live flight status | check flight status

live flight status | check flight status

live flight status | check flight status

Hello friends, In this blog, I am going to discuss with you about the flight running live status. As we know that live running status of a train similarly in this blog I am going to tell you how can you track your flight. it’s very simple friends just follow the following states tracking of a flight is very necessary when you want to reach in time in the destination. basically in case of flight because we choose flights to reach in time in the destination. so one day before you should track the details Asia flight and similarly on the same day before going to the airport you can track the details is it running on time or is there any delay in the flight running.

In this blog, I am going to show you about “INDIGO Flight ” .

How can you check the flight running status one day before or for the same day?

1) First, go to the official page of your Respective Flight.
2) Click on “Book” as you can see above in the screenshot
3) Then you can different options are there, See below in the picture:-
4) In the right-hand side, you can find an option ” Flight Status”. Click on it.
5) Suppose that today morning or after some time…you have to go in flight…So before going to Airport you can just track it, Is it on right time or delay due to some reason?
6) Enter your flight details as you can see below:–Enter the code of Departing airport station & arrival place.
7) Then you click on Search flight
8) Your details will be in front of you, Similarly, you can find for other airplanes also.

9) As you can see it is on the right time. You can see its timing from destination to arrival place.10) If you click “On time” You can see the flight number and rest details. If you will track it after the flight takes off, Then you can see an amazing view of it. Just try once.


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Similarly, you can check for other flight also…..

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