Mahindra automobiles company : new upcoming project Alyate

Hello! Everyone today I come back to discuss with interesting topic on ” Mahindra automobiles company : new upcoming project Alyate “automobiles. Well soon Mahindra automobiles company landed with their new project which they gave name ALYATE. Well you know that Mahindra has a well reunited name in the field of automobilesNow many of wondering what is Alyate. Just wait a second soon you understand what is Alyate through the medium of my blog. So why you wait come and discuss what is Alyate 

Mahindra automobiles company : new upcoming project AlyateMahindra automobiles company : new upcoming project Alyate

Alyate is working on the basis of contract with companies. Alyate is a cab aggregator which give their services to cooperates companies. And give huge competition to Ola and Uber too.

Mahindra logistics CEO Ramparveen Swaminathan told to ET( Economic-times) in an interview ” Alyte which is come under the Mahindra logistics, Meru cabs Mahindra ownes take 55% it will be a new automobile technology which will be housed under the new vertically called mobility services. Mahindra lauched their technology in next month. Basically Alyate is working with cooparate companies. Those employees who are working under the Alyte contract can use the app by punching in their employees ID’s or other contracts.

There are more than 10,000 companies which are working under 22 different companies it is the still come in small counting. Well sure coming of Alyte it is the downfall for Ola and uber because Alyte is do business-business and OLA and Uber is do business-costumer. Mahindra tie-ups with cab- aggregator it get a huge benefit for drivers for tie-up help drivers buy vehicles by assisting them in good deals for auto makers to vehicles financiers.

In their interview swaminathan said that 30% of Alyte fleet is electric but no more information he disclose.Mahindra is ready to invest in electric vehicles. It has currently 100 vehicles which is increased by five times at the March 2021. As many companies working on project environment sustainability.Uber already launches electric vehicles in India at the end of march 2020.

Well Uber has more than 350 electric cars and ready to expand 1,500 at the end of the year. Well others automobiles companies like Hero, Bajaj, Tata Motors already focusing on electric projects. Well already Ola is running electric mobility services in Gurgaon, Nagpur and Bangalaru.

Well Covid-19 also give huge impact on Automobiles sector. Let us discuss.


Lockdown effect entire sectors of the country. Even economic of country sudden low down. In the period of lockdown automobiles also suffers a lot losses.  

During the 21 days of lock down car dealers even don’t sell or register till March 15. The lockdown imposed on many states and during that time dealers and customers come in halt. More than 20,000 dealers shops shut down. Two-wheeler are the hardest hit more than 7 lack. Well March 2020 is the hardest time for automobiles sector. All major automakers companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai. Tata Motors, Nisaan etc.. India have already permanently shutdown the plants.Well this lockdown have faces a problem by e-rickshaw Manufacture cities like Kanpur,Dehradhun,Lucknow,Nagpur have stopped the registering of e-rickshaw

This is the only time when country increasing the uses of e-ricksaw. Industry expert Told to ET in interview that North- East is the huge dealing of Three wheeler e-ricksaw have been stopped their registration which is the huge looses faced by the auto drivers also.Besides Tyre-Makers companies also shut down. General Motors on Monday already said that it has suspended the production and manufacturing facility in Maharashtra well already suspension began on March 21 and march 31st March and further extended also as per resources said.

Renault suspended the production in Chennai plant

Well Renault already suspended the production in Chennai plant. Companies said that protection of workers, employees and even costumers have the first priority. The plant has 1,500 emplyess working in their plant. Tamil-Nadu has already found 9 positive case in their state. And one person also discharge from the government hospital recover from the Covid-19. Well government announced the Crpc 144 as measure control the virus in it gathering of more than 5 peoples will be probibted.

CONCLUSION:- ” India is developing e- technologies to merging the control of pollution .. Alyate is just the example of that.

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