Baisakhi festival celebration: Latest Real and Untold stories

Baisakhi festival: -Wish you very happy Baishakhi to you and your family members. Baishakhi means gathering and meet peoples but this time( 13th April 2020) we are passing through lockdown in India.

So its impossible, so I appeal to everyone stay home and protect yourself. Lets start my Today’s article on  Baishakhi and here you will know about “Real and Untold stories behind Baisakhi festival celebration“.

stories behind Baisakhi festival celebration

SIGNIFICANCE of BAISHAKHI (baisakhi festival in punjabi)

In punjabi we can write it as “ਵਿਸਾਖੀ ਦਾ ਦਸਤਖਤ”.

Baishakhi also spells a Viashakhi. It is the main festival of the Sikhism. It is celebrated every year of 13th and 14th April. This festival also associated with Khalsa Panth of warriors under Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. It is known as the Spring festival of Sikhs.

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Vaishakhis also celebrated as Lunar year for many Hindus .Vaishakhi marks the first day of the month of Vaishakha. On Vaishakhi Gurdwaras decorated with lights,Performing langar and also performing the Nagar kirtan( Specially performing the Hymm).

This festival have many history let us discuss which kind of history makes it special:-

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Untold stories behind Baisakhi festival celebration

This prestigious festival started to celebrated on the year of 1699 it is said that 10th guru of Sikh, Guru Gobind Singh laid down the foundation of Khalsa panth to fight with Britishers for the freedom. This also known as the Khalsa Srijan Divas and Khalsa Sajna Divas .

The birth of Khalsa was denoted with 13th April 1699 or denoted with 30th March 1699. This festival take celebrated at the special place Talwandi Sabo( Place where Guru Gobind Singh Stay for nine months for recompilation of Guru Granth Sahib). One most important history denoted with this festval was Jallianwalla bagh mascaare let us know about it.

JALLIWALA BAGH MASSCARE | 13 april jallianwala bagh hatyakand

Jailwaala bagh mascaare was also known as the Amritsar Masscare was held on 13th April 1919 when Brigader-General Reginald Dyer ordered troops of Brithis army to set a shoots on the peoples which are gathered at Jailwala bagh,Amritsar to celebrated the Baishakhi festival. Its killed 500 peoples including man,woman and childrens and injured more than 1500 peoples injured during this incidient.

Sikh celebrated this festival as their new year also.


According to Sikhs Khalsa calendar starts with the creation of khalsa which was 1 vaishakh 1756 Bikhrami (30th March 1699).Vaishakhi is observed traditionally new year for Sikh community.

It was traditionally celebrated at Amritsar. Nagar kirtan also perform in the huge community.

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Nagar kirtan was most famous in the Sikh community. Nagar Kirtan literally meaning “town hymn singing”.This are lead by 5 khalsa which was panch pyaare. In Nagar kirtan people sing song,distrubted prasad to every peoples,Sin hymn song from Sikh texts.

This festival also associated with the harvest of crops.


Baishkhai generally donated with the harvest season of the punjab region. Baishakhi marks the harvest crop of the rabi. Baishakhi also obseved for the new year of the punjabi community. This is big day for farmers in which farmers thank to god for abundant harvesting and prayed for future prosperiroty. In 21st centuary this festival become the secular festival for muslim and non Muslim community even included the punjabi christhans also.

This festival is denoted with the fair and celebrations let us discuss what are these fair and celebrations.

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FAIR & CELEBRATION’S (Baisakhi festival celebration)

This festival is denoted with the folk dance. All peoples are gathered and performed their folk dance which was the Bhangra or also play the gatka also. In this day many cities are observed with fairs ( Melas) . Main fairs which was held in many sates of Punjab mark with new year and harvesting season.

Apart from Punjab fairs and dance observed in other cities also like Jammu. Udhampur,kathua,Samba,Reasi and in Chandigarh at Pinjore complex. Fairs and dance also observed in Himachal pradesh also Mandi,Shimla,Rewalsar and Prashar lakes.

This festival also have a significant importance in the Hinduism community.

Significant importance of Baisakhi in the Hinduism community

Hinduism celebrated this festival as the lunar new year. This festival is known as the happy day for the farmers because crops was harvest and know ready to sell. Fairs are held to give special thanks to the God. Pujas are done by mainly in Hinduism community.

Well the new year is special for the state of peoples Punjab, Assam,Bihar,Odhissa,Haryana,Bengal,Himachal pradesh ,Tamil Nadu,Uttarakhand,Uttarpradesh and some other parts of India. For others New year falls on other Auspicious day like Gudi Padwa,Ugadi and Cheti Chand. Which falls a week earlier.

In this many Hindus took bath at a scared river as they believed that Goddess Ganga descendant to earth on vaishakhi from shiv loka . Rivers like Ganga,Jhelum,kaveri. In this Hindus also visited the temples wear new clothes meet our friends.

After Vaishakhi in Kerala it is celebtated as the Vishu. This festival significant with buying new clothes,fireworks and displays of “Vishu Kani”. In this Hindus arranged the flowers, wheat,grain and give gifts to loved ones,friends and relatives.

Apart from that other sates also obseved the festivals after Vaishakhi:-

  • Bohang(Rangoli) Bihu in Assam.
  • Pohela Boishakh( Bengal).

In this day Odishia is also observed the Maha Vishnu Sankrati let us discuss in briefly.


This festival is donated the new year for the peoples of Oriya in Odhissa. In this they performed classical and folk dance such as Shiva related Chhau dance. Most commonly known as the Pana Sankranti. In this peoples hangs the leaves of neem branches in-front of their house believe to ttheir health remain healthy apart from that they also prepare the liquid of Jagger,mango,pepper and other ingredients which is mainly called Pana.

Bengal also celebrated Pehla Baishakh let us discuss in briefly.


In bengali community every year celebrated as the Pehla Baishakh 14th April. This was started by the students of Dhaka university,Bangladesh in 1989. Well it is celebrated in the strrets of West Bengal and Tripura as well as the Bangladesh also.

This festival also make listed in 2016 by UNESCO as a culture heritage of Humanity. In Bangladesh it is celebrated as the national holiday and also spelled as Pohella Boishakh. Folks are also organised in a very big platforms along provide the entertainment including the presentations of folk songs.

As you know without food items festival is in completes let us discuss which foods should be eaten during this time which are listed below:-

What are the FOOD ITEMS during Baisakhi?

  • MEETHE CHAWAL(SWEET RICE specially made up of sugar and jaggery).

These are the some foods which make Baishakhi festival more vibrant and colourful. Apart of these Baishakhi also celebrated in PAKISTAN also let us discuss in briefly

Baisakhi Celebration in Different Countries

As per Archaeologist there are many sites of Sikhs in the Pakistan which is directly connected to the Sikh Faith and also known as the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev ji . These sites many pilgrims of India and even abroad also to visit to worship specially during the Baishakhi.

Baisakhi Celebration in Pakistan

According to the history they are more Sikhs but due to partition of India-Pakistan partion after 1947 they more move.Various historical sites like Hasan Abdal, Gurudwaras in Nanka Sahibh apart from these more religious site in Lahore. Lahore celebrated Baisakhi after the harvest of wheat in April.

Apart from Pakistan United States also celebrated the Baishakhi in large scale let us discuss in briefly:-

Baisakhi Celebration in UNITED STATES

Majority of Sikh community also largely living in the UNITED STATES. On this day day they usually do parade. In New York peoples come and do Seva(selfeless service). like doing such activities like giving out free foods. In Los Angles local Sikhs perform all they kirtan and after that disturbing a prasad to everyone.

CONCLUSION:- Festival is that time which you meet your loved ones and celebrated with them. Festival is meant for love,togetherness. But this time our mother earth is not well so remains in your home to keep yourself safe and secure.

I hope today you like my traditional topic on festival baisakhi festival in punjabi, baisakhi harvest festival, baisakhi 2020,baisakhi festival. Next day I will come with another interesting topic till then you take care of yourself.


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