Lockdown in India :Broadcasting once again epic show Ramayana

Hello! everyone I hope you are in good health and energetic and spending the spending the quality time with your family members and dear ones. We will discuss about “Lockdown in India :Broadcasting once again epic show Ramayana” .

Our old memories once again going to be refreshed because Doordarshan decided to telecast once again our epic show Ramayana from today  on wards showing this Two episodes a Day and along with another popular serial BR Chopra’s Mahabharat” during lockdown along with other popular classics such as BR Chopra’s Mahabharat

Ramayana is going to start from Saturday March 28 in DD National, One episode in morning 9 am to 10 am, another in the evening 9 pm to 10 pm.

Lockdown in India :Broadcasting once again epic show Ramayana
  • I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar announces yesterday That DD Bharati will ready to Telecast # Mahabharata.
Prakash Javadekar tweet for broadcasting Ramayan

Its take a great step’s during the 21 days of lock down. Thinking about the public this we called a unity that how India is playing. Before starting the blog lets study about background.

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Ramayana is an Sanskrit epic in which Lord Ramayana free his bellowed wife Sita from Ravana with the help of monkey’s gangs. Its was comprising around 500 BCE to 100 BCE. Well the story of Rama be retold in many times through poetric and dramatic versions by the great writers and also native sculptures on temple walls. It is one of the staples of later dramatic traditions, re-enacted in dance-dramas, village,thetre,shadow puppet thetre and the annual Ram-lila (Ram-play)

Now let us look the characters which they are playing in the Mahabharata.


  • RAMA:-  Rama is known as the son of the king Dasartha and queen Kausalya. Rama is known as the king of Ayodhya. He is also known as the Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He also married to Sita whom he loves a lot. He has also strong bond with his brother Laxman.
  • SITA:-    Sita was knowing as the daughter of king janak, Janak found her laying in ground and decided to adopt as a daughter. She is the Avatara of Ma-lakshmi. She married a Ram, she was so loved him that she follow him into exile also.
  • RAVANA:-   Ravana is known as big demon who performed penance for the God Shiva for many years, and return he got blessing from the God that know one killed even whether its God or Demon’s.. He denoated with the great intelligence through which he ruled many years and spreading fear of evil every where.
  • LAKSHMAN:-  Lakshman is know as the son of King Dasaratha and Brother of Ram. He is even married To Sita Youngest Sister Urmila. He devoted to his brother so most that he follow him exile and save him from terrible moments.
  • VISHWAMITRA:-  In Ramayan Vishwamitra is the most important character. He is a great sage and wise man who was once a king. He gained many magical powers through mediation. He also taught to Ram how to defeat the demon’s.
  • KING DASARATHA:-  He is know as the king of Ayodha. He is the father of Ram,Lakshman,Bharata and Shatrughna.
  • GANGA:-  Ganga is know as the goddess,daughter of Himavan. Because of her beauty she was given to the Devas, and became Milky way. And she became the river ganga.
  • KAUSALYA:-   Know the first wife of King Dasartha and mother of Ram. Denoated with her kindess and wise. She loved her son Ram very much.
  • SUMITRA:- Second Wife of King Dasaratha. Denoted with the mother of Lakshmana and Shatrughna.
  • KAIKEYI:-  Kaikeyi is known as the youngest wife of King Dsaratha and denoted the mother of Bharata.
  • SUMANTRA:-  Known as the Chief counselor of king Dasaratha. He is the one who will unwillingly to bring Ram from exile.
  • INDRAJIT:-  Known as the favourite son of Ravana, and most powerful warrior. He earned his name after captured the god Indra.
  • KUMBKARNA:-  Kumbkarna is the known as the brother of ravana’s. He is giant demon who sleep for six month’s and eat then sleep.
  • Agastya:- Known as the elderly powerful rishi who is blessed with Ram.
  • SAMPATI:-   Known as the great golden Eagle, brother of jatayu.
  • ANGADA:-  Known as the Vanara youth,son of Vali and Nephew of Sugriva. He is donated with brave and intelligent.
  • HANUMAN:-  Known as the son of the Wind god Vayu and Vanari woman.
  • VIBHEESHANA:-  Known as the younger brother of Vibheeshana. Well he is Demon through he is know with wise and good demo. When Ravana refuse to listen him then he join Ram army.
  • JATAYU:-  Known as the powerful golden eagle who speak in the voice of human-being. He is known as loyal to king Dasartha and pledge his service to Ram. He dies defending by defending Sita and Ravana.
  • KABANDHA:-  He known with no legs or head,only arms and a gaping mouth. He was transformed into this ugly shape by Indra.
  • SURPANKHA:- Known as the sister of Ravana. she known as the powerful demon. Lakshman cut her nose when he propose him.
  • MARICHA:- Known as the demon uncle of ravana. Ram is defeat him with his powerful magical weapon.
  • KHARA:- Known as the Demon cousion to Ravana. He rules the area of Janasthana, where ram exile. Noted with the most powerful and kills all rishi’s.
  • JAMBHAVAN:- He is known as the king of Rishiraj. he is known for his gentle and quiet strenght.
  • GUHA:- Known as the king of hunter’s. He is fiercely loyal to Ram.
  • BHARATA:-  Known as the son of King Dsaratha and queen Kaikeyi.
  • SHATRUGHNA:- Known as the son of King Dasaratha and queen Sumitra. His tein brother is Lakshman. He folllows his brother Bhrata.
  • VASISHTA:- Known as the Guru of Dasartha, he offers religious advice to the king and royal family.
  • LAVA:- One of the youngest to whom Valmiki taught the Ramayana. He is son of ram but he don’t known about that.
  • KUSH:-  One of the youths to whom valmiki taught the Rmayana. He is the son of Ram but he does not know this.

RAMAYANA Serial all Episode: Watch all episode of RAMAYANA epic show

Watch all Episode of RAMAYANA – WATCH HERE

Apart from epic show Sharaukh khan fist show Circus also going to be telecasted. And Mahabharata also be telecasted from 12 noon to 7 pm. So that during the lockdown people’s don’t get boredom. It’s a great step taken by Broadcasting minister to be taken. Know lets look the history of DOORDARSHAN.


It is founded by government of India a division of Prasar bharti. Meaning of Doordarshan is ” television in Hindi”. Pratima Puri chosse the first lady to read 5 minutes bulletin. She read on September 15 ,1959 which was telecast in Delhi. The tag line of Doordarshan was “SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM”. The shows which was telecast was Hum Log(1984), Buniyaad(1986-87) and comedy shows like yeh jo hai zindagi(1984).

On 17 November 2014, Doordarashan director-general Vijaylakshmi Chhabhra introduced a pink-purple colour scheme change the tag-line- Desh Ka apna channel.(” The Country’s own chaneel”). DD bring new regional Channel On 15 feburary 2018 which was name was DD Arunprapha which was telecast in South region’s. DD Sports is the only sport channels which telecast such as the KHO KHO,Khabadi.   Well DD has its own DTH service called DD Direct plus. It is free of charge. Doordarshan also telecast the cartoons which was on-Air 12 noon. shows like.

  • Spider-man
  • Duck-tales
  • Jungle-book
  • Giant Robot and so on…

DD also broadcast in international also.


 Well DD channel operates in 146 countries. In U.K. it was available through Eurobird. As the time change’s DD also Renamed or closed some channels. Let’s have look.


  • DD-3 Movie Club(1993-96) converted into DD Sports.
  • DD Movie club(1995-96) merged with DD3 movie club and renamed DD-3 Movie Club
  • DD international( March 1996- September 2000) renamed as DD international.
  • DD World( September 2000- January 2002) renamed as DD India.
  • DD 2 ( 19986-1994)renamed DD metro.
  • DD Metro(1993-2002) Converted to DD news. 

There are the some channels which DD telecast during that time.



Apart from that DD also telecast the Favourite show Krishi-Darshan which was about farmers to educate them how to buy right seeds.

DD currently also Broadcasting some channels are:-


  • SWAD

CONCLUSION:- ” Through the Ramayan taught us that there is no more evil survive whether its denoted with their knowledge and intelligence. So don’t be proud always down towards earth.

1st May 2020 update on Ramayana serial:- breaks all records

Finally Ramayana serial going to end on 2nd May 2020. After that Shri Krishna Serial is coming on DD National from 3rd May 2020 on 9 pm to 10 pm. And I think you will be happy to know this news that Ramayana Became the word’s most watched show. It has broken all records of viewership and it has made a record of 7.7 Crore viewership at a time by Indians.

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