Pondicheery:11+ Interesting Facts/pondicheery beach

Pondicherry:Interesting Facts/pondicheery beach :-Hello! My sweet audience I hope you are in good health and wealth. Today I’m here to discuss some another tours topics for those peoples who love to explore countries World Wide. So without any delay lets start today topic.

Well Pondicheery officially known as the Pudocheery and the capital of Indian Union territory Puducheery.Well Pondicheery is tourist destination in South India.

Pondichery beach,pondicheery beach
Pondichery beach

Tourist Attractions in Pondicheery

  • Scuba Driving:- As you Know Pondicheery is denoted with french colony.With Rich Heritage and culture.Things to carry with us are Camera,Towel,Sunscreen,Valid ID proof,Extra Pair Of Clothes.There are some Advisory about Scuba Diving:-

Advisory About Scuba Diving

  • Its advise that never Hold in Scuba Diving.
  • Never Fly straight after diving.
  • Always use safety stops.
  • Sri Aurobindo Asharam:- This place is known as the most spiritual and calm place for tourist in Pondicherry. Is also known well across the World and was founded in 1926 by Sri Aubindo. This Ashram also have a libraries and also gives physical activities such as  swimming, asanas,strength activity and sports.
  • Arikamedu:- Those who love Archaeological site is one for them.It was build in 19th century.
  • Chunnaambar Boathouse:- This also known as “Plage Pardiso”is known with spectacular boating and picnic spot located on the backwaters.You can also get experience of sun-kissed.It is the best place to visit with your family.
  • The Pondicherry Botanical Garden:- It is one of the famous among the tourists.Spread across 22 acres of land built by the French colonist who brought fresh exotic species from all across the Globe.
  • Old Lighthouse:- It is known as the one of the historical place in Pondicherry. It was built in 19th century by French rulers.Its offers the light for guiding the ships in the sea across the Red Hills.

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  • Jawahar Toy Museum:- It is Known as the best place to visit with kids.Showcase with many as 120 dolls with vibrant color costumes and styles. These dolls collected from various state and wear them traditional dress.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Statue:-It is one of the famous destinations for one who love historical.It is situated across the street from Jawahar Lal Statue. It is surronded by 8 granite pillars.
  • Ousteri Lake:- It is one of the favorite spot among the tourists for boating and for nature.It is also famous for enjoying the sunset.
  • Statue Of Dupelix:- It is one of the attractions of tourists. It was built in 1870 to honor french governor Dupelix who ruled Pondicherry upto the year 1754.Its about 3 meter in height.

Foods In Pondicheery

As you Know there will be rule of French so many years. But there some foods which are still available in Pondicherry in French Style.

  • Rillettes.
  • Quiche:- It is known as the trendiest flavored food of French.You will found at all cafe,Bakeries in Pondicherry.
  • Beef Steak with french fries.
  • Cassoulet.
  • Sole Meuniere:- Sole means a type of fish and the Tamil name for the Sole Nakku meen.
  • Creme Cramel:-This is known as the desert and you found in every Restaurant of Pondicherry. Well Flavour of Desert is enhance with Vanila.
  • Crosisant.
  • Croque Monsieur.
  • Cheese Fondue.
  • French Pastries.
  • Jumbo Pizza.

Culture of Pondicherry

It is believed that Peoples Of Pondicherry well educated. The behavior of the people is cheerful.Peoples of Pondicherry have dual citizenship one is India and second is France. Majority Of lanuage spoken by peoples of Pondicherry is Tamil(89%),Telugu(48%),Malayalam(2.8%).

The fairs and Festivals was celebrated by them like this Yoga Festival,Masi Magam,Chitrai Kalai,Fete De Puducherry,Mascarade Festival,Sri Aurobindo Birth Anniversary,Christmas,New Year,Diwali and so on..

People of Pondicherry is also found of Art and Crafts “Puducheri bommai” is a traditionall doll which is famous all over the country made up of terracotta and plaster. They also famous for old craft in 8th centuary AD.

Peoples of Pondicherry is merged in the occupation of agriculture. And nearly 45% of peoples depend on the farming and other occupation. Sugarcane,Coconut,Chilies,Pulses,groundnut,cotton,condiments. Peoples of Pondicherry also merged in occupation of milk production also. Apart of these they are well qualified and IT experts also.

Apart of these there are some notable personalities which are born in Pondicherry.

Famous Personality in Pondicheery

  • Andre Bettellie:- Indian Sociologist.
  • M.Night Shyamalan:- American Film Director Born in Mahe,Pondicherry.
  • Sri Aurobindo:-Who took part in the India Independence movement.
  • Subramanya Bharathy:- Who also took part in India Independence movement.
  • Abhishiktananada:- French Benedictine monk.

Folk Dance in Pondicheery

The Folk dance of Pondicherry was Garadi known as tribal dance.Well this dance is linked with Hindu epic Ramayana it is believed to be originated from that time.

Time To Visit Pondicheery

Best time to Visit Pondicherry is the Month of October To March.During these month the temperature is 15 to 30 Celsius. And in the month of April-June its go quite warmer at 40 Celsius and sometime more also.

How can we reach in Pondicheery

To reach Pondicherry you board a train from your city to Chennai then after reach to Chennai hire a private taxi which they drop to Pondicherry or you direct board to flight of Chennai. After that hire a private taxi which they drop to your destinations.

What are the things to buy in Pondicheery?

As you Know Pondicherry was ruled by french. So here we got wine in cheap rates.Not only wine you got there are lots of things to buy.

  • Handmade papers.
  • Pottery.
  • Leather.
  • Textiles.
  • Boutiques of Pondicherry.
  • Gold:- It is also said that the rate of Gold is Cheap. Its a heaven for those who love gold. The rate of 1 gram gold 22 k is rs 4426 the price of 10 kg of 22 k gold is rs 44260 where as price of 2 k gold is 46520.

Universities in Pondicheery

Well the education was also good and freedom to study as compared to other universities.

  • Pondicherry Engineering College.
  • NIT Puducherry.
  • Pondicherry University.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Medical College.
  • Pondicheery Institute of Medical Science.
  • Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engineering.
  • Indra Gandhi College of Arts and Science.
  • Pondicherry university School of Mass communication.
  • Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Veterinary.
  • Sri Venateksh Medical College.

Water Thrilling in Pondicheery

  • Banana Ride.
  • Scuba Diving.
  • Surf Through Thrilling Waves.
  • Kayaking.
  • Boating.

Apart of these there are some famous temples also which you visited with your family.

Famous temples in Pondicheery

  • Shani Dev Mandir.
  • Shiva Mandir.
  • Kali Mandir.
  • ISKON Temple.
  • Manakula Vinayagar Temple.
  • Temple Ganesh.
  • Perumal Temple.
  • Vinayagar Temple.
  • Chidambaram.
  • Sri Gokillambal Thirkames.
  • Arulmigul Manakula Vinayagar.

Places to visit in Pondicheery

There are some places which you visit at night.

  • Kofi Bar:- This is the best place to visit for those who love coffee and dance too.
  • Toxic:-It is known as the rooftop cafe with open bar.Known for serving Cocktail,Mock tail,seafood,alcohol with affordable prices.
  • L’Aqua:- It is famous among the tourist and local known as the best place to enjoy drinks with a sea view on a rooftop.Known as the best bar lounge in city.
  • Asian House:-Famous for serving Asian food and also have retro club which is famous among-st the youngsters apart of that also serve quality of food,wild music,alcohol without loosing your pocket so much.
  • Rock Beach:- Is a beach covered in rocks.This place is known as the most happening place serving with french cuisine.
  • Poudou Poudou:- This known as bar cum restaurant it serves alcohol,Chinese,continental,Indian cuisines. This also give a feature of open kitchen where costumer can see live cooking.
  • Private Midnight Cruise:-Enjoy dinner with your partner on sea is a most romantic and memorable thing for couple. This give delicious buffet dinner along side live music on board with presence of all safety measures.
  • l’e space:- With stunning interiors. This club also gives a feature of rooftop along with outdoor and indoor setting.
  • Bay of Budha:-This a perfect place for romantic couples its also offers cuisines from Vietnam to Korean.
  • Le Club:-Its serve a french food. This club gives cozy time and also serve continental,Chinese and Italian cuisine.It also known for seafood serving with variety of cocktails.

Pondicheery beach/ Beaches in Pondicheery

  • Quiet Beach:-. Best for swimming,walking,surfing.
  • Rock Beach:- Best for walking and photography and open for 24 hours for tourist..
  • Paradise Beach:- Best for sunset view,volleyball beach,swimming,fishing,dolphin spotting,photography,showers..
  • Mahe Beach :-Best for swimming,fishing,sunset and sunrise viewing,walking,photography,collecting seashells,sunbathing.
  • Auroville Beach :- Best for Strolling,Swimming,surfing and enjoying light house.
  • Reppo Beach :- Best place for sunrise and sunset,swimming and surfing.
  • Karaikal Beach.:- Best for walking, photography ,swimming, sunbathing,surfing,children’s park, motoboats,peddle boats,sunset viewing.
  • Serennity Beach:-Best for surfing,walking and swimming.
  • Veerampattinam Beach:-Best place for spending evening,Swimming,and sun bathe.

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