colleges and restaurants
  • Scanning of passengers who came from European countries.
  • Toll free number issued (108).
  • Disturbance of free mask at government schools.
  • Isolation beds more than 1,000 bed recruited at the hospitals.
  • Even DOT( Department of telecommunication) take an incentive step if you call someone a girl saying what should we do if you detect with this virus..
  • Kerala police special aware has been going viral by dancing and saying wash your hands frequently.
  • Railways was regular sanitized.
There are 5 steps to detect the virus.


There are 5 steps should follow to detect the virus. let us discuss which are follow above.

  1. Collection and transport:- Testing center takes swabs from nasal cavities and back on the throat and put sample in the virus transport medium. Sample is then transport in cold storage to the testing lab.
  2. Extraction of viral RNA:- Corona virus such as the SARS-CoV( Which emerged in china 2002-03) Testing lab extracts the RNA from the samples, using commercially available kits.
  3. Putting the RNA in the PCR mix:- Extracted RNA is added to a polymer chain reaction (P C R)mixture. this include the master mix, which contain the reverse transcript. Finally PCR mix consist of a “housekeeping” gene a normal human gene that is used to ensure that samples were properly collected, and RNA enacted.
  4. Amplification of the viral DNA:- Sample in its PCR mix, is put into tubes or plates, which are then put in a thermal cycler machine that is used to conduct the PCR process.
  5. Testing against the control:- Amplified DNA is tested against a positive control, which usually consist of genes of the virus cloned into plasmid, and a negative control, which is known sample that has tested negative for the virus earlier.

If the housekeeping gene is positive,positive control is positive,negative control is negative,and the sample is declared negative for the SARS-COV-2 virus RNA. If the PCR result is positive, the patient has covid-19.

Amit Shah Tweet for Janta Curfew

Amit Shah Tweet for Janta Curfew
As you can see above this tweet by our respected ” Amit Shah” for the appeal of staying at home on 22nd March 2020 from 7 am to 9 pm night. Kindly follow this rule and help to remove the COVID-19 from our country.

CONCLUSION:- its not to be panic just keep yourself hygiene don’t eat raw food. keep positive do regular exercise.

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