Navratri 2020 /chaitra navratri 2020/ What should we not do during navratri puja 2020

Navratri 2020 /chaitra navratri 2020

In this festival blog we will discuss about “Navratri 2020 /chaitra navratri 2020/ What should we do not do during navratri puja 2020”. Wish you very happy Navratri to all my blog reader? In India this festival has their own significance. Observed this festival in 9 days. During these 9 days people observed fast going to Mata Rani temples. And pray to Durga maiya that her blessings always remains on their family and protect them from evil one. Well navratre donated with the Hindu new year. In a year two times Navratri falls.

  1. Chaitra
  2. Aswin

This time Navratri observed in Chaitra month.

While keeping a fast there are some precautions which devotes has to be followed to get desirable result.

Navratri 2020 /chaitra navratri 2020/ What should we do not do during navratri puja 2020

PRECAUTIONS/What should we do not do during navratri puja 2020

  • If you observed the festival avoid to wearing dark clothes like black and blue.
  • During these 9 days devotees keep our self hygiene. Don’t  wear dirty clothes.
  • During these 9 days devotees avoid to eat onions and garlic.
  • Devotes also avoided to drink and eat non- veg food.
  • According to Vishnu Purana those who observed the fast they avoid to sleep at day.
  • During the fast avoid to eating salt and wheat products.
  • Those who observe the fast they eat their food only at one place.
  • If you reading a Durga chalisa , mantra avoid talking between them because you don’t get desirable result and you may fall the prey of negative traits.
  • If you are keeping  bowl. Don’t forget to kept your home alone.
  • Devotees open their fast with these food item’s:- Rajgira roti, curd, Rock salt, fruit,Sago,Banana chips, Potato chips,potatoes.

In these 9 days all devi have their own significance and devotees do pray with faith that they get rid of all difficulties which they may trouble in their life let us discuss.

9 days of Navratri and their worship

  1. Shilaputri:- It is believed that Goddess Parvati took birth as the daughter of lord Himalaya. In Sanskrit shila means the mountain and Putri means daughter due to which goddess shilaputri known as mountain daughter. Shilaputri also known by the different names Hemavati and parvati. Shilaputri favorite flower was lotus. To get the blessings of the shilaputri devotes wake up early in the morning wear new clothes and recite the Mantra. Mantra was:-  Om Devi Shilaputrayi Namah !!
  2. Maa Brahmcharini:- second day observe the day for  Ma brahmchari. Brahmchari means Youthful and unmarried. Big astrologers associated to maa brahmchari to planet mars also. Favorite flower of maa brahmchari was jasmine. Many astrologers said that by work shipping of Maa Brahmcharini remove all obstacles regarding the mars. Mantra for Ma brahmchari was:- Om Devi Brahmacharinyai Namah. Many believed that she lived on flowers and fruits and later only leaves. Another name of brahmacharini knowns Aparna.
  3.  Maa Chrandaghanta Devi:- The goddess is known as the peace,serenity and prosperity. Ma Chandraghanta has a half moon on her forehead. She has a three eyes and ten hands holding ten types of swords, weapons and arrows. She rides on lion. Favorite color of Ma chandraghanta was red. If devotees seek the blessings of goddess then they must wear red color.
  4. Maa Kushmanda:- Astrologers said that work shipping of Ma kushmanda for attain a high social status and welfare of the family. The meaning of kushmanda was making the entire universe. She ride in lion and has eight hands. By work shipping of this goddess you develop self confidence also. This goddess also known as the Adishakti. She is the one who gives the rules the sun. Offering red flowers. Mantra for this Kushmanda was:- Om Devi Kushmanadayi Namah.
  5. Maa Skandamata:- She is the mother of lord Karthikeya. She carried the small babywith six faces on her laps.. Astrologers said that she is the ruler of planet Budha and mercury. She love rose flowers Mantra is like that:- Om devi Skandamatayi namah.
  6. Maa Katayani:- If you make vow of fasting and workshipping her, she would bless you with the husband you have wished and prayed for that. Ma also blessed with good health and wealth Manta for goddess:- Katayani mahamaye mahayogin yadhisvari Nanda gopasutam devipatim me kuru te namah.
  7. Maa Kalratri:- Appears in dark complexion. She is mounted on ass. She has four hands two of which carry a torch and sword. She always blessed her devotees with the highest happiness. She also known as Shubankari. she rules the planet Saturn. She never fails to recognize hard work sincerity. Flowers dedicated to goddess was night blooming jasmines. Mantra is like that:- Om Devi Kalaratrayi Namah Om Devi Kalratrayai Namah Ekveni Japakarnpoorna Nagna Kharaasthita Lamboshti Karnika karni Tailaabhyaktshariirini vaam
  8. Maa Gauri:- Symbol of purity,serenity and tranquikity commonly known as Ashtami. Many said she want to marry lord Shiva and she did rigorous mediation for a long time to please him.. She has a three eyes and four armed. Mounted on bull. She dressed in green clothes and is adorned with white ornaments. Mantra is like that:- Shwete Vrashe Samarudhah Shwetaambardhara Shuchi Mahagauri Shubham Dadhyanmahdevpramodada!!.
  9. Goddess Siddhidarti:-Last day of Navratri. Devotees break their fast Dishes like Halwa, puri and chana the color of this fast was pink.
There are some temples in India which you must visit during your fast.
  1. Vaishno Devi:- Jammu and kashmir
  2. Naina devi:- Bilaspur
  3. Jwalaji:- Himachal pradesh
  4. Mahalaxmi temple:- Maharashtra
  5. Karni Mata temple:- Bikaner
  6. Ambaji temple:- Gujrat
  7. Dakshineswar temple:- Kolkata
  8. Ma Daat kaali temple:- Dehradhun
  9. Bamleshwari Devi temple:- Chattisgarh
  10. Danteshwari temple:- Jagdalpur
  11. Chakkulathukavu temple:- Kerala
  12. Kamakhaya Devi temple:- Guwahati.
  13. Kalkaji temple:- Delhi
  14. Chattarpur temple:- Chattarpur (Delhi)

Many of wondering what we do and don’t during the navratri. let us discuss in briefly.


  • Hydration is the key point during the fast you remain the hydrated and try to drink water or other liquid items.
  • Avoid sugar
  • Complete your sleeping
  • Eat fiber rich food
  • stay away from the overeating. Fasting is not for eating lots of foods.
  • Chanting the name of God as much as you can because god is give you energy to kept the fast.

As the above you understand what we do during the fast. Now let us discuss what we don’t do during the fast.


  • Avoid Hair cut
  • Avoid cutting of Nails
  • Avoid eating Onions, garlic and even eggs also.
  • Don’t sleep during day- time
  • If you kept the Kaalash take care of that don’t leave your home alone
  • Akahand Jyoti always litting.
  • Those who are married couples avoid to be sex and kiss.

Kept in your mind while fasting:-   Navratri is the festival for celebrations. This is the time when you ditch your regular food and eat fast food but fasting doesn’t means to remain hungry long time even god also not say. Your body need immunity so that you don’t fall ill. While keeping fast you make healthy choices of foods which should be eaten during fast.

Well the beautiful meaning of navratri is stand like that which are given below:-

N:-  Nav Chetna

A:- Akhand Jyoti                   

V :- Vighna Nashak

R:- Ratjageshwari

A:- Anand Devi

T:- Trikal Darshi

R:- Rakhan Karti

A:- Anand Mayi Ma.


Conclusion:- Before keeping a fast first you remove jealous to others clean your heart don’t cheated to others. At the end i want to say that May Mata Rani protects you from all the evil eyes.

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