Latest update : Google AdSense app going to shutdown

Yes friends, as per “Latest update : Google adsense app going to shutdown”. In this blog we will discuss about why it is being shutdown and what happened next. As we know that Google adsense had declared this news around Nov 2019 that Adsense app will not available on the Google play store. And now the day came when it will not available at play store for android or IOS users also.

Latest update : Google AdSense app going to shutdown

Why Google AdSense app no more available?

Some new features was not working properly in this app , so now Google will disable the exiting app and as per Google they can bring a new updated app later . But for now they will disable this app. Now you can’t download it from the play store. If you have this app , within some days it will not be updated and finally you will have to uninstall it.

How can we use Google AdSense app after disable from play store?

Today 26th April 2020 , Most of the users have received an email from AdSense team that this app will no longer available at play store. Now here is the question is that how can use it . As we know that it was helping us a lot. we had been watching this app many times a day for our CTR mainly. So that there will not be any invalid click on our website or YouTube channel.

I think you have heard about ” Technical Yogi ” who is a great YouTuber. He has also confirmed this news. You can watch the following video and get to know more about this.


But now its not possible . Google is going to disable this app forever . It may be possible that Google will come up with a new amazing features. Till then we have to use web view of Google AdSense. You can save it in your mobile also . You can save it as add to home screen in your browser. And in this way we can use it . Now I am going to give a video that is uploaded by ” My Smart Support YouTube Channel “where you will be confirm about this and get more information regarding this.


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