Real fact behind Present Education system vs Job life in India

Present Education system vs Job life

I am writing the following blog only on the basis of my self-experience of life. I need your point of view, likes and share this post so that each and everyone can give their personal views. you can comment in the below.

1.The education system in school and colleges:-

Real fact behind Present Education system vs Job life in India

The present education system is not so enough to be a broad-minded person in our coming future. In the schools and colleges, we read the books according to the syllabus provided. we mainly focus only our syllabus. Today most of the engineering colleges are there where the only syllabus are covered, teachers mainly focus on theoretical knowledge, but practical is not being taught. Even there are many engineering colleges with no machines, tools are not working properly. In the private colleges, there is better condition than the govt engineering colleges in the field of practical knowledge that is taught there.

2. What type of problems, we face during our job life:

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As mentioned above during our college or school life we mainly focus on our syllabus; how to pass the examination, So we go for one-night study before the exam during engineering life. Now we have only quantity education, not quality education at all.

And finally we pass engineering in four years and take the degree happily, But can you tell me how can we expect a good life after such type of light education. During the final year, we only think about our placement. Some students are under pressure during this stage. If say the truth, we are not thinking about something big. We only focus on how to earn money from a job. We only want to settle permanently with a job, because we have become narrow-minded.

 And when we join the job after completing education, then we realize that no use of our knowledge that we learn during schools or education, till that time we have no any experience in the field of practical industry. because we can say :

Education is not as per company or we didn’t get the job as per our knowledge. We think whole life what is the use of our education that we learned during our engineering life. And finally, most of the students leave the job due to unsatisfactory. Some expect the condition and become continue with them due to some family financial condition. 

3. Why mostly higher education are not preferred by the students?

There are lots of competition in the higher education level due to unemployment and fewer vacancies. We don’t have more patience to wait 5-6 years for higher education. Today’s generation student’s mindset has been changed.

4.Why Present education system is not proper for startup in the future.  


In the schools and colleges, We only focus on the syllabus provided by schools.We don’t think to do something big. In the schools and colleges, we focus on how to become first in the class. Till then we don’t have an idea about the teamwork and as we know that teamwork is necessary for the completion of any projects.

5.What it should be ……My opinion 

So to my opinion, some changes are necessary in our education system. the old syllabus should be replaced with new one as per the demand of the coming generation.Thanks for your valuable time for reading my blog. I will wait for your comments …If something is not mentioned in this blog, we can discuss below.

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